10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dutch Van Der Linde From Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the most iconic and conversation-starting figures from the Red Dead Redemption universe has to be Dutch Van Der Linde. Leader of the Van Der Linde Gang (and later Dutch’s Gang), the charismatic leader spent two games worth of time boasting of his desire to take from the rich and give to the poor, but he lost himself to villainy and ruthlessness.

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Dutch is the perfect example of moral corruption and blindness that the game world explores, but there are a lot of things gamers don’t know about him. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Dutch.

10 Dutch Is A Hypocrite

One of the first things you come across in the game is just how much of a hypocrite Dutch truly is. He spends the majority of the game talking of heroism and fighting the law to give back to the common man, as well as fighting corruption and tyranny.

Yet he will often sacrifice the innocent in order to further his own causes, as is evidenced when he sacrifices innocent Native American tribesmen and freedom fighters in the fictional South American country of Guarma. How can he boast of his heroism when he himself has cast himself as the villain?

9 Dutch’s Father Fell In Battle Of Gettysburg

There are a lot of moments where players can take opportunities to step away from the main game missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 and chat with the various members of the Van Der Linde gang. Of course this includes Dutch himself, and in one conversation you can discover that Dutch’s father actually fought in the Civil War.

After his father fell in battle, more specifically the Battle of Gettysburg, Dutch grew an extreme hatred for the South and anyone associated with it. This explains his complete disdain for his time in towns like Saint Denis during the game’s events.

8 Dutch’s Mother Is Buried In Blackwater

One of the few things players will ever learn about is Dutch’s mother. In the game players learn that he and his mother didn’t get along very well, especially after his father’s passing, and he left her early in life to make a name for himself, never returning to her.

It’s later learned that Dutch’s mother passed away sometime after he left, and is buried in a cemetery in Blackwater. Ironically, one of the biggest failed heists of the game that starts the gang’s troubles was in Blackwater, and some gamers theorize the loot is hidden in her grave site.

7 Dutch Cares Only For Self-Preservation

As we discussed earlier, Dutch is not the hero he makes himself out to be. However not all players may recognize his true motivations during the course of the video game franchise. When push comes to shove and his back is against the wall, Dutch will always sacrifice anyone around him in order to save himself.

This is called self-preservation, as he typically comes back to the group with news that someone like John or Hosea fell or was captured during a failed heist, but in reality he never made an attempt to go back or rescue them all.

6 Dutch Never Contributes To Gang’s Funds

One thing that is instrumental in your game development has to be the contribution of funds to the gang’s overall funds. You can either contribute by donating money directly or purchasing camp upgrades with your own money.

Yet the person who instituted this system and demands everyone “pay their fair share” is none other than Dutch, and he never once donates his own money to the camp’s funds. By the game’s end, players learn he has a huge stash of his money and the gang’s funds tucked away in a secret hiding spot, something he’s done at every camp site.

5 Dutch’s Never Ending “One More Plan”

Players may not have noticed this in RDR2 because of all of the various missions they encountered, but missions throughout the game that come from Dutch himself tend to revolve around an overall theme: one last mission.

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No matter how much they go through or who they loose during the game’s events, the gang is always told by Dutch that the next heist is the “one last heist” before they ride off into the sunset together. Yet that last heist never comes, as not only do they suffer setbacks, but Dutch is a man who will never be satisfied overall.

4 Dutch Only Taught Men To Read

Throughout the game, between dialogue between Arthur and other characters, players will soon learn that Dutch’s grand proclamations of equality amongst the gang are all talk, as he only teaches the men of the camp how to read.

Those like Arthur and John were taught to read by Dutch, who was the only well-educated man amongst them, but he didn’t feel as if the women of the camp needed this advantage. Abigail makes a statement at one point that says she’s never been taught to read by Dutch, and in the game’s epilogue is shown to be learning herself.

3 Dutch And Hosea Formed Gang After Trying To Rob Each Other

At the beginning of the game, Dutch and Hosea are presented as two of the best friends anyone could imagine, having partnered together to form the gang and with Arthur being their first recruit into their clan. Later during a mission between the three of them, players learn that Dutch and Hosea met years ago, and only started the group when each of them tried robbing the other.

They were so impressed that they formed the group, but this friendship wasn’t strong enough to withstand Dutch’s madness. A friendship and partnership begun on thievery is destined to fail every time.

2 Dutch Had One Of The Highest Bounties In The Game

One thing players learn early in RDR2 is that gamers will earn a bounty on their heads anytime they are caught committing a crime. From horse thievery to taking out innocent civilians and train robberies, each crime accumulated ups the amount of money offered for your capture throughout the game.

While players can pay this off, few have ever tried attaining the highest bounty possible, which is $1,000. Yet there is one man who has this automatically throughout the game, and that’s Dutch. This should tell players just how ruthless and dangerous a man like Dutch is, for good reason.

1 Dutch Started Feud With O’Driscolls

One thing that players will miss unless they are paying attention is how the feud began with the O’Driscolls. The rival gang to the Van Der Linde clan is a constant source of problems for them, and Dutch’s hatred for the group is shown multiple times throughout the game itself.

Well eagle-eared gamers may have heard this, but it turns out the feud started because of Dutch. At some point Dutch and the O’Driscolls were aligned, but some falling out led to Dutch taking out the head O’Driscoll’s brother. This led to the passing of his love and war.

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