• It is not an understatement to say that when Red Dead Redemption 2 launched its online service for players, the going was rough 1 / 9

  • Ten months later things are looking far better, and the new Frontier Pursuits update brings new specialist roles and a battle pass system to the game a short month following its initial reveal 2 / 9

  • Each option presents a unique path filled with themed objectives according to their choice of becoming a Bounty Hunter, a Trader, or a collector 3 / 9

  • Those who elect to become Bounty Hunters will live a dangerous life, hunting down wanted criminals for a reward 4 / 9

  • Traders will embrace their inner business personas to partner with Cripps to transform the camp into a business hub 5 / 9

  • The Collector will seek treasures both valuable and arcane. 6 / 9

  • Players need not choose only one of the roles and can take on all three at once if they choose 7 / 9

  • Check out the full article for more on the newest update! 8 / 9

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