Red Dead Redemption 2: Arthur's 10 Most Heroic Moments, Ranked

It may have a wonderfully detailed open-world and enjoyable gameplay, yet one of the main reasons why Red Dead Redemption 2 is such a masterpiece is because of its brilliant protagonist Arthur Morgan.

Arthur is more interesting than any of the other main characters seen in Rockstar games. His development from a cold gunslinger to a sick man trying to do good is masterly told. Watching as he gets sicker and sicker as his world crumbles around him is an emotional experience.

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Despite his deteriorating health, Arthur manages to perform countless heroic acts as he strives for redemption, the best of them are featured on this list.

10 Retrieving Sacred Items For Rains Fall

Arthur gives a lending hand to Rains Fall and his tribe multiple times throughout the game. Usually, he helps the Native American tribe due to the financial reward they offer or because Dutch thinks it'll help the gang.

However, when Rains Fall and Morgan travel up to one of the tribe's sacred places to find that it has been burned to the ground with their important items stolen, Arthur helps without asking for anything in return. After finding the culprits, he infiltrates their camp, knocks out a couple of guards, and steals the items back. Even though Morgan didn't request anything, Rains Fall still rewarded his kind act.

9 Saving Meredith From Murfrees

When in need of a new camp, Arthur and Charles go to commandeer Beaver Hollow, which is occupied by the savages known as Murfrees. While clearing the place out, they come across a girl (later to be known as Meredith) who is being held prisoner by the Murfrees and free her.

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They could've just kicked her out of camp, but Arthur gives her a ride back to her mother instead. The player has the chance to make this an even more honorable act by rejecting the reward offered by Meredith's mother.

8 Absolving Londonderry's Debt

Red Dead Redemption 2 constantly questions the morality of money lending, more so than it questions killing and robbery. It's during the debt collection missions given by Strauss where you really see that Arthur isn't completely evil (at least in the later ones).

One such moment happens when Morgan is tasked with collecting money from Arthur Londonderry. When he finds out his namesake has died, Arthur goes to see his widow. Upon finding Mrs. Londerderry and her son living in destitute, he no longer attempts to collect the money. Then the player is given a choice whether to absolve the debt or absolve it AND give them some cash.

7 Stopping Jaime From Killing Himself

Jaime is the brother of Arthur's ex-girlfriend Mary, she asks the outlaw to stop her brother from joining the Chelonians. While stopping the boy from joining the odd turtle cult is a kind act on its own, it's what Morgan does afterward that is the real heroic moment.

Distraught over losing his chance to join the Chelonians, Jaime aims a gun at himself. Before the boy pulls the trigger, Morgan shoots the revolver out of his hand. He then takes Jaime back to Mary while talking about his future. Later in the game, you find out that Jaime has gone back to college, something that wouldn't have been possible if Arthur hadn't have saved his life.

6 Rescuing Eagle Flies From Fort Wallace

There's an abundance of rescue missions during the game, although this one is extra heroic because it's Arthur who insists on doing it with nobody asking him to.

A failed ambush led to Eagle Flies being captured by the army, which made his father Rains Fall worry that he'd be hung for treason. So Morgan enlists the help of Charles, and they both sneak into Fort Wallace and free the captive. Despite being heavily pursued when leaving, they manage to evade the army and get Eagle Flies back to his father.

5 Saving Tilly From The Foreman Brothers

Not every member of the Van der Linde Gang was a gunslinger, some were just people the gang had picked up over the years, and one of those was Tilly Jackson.

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Partway through the game, Tilly gets kidnapped by her former gang called the Foreman Brothers. Susan informs Arthur of the kidnapping, and the two go and get the young women back while killing plenty of Foreman Brothers in the process. Whether the opposition gang's leader lives or not is up to the player, but either way, they don't dare touch Tilly again.

4 Bringing A German Family Back Together

Saving a friend is one thing, but Arthur also lends a hand to a German family he'd just met.

Once again, location scouting leads to heroics, as the mother and her two kids are found hiding under a stagecoach at a potential new camp. Even though the family speaks little English, the young girl manages to inform Arthur and Charles that their father has been taken. They then find the german man hogtied in a nearby camp, after taking out multiple captors and untying the German, Morgan brings him back to his family.

3 Getting A Vaccine For Rain Fall's Tribe

As previously mentioned Artur saves Eagle Falls and reclaims some sacred items, yet the greatest thing he does for the tribe is retrieving their medicine.

Colonel Favours who has a great dislike of the tribe withholds the vaccines that the government had sent for Rains Fall's people. The sight of a young dying boy frustrates and upsets Morgan, so he goes after the cart filled with medicine. Captain Monroe helps find the army wagon, then Arthur sneaks onto the back of it (or shoots the driver and passenger), steals the vaccine, and returns it to the reservation. It was another un-selfish act that saved plenty of lives.

2 Rescuing Abigail From The Pinkertons

John was presumed dead, and Dutch and Micah had bailed, so it was up to Arthur and Sadie (with Tilly looking after young Jack) to save Abigail from the Pinkertons.

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In a true show of heroism, the duo fight through Agent Milton's men to get to Abigail. It doesn't go completely smoothly, as Sadie gets herself captured. Arthur's attempts to save both women lead to a tussle with Milton until Abigail shoots the agent in the head. It would've been easier for Morgan to join Dutch and Micah and leave Abigail, but he is a better person than that.

1 Sacrificing His Life For John

During the game, Arthur makes a habit out of risking his life to help people, here though he gives his life to do it. To see the scene, players had to choose to help John instead of going back for the money.

The two fight their way up the mountain until Morgan realizes both of them can't make it, so he instructs John to go on ahead while he holds the Pinkertons off. After Marston reluctantly leaves, Arthur gets ambushed by Micah, and the two get into a fight until Dutch appears. Depending on your honor level, the scene will play out differently, yet both end with Arthur's death.

In this scenario, Arthur Morgan sacrificed himself and the money that was stashed away to give John and his family the chance to live.

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