Record Setting Five-Year Long Minecraft Permadeath Run Ended By Baby Zombie

Five years of difficult hardcore Minecraft play have just been washed away by a simple mistake.

Five years of difficult hardcore Minecraft play have just been washed away by a simple mistake.

Philza is a Twitch streamer who's had an incredible run on Minecraft. For the past five years, he's been playing the permadeath hardcore mode, setting a world record in the process. In comparison, most people who play this mode barely make it past a few weeks. Philza's run was an incredible showing of skill, up until to the point of his character's unfortunate demise.

Of all the things to end his run, it was the work of a baby zombie that finally did him in. To be fair, this baby zombie did also spawn with enchanted gold armor on (how exactly does a baby zombie acquire enchanted gold armor in the first place?), while Philza wasn't really wearing much to protect himself from the elements.

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The biggest mistake he made was hitting the zombie with his own enchanted fire sword, as doing so transformed an already powerful baby zombie into a powerful baby zombie that was also on fire. This only made the baby zombie even deadlier, causing even more damage to be inflicted.

From here, panic began to set in for Philza, and he attempted to escape. He may have made it if he managed to eat his golden apple in order to heal himself, but unfortunately, he didn't see the wee spider running for him as he turned around. That spider hit him to take the final heart of his health bar down to nothing. With that, five years of progress went down the drain.

There were definitely some tears shed as Philza mourned the loss of a character and a world he had spent five years cultivating in the hardcore Minecraft mode. He seemed to be in better spirits as the stream went on, even doing a bit of a play-by-play analysis, going through his thought process as the end was nearing. Still, it's a bittersweet end to a world record run in Minecraft.

As for what Philza is planning to do now, he said that he plans to take a bit of a break, which is understandable considering that he's lost just about everything in the game. From there, it's likely that he'll have to start from scratch, building a new world from the ground up.

In the end, at least Philza, as well as any other hardcore Minecraft players learned a very valuable lesson: Don't set zombie children on fire.

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