Red Dead Online: 10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting

Check out these tips and tricks before hopping into Red Dead Online to make your experience infinitely more enjoyable!

The western world of Red Dead Online is massive and has an abundance of things to do. Play the Trader role and own a business selling animal goods. Or play the Bounty Hunter role and become the Lone Ranger, stopping crime and jailing the bad guys.

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Or play the Collector role finding unique items and then selling them for a chunk of cash, some of which take real skill to find. But before starting the Online option in Red Dead Redemption 2, here's a list of essential things you should know to help get the edge over your fellow cowpokes.

10 Invest In Your Camp

As gamers play through Red Dead Online, they should absolutely upgrade their camp as soon as possible. Upgrading crucial tools in the camp gives several status boosts. For example, upgrading the tent will increase the percentage refill of cores by resting by the fire.

There's also equipment to place to make playing easier such as the Gun Locker to remove unneeded guns off their horse. These upgrades are tied to ranks, with higher-level tents and items granting better effects. Players can also change the look of their camp by changing the Theme (Hobo, Opulence, Trader, etc.) by speaking to Cripps.

9 Most Stores Are Useless

The one complaint players have is that the number of stores that seem, well, pointless. There's no need for a Gun Shop, Tailor, and Bait Shop when they can order these items from the catalog and have then instantly at their camps.

The only catch with the catalog is not being able to let characters try on clothing items. But even with this drawback, players can do everything at the General Store. The only other useful shops are the Doctor to sell extra herbs, the Barber, the Butcher to sell meat, and the Stables.

8 Defensive Mode

For the type of gamer who simply wants to collect items and hunt in peace, Defensive mode is vital. To turn on Defensive Mode, hit left on the D-Pad and scroll down to Online Options, select the shield icon and exit.

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This becomes the default setting until players become hostile in which it's switched back to Offensive. In Defensive, characters take less damage and can't be lassoed, executed, or tackled. The most useful part is that other players can't lock onto a defensive character with aim assist. The only issue is that when enabled, players can't receive notifications for PvP events.

7 Horses Are Everything

Forget about dogs, horses are a player's best friend in Red Dead Online. Buying a horse is easy, but keeping that horse from dying is another. To keep old Penny alive, gamers definitely need to buy the Horse Insurance and Horse Revives.

Horse Insurance guarantees their horse will be back after a short delay. Horse Revives are valuable for time-sensitive tasks where a horse is most needed such as chasing down an outlaw. But other than that, they are not substantially important. It's also key to bond with their horse because at peak (level 4 bonding) horses have more stamina, more health, and are even a bit faster.

6 Cinematic Mode

Red Dead Redemption 2_20181029104524

Just like in Story Mode, characters can "auto ride" to a set marker on the map. Do this by speeding up along the set path and holding the Change View button until the screen is wide-set.

This is called Cinematic Mode and is ideal for gamers who don't want to stop playing to snack or go to the bathroom real quick. The trouble with this is if the player is gone for too long, the game will "kick" them for idling. Also being unable to save their character when attacked by a pack of wolves or even other hostile players in time.

5 Price Of Frontier Pursuits

Red Dead Online isn't as fun without the DLC Frontier Pursuits. But buying it is pricey, at 60 bucks, it's just as expensive as the base game itself. However, simply buying the content doesn't give players access to new character roles.

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For the Trader roles, they'll need to buy the Butcher's Block for their camp at 15 gold. For the Bounty Hunter role, they'll need to buy a Bounty Hunter's License at 10 gold. Then to be a Collector and be able to sell the items to the gypsy, they will need 10 gold for the Collectors Bag.

4 Ability Cards

All Ability Cards don't unlock until after level 50 but they're useful for giving character's perks. Depending on the chosen Dead Eye and Passive Cards, players can build their characters into anything.

To make a character that causes the most damage, equip the Focus Fire dead eye card, the Eye For An Eye card, the Strange Medicine card, and Iron Lung card. For the ultimate hunter, equip Paint It Black dead eye card, the Unblinking Eye card, Landon's Patience card and the Live For A Fight card. Upgrading them makes them for effective.

3 Daily Challenges Equals Free Gold

Everything from changing their character's hairstyle, to changing their camp theme, to skinning cows, can earn players some serious gold with Daily Challenges. By completely every single challenge, they could earn up to four gold bars a day. So players shouldn't ignore these for free money.

Aside from gold, the challenges also give extra XP. But even fulfilling a few each day can create a "streak" and keeping it going earns better rewards. For example, finishing a twenty-eight-day streak earns them a random treasure map. These rewards change ever so often and sometimes include clothing items.

2 Best When Played With Friends

As fun as it can be to roam the prairie solo, Red Dead Online is built around playing with others. Even if gamers don't have friends to invite to their game some missions will group them together with other random players.

While other missions will require a bigger "Posse" to achieve. It costs $200 in-game cash to make a permanent Posse but a temporary one is free and works for a single task. But teaming up has many benefits. In a group, characters earn more XP, open more missions and certain rewards can only be earned in a Posse.

1 Error Code 0x2001006

Many players will get this error code flash across their screens at one point or another and at the most random times, kicking them from their game sessions. Most of the time in the middle of finishing an important mission.

Inconvenient and annoying, many have to restart their games to continue playing. Although there aren't any concrete details on exactly what the error code entails, the random occurrence of it makes it appear to be a connection to the server itself. Hopefully, this problem will be fixed permanently soon, but with each update, it happens less and less often.

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