Red Dead Online Celebrates Halloween With Its Terrifying (And Awesome) Slaughter Mask

It's spooky season, and Red Dead Online is getting in on the holiday festivities with their newest update including an awesome (albeit terrifying mask) that is sure to stir up the fright in any player who crosses your path. Alongside the new mask, the update includes new clothing, an exciting new legendary bounty, and much more.

Dubbed the "Slaughter Mask" you can now look like a slasher movie villain just in time for everyone's favorite scary holiday — Halloween. All you need to do to receive the Slaughter Mask is play some GTA Online between October 10th and December 12th. This will unlock the mask, and it will be available in your camp's wardrobe within 24 hours of logging on to Red Dead Online.

via: Rockstar

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Using the two games to promote each other is a solid move by Rockstar and should help to encourage players to give both games a go. The Slaughter Mask is a nice incentive to play GTA Online as it's already one of the coolest items for Red Dead Online.

Alongside the spooky new mask is the addition of a new legendary bounty — Sergio Vincenza. Anarchist and former military sharpshooter, Sergio is said to be holed up in the fire tire at Roanoke Ridge after a botched assassination attempt on the Governor of Saint Denis. Vincenza has highly-trained ex military working for him so one must take precaution when proceeding with the bounty. Licensed bounty hunters can pick up his poster at any local sheriff's office and begin their hunt of Sergio Vincenza.

More items, rewards, and discounts are available in the newest update. These include a new selection of clothing from Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Also, Madam Nazar — the wandering saleswoman — is seeking the Naturalist Collection. Players who bring her Cherrywood Comb, Egg, and Bitterweed will be rewarded handsomely.

UPDATE 10/24: Some of the events have shifted since this article's original publishing. Sergio Vincenza is no longer the legendary bounty. Now that honor is held by Philip Carlier, a swamp-dweller. The Halloween mask collection has also expanded to include more creepy faces like the Creature, Swine, and Masquerade Mask.

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