The 15 Worst Things About Red Dead Redemption 2 (And The 15 Best)

It has been eight years since you road through the wild west as John Marston in the original Red Dead Redemption. If you have been counting the days since the second installment has been announced to the eventual release day, we don’t blame you. The first outing was revolutionary in bringing the sandbox style of GTA to the world of cowboys and the culture of outlaws that defined the era. While the first game focused on the story of one cowboy, Red Dead Redemption 2 focuses more on a collective group of individuals living in this point and time.

The graphics are grander, the story is sharper, and the overall gaming experience is being heralded by gaming critics all over the country (and world). There are high expectation for this prequel to the first installment to be amazing, and it looks as if the reviews are correct. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot to offer to longtime fans of the series and those who may be new to the story. There is a lot to see and do, and the level of realism in this game is insane. However, while there is a lot to praise about this game, there are things you should be aware of as you dive into this new story. So, before you take that horse out for a ride, take a look at our 15 best and word things about Red Dead Redemption 2.

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30 Worst – The Tutorial Is Too Darn Long

via eurogamer.net

Now, we are proponents of “bad news first,” so we will start with some unfavorable news before we get to the good stuff. The tutorial is a long one. Without spoiling too much, your new character will spend much time learning the “ways of the cowboy,” while surviving an unnaturally tense blizzard.

If you wanted real “cowboy” realism…you go it!

It is great that the game wants to get the player prepared for what’s ahead, but if you were planning to jump right into the being an outlaw, you will have to wait awhile.

29 Best – An Excellent Tie-In To The First Story

via youtube.com (iGameplay1337)

Players have noted that there are some characters from the original game that show up in this installment. However, none seem to hold as much weight as this profound easter egg. If you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough depending on your perspective), you will come across the body of a man that contains a note that says “Letter to Bonnie.” Once you look at the letter, you will come to realize that this is the husband of a woman named Bonnie, the widow who saved John Marston in the first game. This is an excellent way to tie in the first game while adding meaning to a story that took place eight years ago in real time.

28 Worst – Crafting Is Uneven

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Again, because this game is so realistic, the developers have implemented a crafting mechanic that you will use a lot in the game. While this is great, there are some inconsistencies with it. There are some things that can only be crafted in a certain way, or there are people you need to craft specific items.

Aren’t video games supposed to take us away from work?

These scenarios may not always be ready when you need them, and this can throw a wrench into some of your gaming. The challenge is knowing that you have to piecemeal specific information.

27 Best – It Takes Realism To The Next Level

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If you thought GTV V was realistic, well you haven’t experienced Red Dead Redemption’s wild west realism insanity. Just to give an example, one reviewer recounted being able to see maple on the leaves of a tree. If that isn’t realistic, I don’t know what is. There are also consequences for everything you do in the game. Eliminating someone or choosing to let them live can have a significant impact on you later in the game. This game forces you to think of its next move which adds to the fun.

26 Worst – The Game Makes Weapon Decisions For You

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Maybe you have a preference for a specific type of gun. Well, the game does not care. If there are specific weapons that you were carrying, the game will replace them for others if you are facing a particular type of battle.

Everything is in your control in this game….except how you choose to fight.

The weapons are mission-related, and the game forces you to have to change back to your weapons of preference manually. We all know that you need every second available to put yourself in the best situation to face enemies. While we get what they were doing here, this can definitely be a drag.

25 Best – It's Slow Paced (Trust Us, It's A Good Thing)

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While GTA V was known for its break-neck speed, Red Dead Redemption 2 noticeably slows down the pace. While this would seem to be a drag, it allows you to immerse yourself into the ways of the old west. You have the opportunity to know what it really feels like to load a classic gun, find thirty different species of fish, visit old school mom and pop stores, stop in a town bar for a drink, brew coffee, and the list could go on and on. While there is a larger story at work here, the game allows you to take your time and enjoy everything it has to offer.

24 Worst – Get Ready For A Long Download Time

via pcgamesn.com

You just bought the game, and you are ecstatic to get started. Unfortunately, all those amazing graphics and extras come at a price: a considerable download time. If you buy the game digitally, the download size is anywhere from 90 to 107 GB.

