Red Dead Online Celebrates US Independence With Festive Bandanas, Guns, And Courtesy

Rockstar has unveiled some festive bonuses for Red Dead Onlineas cowboys were very into celebrating July 4th (probably). GTA Online is still doing an event centered around various vehicles, and players can pick up a sick Tron-style bike at a discount. Rockstar's cowboy-centric Red Dead series, however, has to be their most American property. So it makes sense to see Read Dead Online proudly fly red, white, and blue.

The flying of the USA colors is quite literal, in this case. While an actual American Flag is not part of the event, players can get free Red and Blue camp flags from now until July 8th. They can also decorate themselves with Red, White, and Blue bandanas for 50% off. Grab two friends and you can make a very patriotic posse.

via: Rockstar

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Since fireworks don't seem to be a thing in Red Dead Online, a discount on firearms is the most logical thing. To that end, merchants are giving 30% discount on all weapons components. That includes sights, wraps, stocks, anything you can think of. You can also get 25% off the deathly efficient Evans Repeater. Finally, to make sure you celebrate freedom with a bang, all merchants are also giving away free Gun Oil.

That being said, it doesn't seem like Rockstar intends for us to go around shooting each other. It's a holiday, after all, so we should be good to one another as we celebrate. To that end, they're making it so you can get the "Respectful Bow" emote for free from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. Being a cowboy is awesome, but being a gentlemanly cowboy with a freshly-oiled gun is better.

Rockstar has proven a dedicated developer when it comes to the future of their online games. GTA V's online has seen many shifts and additions, with a casino on the way that's sure to bring players rushing back in. Rumors are abound about what GTA VI will be like, but it seems like it's not needed. There's still plenty to do both in Los Santos and the Wild West.

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