Red Dead Online Update Adds John Marston’s Gun From The Original Game

Cowpokes can now pick up John Marston's trusty Evans Repeater and compete in a new Free Roam Event.

Rockstar is continuing to refine the Red Dead Online beta experience, with the latest update giving players a familiar bit of firepower. Cowpokes can now pick up John Marston's trusty Evans Repeater as well as compete in a chaotic new Free Roam Event.

Red Dead Redemption fans will immediately recognize the Evans Repeater as a powerful gun wielded by the first game's protagonist Jon Marston. For those who don't, or might need a refresher, the Evans Repeater is a rifle that works better at a distance and has a high bullet capacity. But don't mistake it for a slow sniper, it lives up to the name "repeater" with an impressive fire rate. Rockstar doesn't beat around the bush in talking up the gun, saying it will be an "essential part of your character’s weapon inventory."

via: Rockstar

The Evans Repeater comes just in time to help outlaws blow each other away in the new Free Roam Event called Fool's Gold. These events have been active in the game for some time now, rotating through different objectives and giving players chances to complete kill quests without shamelessly attacking each other in neutral areas. Fool's Gold continues this pattern by introducing a set of Golden Armor.

The idea is that the wearer of the armor earns points for getting kills, but every other player is after them. Points are earned for killing the wearer, but then it becomes a free-for-all to be the one to grab it and wear it next. It might not be the most original game type, but it's a shooter standard for a reason. The chaos it brings will be very welcome in the Wild West of Read Dead Online.

Finally, Rockstar is gifting players a special care package as thanks for sticking it out through the beta period of Red Dead Online. It's full of various types of ammo and survival supplies, enough to easily complete several Daily Challenges.

The Red Dead Online beta got some criticism at launch, particularly for its in-game economy. Even now, GTA Online seems to be more popular than its western cousin. Still, Rockstar stuck with the game, and it looks like the patience of its dedicated players is starting to bear fruit.

(Source: Rockstar)

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