Basically, get ready to fill up your day with something else.

Individuals have even taken to Twitter to express their sorrow in hilarious GIFs. It is best to download this thing remotely while you take on other essential duties like school, work, fixing a sandwich, or finishing this article.

23 Best – The Story Is Excellent

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Okay, so we know you want to ride through this open world wild west game and blast away enemies. Fortunately, there is so much more to this world, and most of it lies in the story. The writing for Red Dead Redemption 2 is impeccable. Without spoiling the narrative, it tells the story of the rise and fall of a famous outlaw. His life’s story is told with an impressive mixture of humor, emotion, and intrigue. While you may be tempted to go off on your own, you will feel compelled to come back and enjoy the main story.

22 Worst – You Are In For A Long Journey

via gamecrate.com

Long games must be a trend nowadays, and there is nothing particularly wrong with that. However, part of the problem comes in the form of repetition. Typically, when a game goes on too long, it makes it more likely for the developers to begin to incorporate story or combat elements that happen over and over again.

There is a such thing as “too much of a good thing.”

What seemed fun on hour five, becomes a drag when hour 40 rolls around. This game is clocking in at 60 hours so far. So, while not much has been said about it so far, it is possible for this game to be spoiled by an expanding story that doesn’t seem to end.

21 Best – The Combat Is Second To None

via theverge.com

If you thought this was going to be a thrilling ride of heists, chases, and rescues, much like the first installment, you guessed right. This game gets everything right when it comes to creating an engaging combat experience. Showdowns are realistic and thrilling, while the developers were sure to add in as much realism as possible to go along with them. There is Hollywood-level gunsmoke, practical bullet sound effects, and player deaths that look like they belong in an old spaghetti western. If you want to feel like a real outlaw, the developers give you every chance possible.

20 Worst – An Unworthy Comparison

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One thing that may surprise many gamers is the variety of comparisons to GTA V. If you notice, we have already done it a few times in this article, and many other reviewers have done it as well. If you are a GTA V fan and have lingering thoughts of your experience with the game, then you will walk into Red Dead Redemption 2 with a false sense of the speed and experience of the game.

Try out horse jacking in this game….we guarantee you will have a unique experience ;-)

Red Dead Redemption is more thoughtful, slower-paced, and even more substantial. Many are going to compare this game to GTA V, but doing this breeds an inaccurate representation of Red Dead Redemption and does not allow the game to stand on its own accurately.

19 Best – This Second Outing Is Independent Of The First

via reddit.com

If you played the first Red Dead Redemption, then you were appropriately introduced to this epic world. The opening moments of this game will make you feel as if you are back in the saddle, but this is where the similarities end. The developers could have lazily made a sequel that focused on previous characters and retreads old details to only play on nostalgia. In this second outing, the developers took a gamble by producing a prequel story that takes the player even deeper. So, for those who did not play the first game, they can jump right into this one. None of the story details of the previous game will slow players down.

18 Worst – Rockstar’s Questionable Labor Tactics

via twitter.com (rockstargames)

Before the release of this new game, Rockstar faced some controversy regarding the working schedules of developers who worked on the game. Dan Houser, VP of Rockstar, revealed that some developers of the game worked 100-hour weeks to ensure the game was delivered on time.

We are probably going to spend 100 hours playing this game, but this still feels wrong…

Many Rockstar employees have come out to say this is not true, and Houser has walked back his statements. However, the damage has been done. While the truth is still unclear, it is a bit of a bummer to think individuals may have had to work above a healthy limit to deliver this game.

17 Best – Dead Eye Returns

via wccftech.com

Since Red Dead Revolver, Dead Eye has helped players make the cleanest shots possible. Fortunately, this mechanism has made a return in this installment. This time, it highlights critical areas to hit on a target to help you take down enemies efficiently and quickly. It also provides some other helpful upgrades to enable you to be one of the best gunslingers around. If you are expecting to do much hunting in addition to fighting rivals, this is an essential upgrade to have at your disposal.

16 Worst – Expect The Lowest Quality And Resolution If You Have An Xbox

via twitter.com (Xbox)

It seems that Xbox continues to get the worst end of the stick when it comes to having access to games on time, exclusives, and overall graphics quality. Unfortunately, Red Dead Redemption 2 is no different in this regard.

