Red Dead Online Patch Just Made Everyone’s Custom Characters Ugly

Among an entire slew of other issues and bugs featured in Rockstar's newest Frontiers Pursuits DLC for Red Dead Online, one of the most hilarious and yet hard-to-look-at is an overlay of ugliness on various player characters. Though hilarious, sometimes they can be fun, as well.

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Even more so, it seems, they can be just as frustrating to new and average players alike. One of these irritating issues is both daily and weekly challenges being wiped when restarting the game. Some players have completely stopped participating in daily challenges altogether, seeing that their potential 1.5x gold multiplayer has been utterly ripped from their grasp. There are plenty of reports that the game has often crashed or blue screened. Even more have warned not to fill your horse to max carry weight with animal pelts unless one prefers being kicked out of the game.

At least Rockstar Support has been relatively helpful, sincere and rewarding when it comes to listing bugs and sending tickets. The most recent update on Sept 18 addressed some of the many issues plaguing the game, yet players are still experiencing problems. For one, many of the Trader missions aren't even worth players' time. Either the game crashes 10 minutes into a short delivery mission, or it crashes after you've traversed the entire map in a longer one, which is most annoying of all.

If you're experiencing issues or are angry about your experience, it seems worthwhile to send Rockstar Support a ticket. Some players have been given anywhere from 20-40 gold for free, merely for showcasing to Rockstar the very issue with their game. As it so happens, according to Redditor Pidikey, the ugly character bug has been amended, though without compensation. As frustrating as this may seem, Rockstar has been fairly gifting when it comes to their online western. Whether it be in the form of random gold or other in-game items, there has always been a present communication between players and developers, which is a rare sight to see in this industry.

With the additions of a savvy vest and sweet poncho, Red Dead Online has come a long way. Though there may be some bugs and annoying complaints with the overall experience, it's still both breathtakingly beautiful and otherwise enjoyable. There's the occasional griefer every now and then, but so long as you put up 35 gold for the Outlaw Pass, you get it right back once you reach level 70, along with a hefty bag of extra goodies, like treasure maps, horse attire, and around $500 in cold hard cash. What's not to love?

Okay, so the game crapped out a little and your character looks like Freddy Kruger on a good day, at least there's animals to hunt and bandits to capture. At least the state of RDO is most certainly better than Anthem right now.

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