Red Dead Online Giving Out 1.5x Gold This Week

Read Dead Online Beta is dishing out the rewards this week, assuming players are willing to put in the work. Showdowns, Races, and Gun Rush are upping the cash prizes to one and a half times the usual, as are certain missions and events. And that money can be put to good use with ammo discounts and the return of popular clothing items.

The first thing players will find when they log in is a new care package. These weekly deliveries offer themed rewards. This week's theme is Potent Tonics, available as always at your Camp’s Lockbox or any Post Office. You'll find Potent Miracle Tonic, Potent Snake Oil, Potent Health Cure, and Potent Bitters, three of each.

Also new for the week is the rotation of clothing items available in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. Among the returning items are the always-stylish Gator Hat and the spiffy Morning Tail Coat. 

via: Rockstar

Of course, fancy new duds will cost you. That's where the increased mission rewards come in. Rockstar announced that "all Showdown Modes, Races and Gun Rush are shelling out 1.5x the RDO$ and Gold." That includes the new Plunder mode, which sees teams of players planning heists against each other in teams.

TheGamer's own Sam Watanuki called Plunder a "fast-paced battle to collect the most supplies through any means necessary." The mode features a large map that can stage epic shootouts between the opposing 16-person teams. Or wannabe banditos can take the lone wolf approach to sneak supplies away from the enemy team. Overall, Plunder acts as a nice bridge between competitive multiplayer and the outlaw antics promised by the single-player game.

If that sounds fun to you, now's the time to give Plunder a try. After all, ammunition is 25% off this week as well, making it a good time to not care about how many other players you shoot. Still, if the competitive scene isn't your kinda ride, there are A Land of Opportunities Missions, Free Roam Missions, and Free Roam Events. Completing any of these this week will earn you 1.5x Gold.

For a "beta," Read Dead Online offers a pretty robust package. Even so, players still seem to prefer GTA Online. That's what the money is telling us, anyway. RDO's weekly events probably won't pull players away (GTAO has its own events going on), but they show Rockstar is invested in keeping the experience alive. Maybe one day it will even take it out of beta.

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