Can Xbox ever get a win?

In comparison with the PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X, the Xbox One performs the worst as it renders it at an 864p resolution, the lowest of the group. However, if you have an Xbox One X, ironically, you get the best experience of all.

15 Best – Your Honor Means Something

via reddead.wikia.com

In video games, it is easy to use it as an escape from the real world. In turn, we efficiently eliminate people, steal, and do things that in real life we could not get away from. Red Dead Redemption 2 establishes the fact that there are consequences for everything you do, good and bad. The game introduces the honor system. As you play as Arthur, if you decide not to hurt individuals in cold blood and help the townspeople, you can receive perks, discounts at stores, and a general feeling of safety as you move throughout the town. The game makes life easier for you if you are good. How awesome is that?

14 Worst – Too Much RPG?

via derstandard.de

While the realism of Red Dead Redemption 2 is exciting, there are elements of it that can make the gaming experience feel a bit like a chore. One reviewer for Wired noted how players have to hunt for food, restock medical supplies, upgrade camping supplies, and tackle other mundane tasks.

Get ready for Skyrim…cowboy style.

While there may be some who dive right into this realistic scenario and truly enjoy it, others may be a bit taken aback and bored with these mandatory activities. For those who like to jump right into the action, this second installment may feel like a slow-burn.

13 Best – The Soundtrack Is A Staggering Achievement

via gta5-mods.com

No one can deny the impact a beautiful soundtrack can have on a gaming experience. Red Dead Redemption 2 kicks it up a notch by correctly matching the music with the action on screen. Whether there be a suspenseful chase or a heartfelt exposition, the music will clue you into its importance. Not only is the music excellent, but the sound effects will fully immerse you into the world. All of the gun and bullet sounds are authentic to their real-life counterparts. Each sound also changes depending on the setting (echoes for mountains or sharpness for indoor areas). This game is an auditory gift.

12 Worst – There's Way Too Much To Learn

via businessinsider.com

Whether you need to tie up your horse, put on your hat, or go fishing, there is much to learn in this game. Red Dead Redemption 2 takes on a “learn and develop vibe” that invites players to take their time in learning all they need to succeed in the game. However, much like crafting, you might not instantly pick up the elements you need to do basic tasks.

Couldn’t they have put all of this in a webinar?

Things like getting off a horse or tying one up can be clunky. You have to press some of the same buttons for these tasks, and the ability to correctly pull it off is the difference between holding it a second longer. In short, learning to control your character will be tedious in the beginning.

11 Best – You Don’t Always Have To Pull The Trigger

via aggrogamer.com

What? Isn’t violence always needed? Isn’t that part of the fun? It can be for sure, but again Red Dead Redemption 2 is a smart game that rewards those who put thought into how the play. While gunfights constitute a significant part of the game, so is critical thinking. There are times where you do not always have to hurt someone to get what you want. Simply aiming at an enemy or shooting in the air can help you progress. This act not only saves you money and time, but it reveals how much thought the developers put in this game. Remarkably, sometimes violence isn’t always the answer.

10 Worst – Get Ready For Serious Input Lag

via pcgamesn.com

Because this game is so enormous and gaming consoles are running at top speeds to accommodate this game, Red Dead Redemption 2 is guilty of some severe input lag. This YouTuber, found that that the game at times takes almost a full second to respond to gaming controls.

That’s 60 seconds of dodging bullets in chaps and boots.

This is the most apparent during gunfights and stressful situations. When players have to make quick decisions, it is likely the game will lag and respond uncontrollably. This scenario can be a pain when pivotal parts of the game require much extensive use of the controls.

9 Best – Multiplayer Is On Its Way

via realgamemedia.com

Even in this short time, Red Dead Redemption 2 is shaping up to be a “game of the year” pick for many video game enthusiast. However, Rockstar is not done. Fans can expect a beta version of a multiplayer mode of this game in November. Leaks are revealing that this mode will be very similar to GTA V’s. There will be a lot of events to participate in, and if the gunfights and missions in the solo mode are any indications, players have a lot to look forward to.

