Red Dead Online Is Having A Snazzy Vest Event This Week

It's time for another Read Dead Online event, and this time the true prize is a buff to your vest collection.

It's time for another update on the weekly rewards available in Red Dead Online. As usual, there are several ways to get cash and XP in the game. There are also great discounts on certain weapons. Finally, special clothing makes its way into stores for a limited time. But the biggest event of the week, clearly, is a special offer on vests.

It's typical for both Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online to switch out their events on Tuesdays. Sure enough, a new round of perks and products was announced by Rockstar. The biggest offer is for the "A Land of Opportunities" missions. By taking one from either Jessica LeClerk or Horle, players will get additional 30% RDO$ and XP. This bonus is in effect for the next two weeks.

via: Rockstar

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But let's be real– the most important news out of the current offerings is that all vests that require Rank 31 and above will be temporarily available to Rank 30 players. Also, Rank 11-29 vests will be temporarily available to those at level 10. In most games, the cooler clothes are only for the higher level players, so it is nice for lower levels to get to play around with awesome outfits. If we had to guess, this will be the event that puts Read Dead Online on the map.

In all seriousness, though, there are actual good deals going on. Players can get the limited-time Owanjila Hat, Concho Pants, Charro Jacket, and Clymene Coat from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. In terms of weapons, Gunsmiths are offering 25% off the Double-Action Revolver and Springfield Rifle. Fences are giving 50% off the Hatchet and Cleaver.

Finally, Rockstar reminds us to pick up our Twitch Prime loot. Twitch Prime members (which all Amazon Prime members are) had to have linked their account to a Rockstar Games Social Club profile. Rockstar says doing so earns you the "Carcano Rifle, the Tasman (male only) and Danube (female only) outfits, and the 'How Dare You' emote - all for free and without Rank restrictions."

Overall, it's a nice batch of deals going on out West. So put on that fetching vest you've been waiting to wear and ride 'til you can't no more.

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