Red Dead Online Has 'Swamp Zombies' Affecting Players' Brains

Red Dead Online has been steadily rolling along, and while it's certainly not robust as its older brother GTA Online, it has gathered a decent sized fanbase of wannabe online cowboys. With October quickly approaching, a Halloween event is likely to be coming up quite soon.

Well players of Red Dead Online may or may not have stumbled across a hint of what's to come this October, as disturbing "swamp zombies" have spotted in game. The only question now is whether these weird corpses are intentional, or yet another Red Dead glitch.

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Reddit user groats_active came across this rather haggard looking woman hanging out in the swamps. While this doesn't necessarily confirm anything, that sure as heck looks like a zombie to us. Plus, there's been an influx of dead bodies in the game as of late, and players are starting to get the feeling this is all foreshadowing for whatever Rockstar has up their sleeve for Red Dead Online's Halloween event.

It is important to note however that Red Dead Online has also had some truly bizarre events that seemed like they could have planned, but turned out to be bugs and glitches. Who could forget about the massive piles of dead horses that kept popping up all over? There's also been issues with XP being doled out, players' appearances changing, and animals just not showing up at all.

Another Reddit user named indiethetvshow also reported spotting the zombie, but he was brought to it by a dog, and was then attacked by a bandit. This makes it seem as if this corpse was supposed to simply be a trap set up for your character as a random event, and that it was never meant to be standing upright.

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That being said, the Red Dead series does have a history with zombies, as the original Red Dead Redemption had its Undead Nightmare expansion released around Halloween in 2010. Plus, other players have also found corpses like the one above that definitely look pretty zombie-esque. Rockstar is a pretty coy developer, so even if the "swamp zombie" was nothing more than a bug in the game, they might still use it to drum up interest for whatever they may have planned.

As of right now, Rockstar has not released a statement declaring whether or not this was planned or an accident, and they also haven't given any details on their plans for a Halloween event. One thing is for sure, Red Dead Online players are expecting zombies, and whether Rockstar wants it or not, the game itself seems to creating them on its own.

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