8 Worst – Microtransactions Are Also Coming

via gameranx.com

Microtransactions are a polarizing topic for many gamers. While free-to-play games have utilized them to recoup their development costs, larger titles are also looking to pad their pockets with them. Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick confirmed that this current game would include these transactions, and even led some to believe that they will also be included in the solo campaign as well as multiplayer mode.

So…that $60.00 price tag is only the beginning.

While this doesn’t have to be troubling, many gaming fans have remarked that microtransactions require them to purchase specific items to move forward in the game. It is possible this could take place in Red Dead Redemption 2 as well.

7 Best – You Will Love The Side Quests

via polygon.com

While GTA V is known for its chaotic fun and street-inspired missions, it is also known for its insane oddities. From tracking down potential serial murderers to trying to figure out the mystery behind the “aliens,” there are a lot of weird points of fun. Red Dead Redemption 2 is no different. Players can follow bigfoot, locate a human-made mutant, and even explore a Viking tomb. There could also be some greater connection to GTA V’s weirdness if players look deep enough.

6 Worst – Aiming Can Be A Pain

via gamespot.com

This game tries to give as much of a cinematic feel as possible. However, it might sacrifice utility and efficiency for visuals. While players are trying to aim at enemies, the camera does not move as quickly as it needs to.

Think about when you ask your little cousin to film your Instagram videos…

Therefore, players are not given the visibility they need to target and take down enemies quickly and accurately. This fact can significantly impact progress, which is incredibly annoying. Players should get used to this over time, but it is a bit burdensome at the start.

5 Best – It's So Authentic Is Mind-Boggling

via rockstargames.com

Once that snow lets up, you will be introduced to a world that will deserve your hours of play. The gameplay is tight, and everything feels and looks real. Rockstar has not spared any expense in bringing you right into the world of a cowboy. Horses have to be groomed and fed, old guns require extra work to operate as they did back in the day, and you sincerely have to watch out for your protagonist. This game understands that to tell the story it wants genuinely, it has to make it real. Luckily, Rockstar has knocked this out of the park.

4 Worst – The Glitches Abound

via attackofthefanboy.com

Again, this is a cost of the game being so beautiful, realistic, and immersive. There have been accounts by players of trying to go in specific directions, but camera limitations will prevent free movement.

Your biggest enemy in the game…the camera.

There have also been issues of players attempting to open cabinets or grab loot, and the reaction prompt is below the camera boundary making it challenging to grab these items. This is something that developers will hopefully repair, but it is still a pain until it happens.

3 Best – Foster A Connection With Animals

via polygon.com

This entry speaks to another aspect of realness this game incorporates. The developers wanted to bring to life the connections old cowboys had to have with animals to survive. For example, players can pet dogs, and the dog will remember the interaction and will refrain from barking the next time you see them. However, this is even more represented with horses. Players can bond with their horses, wash them, and feed them. The horse’s health depends on all these factors, and they can even pass away. This situation heightens the relationship and adds a deep layer of realism players can enjoy.

2 Worst – Will This Suffer From Overhype?

via pinterest.com

2018 has honestly been the year of the “critically acclaimed game.” Games now are not only being heralded for their gameplay, but also for their narrative and story arcs. Games are now almost on the same art form level as movies. We have seen top ratings go to God of War, Spiderman PS4, and even the newest Far Cry.

So, we basically just need to start including games at the Oscars.

However, everyone is sure that Red Dead Redemption 2 may be the best of all. While this may be true, the game is not perfect, and its pacing is not meant for everyone. Many gamers may not be prepared for this and may walk into something they thought was something other than what it really was.

1 Best – Ride Through The West With A War Horse

via gosunoob.com

Much like a fantastic car in GTA V, having the best horse possible is important in this game. Well, the War Horse is available for grabs. This horse has more stamina and courage than a regular horse, two things that gamers can truly take advantage of. Players can grab the War Horse in a few ways: through a pre-order code, purchase them, find a rare one in the wild to tame, or use a cheat code obtained upon completing the game to grab one. These are amazing horses, and finding them is hard, but they are available if players are willing to put in the work. e

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