30 Hidden Easter Eggs Only Super Fans Noticed In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is packed with hidden things that most fans miss on their first playthrough.

If you have ever played any Rockstar game, you know that Easter eggs will rear their head at some point. Some are subtle, challenging but cool extras that you have to look sharply to find. While others are obvious and blatant (but still pretty fun and cool to look at). Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) has no shortage of each of these categories. Whether you enjoy finding notable GTA V characters or chasing down a mythical or ghostly creature, this game has every experience you could imagine.

RDR 2 is an expansive game. It gives you every opportunity to experience the wild west uniquely and realistically. Many of the Easter eggs help to solidify this experience. Gamers are diligent and have found a large number of Easter eggs. This time around, many pay homage to another game, but many are also “otherworldly.” RDR 2 has a surplus of creepy, strange, and downright scary Easter eggs that you may not want to encounter while playing at night. In this regard, Rockstar has undoubtedly upped the ante.

If you have finished the main storyline, don’t think you are done with this game. There is much to see and do, and a good part of that is finding these wacky but admirable Easter eggs hidden throughout the world. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of 30 hidden Easter eggs only super fans noticed in RDR 2

30 GTA V's Michael Is In RDR 2

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There are so many NPCs and playable characters in RDR 2 that you wouldn’t be at fault for think of it as a western Where’s Waldo. There is a lot to see and do, and Rockstar took full advantage of this fact with a notable Easter egg. In early November, Ned Luke, the person who voiced Michael in GTA V tweeted that the character could be found in RDR 2. First was in the credits, and second as an actual character who speaks to you. Unfortunately, players have not yet spotted him, but they are hot on the trail.

29 Discover A Cult And UFO

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GTA V had its full share of weird and wacky Easter eggs. The world of RDR 2 is no exception. If you travel to the north of Emerald Ranch and the Heartland Overflow Reservoir, you will encounter a small cabin. Within it, you will be met with a disturbing scene that suggests that a mass ritualistic suicide occurred. A note will tell you to come back “at the second hour under the half moon.” If you do a follow-up, you will be greeted with a huge and shining UFO.

28 Meet The Ghost Train

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RDR has been known to play around with supernatural elements. Like other Rockstar games, it has toyed around with specters and zombies. You can expect much of the same in this iteration.

You might want to keep your room lights on for this one.

If you are brave enough to take the trek to the tracks between Lemoyne and New Hanover, you will catch a glimpse of a ghost train. There is no rhyme or reason as to why it exists, it just does. So, make sure you have the lights off for this fright fest.

27 Let’s Play “Hunt The Vampire”

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If you ever wanted to meet a vampire, RDR 2 will give you that chance. For this weirdly different mission head to Saint Denis. There are five pieces of graffiti you need to locate around the city. Each one brings extra attention to what you are likely going to encounter once you find this iconic monster. Once you solve the last clue and “X” will appear on where you can meet the vampire. The meeting only works at night, but believe us; the encounter is worth it.

26 Hunt Down A Serial Attacker

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So, compared to all the other things that happen in RDR 2, this one gets a bit intense. Abandon your life as a bandit and take on one of tracking a serial attacker. If you head north of Strawberry, you will encounter the remains of a corpse.

Didn’t know you would be playing “Dexter Redemption” huh?

There you will also find a message from them, challenging you to see more of his victims. If you are dedicated to mysteries and find yourself intrigued, the trail is waiting for you.

25 Experience The Disaster Of Meteor House

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The locations within RDR 2 are a hotbed for much activity. So, it is not far-fetched to think that some celestial events may have also taken place within the map. If you head to Roanoke Valley and go to Meteor House, you will see a massive hole in the roof. Along with this, you will encounter a room full of recently burned bodies. Umm huh?  So, whatever happened occurred fairly recently. There are more questions than answers, so keep an eye on the skies above.

24 Say One Last Goodbye To Your Fallen Friends

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As with any good western story, you will witness the loss of friends along the way. Those bandits with a heart of gold will find themselves at the wrong end of a shotgun, and you will have to face the rest of the story without them. Well, the developers just knew you would probably be in your feelings about this.

And rightfully so….we wonder if the horses have gravestones too…

As a result, they made it possible for you to go back through the game and visit the gravesites of your fallen friends. Each grave is located in the area where the character ended. This game cannot get any more realistic.

23 Break Out Of Jail With Some Extra Help

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Have you ever wanted to live an exciting jailbreak scenario? Well, as with everything else on this list, RDR 2 is prepared to oblige. First, you have to complete the main storyline and ensure that Blackwater is on complete. Once that occurs you need to commit a crime as John Marston in Blackwater and then get arrested. After that, just let the magic happen. Your wife, Abigail, will come to knock out the guard and break you out of jail. You can’t make this stuff up.

22 Discover The Hobbit Hole

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If Disney was included in this game, why wouldn’t a reference to another popular franchise be a part of the game? If you head to the North East of Bacchus Station, you will run into an interesting home. It looks as if it grew right out of the land itself.

There must be some Hobbit seeds we don’t know about.

It is a natural and somewhat beautiful scene. Lord of The Rings and Hobbit fans will recognize this mysterious structure as a Hobbit home. Hmmm, maybe Frodo, Samwise, and Gandalf are not too far off.

21 Meet The Woman At The Outhouse

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RDR 2 has its share of creepy situations and weird secrets, but there are times when these can push over beyond strange to horror. A lot of awful things happened in the wild west, and RDR 2 explores these potential happenings. If you head to Braithwaite Manor go on back around to the outhouse. If you do take a look inside the hole. You will encounter a woman who has been locked in the outhouse. However, don’t be quick to rescue her. It seems that something is a little “off” about her.

20 Check Out Some Mammoth Bones

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Clearly, dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures had their run of the area back in their time. In this game, RDR 2 puts that on full display. Make your way to the location between Deadboot Creek and Spider Gorge, and walk through the snow of Grizzlies West. There you will find the bones of a colossal mammoth.

Where is the cast of Jurassic Park when you need them?

Where did he come from? What was his story? Why did he find his demise in this area? Those questions are not addressed. However, maybe we can make a suggestion for it to be included in the DLC.

19 Play A Strange Game With Statues And Win Some Cash

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Need $1500 cash fast? Well, head to Window Rock, North of Valentine to inspect a painting. It would be best if you then went to Bacchus to check out a cave. Once in there you will have to organize a group of weird statues. Once you do this, you will be given three gold bars worth $1500. There is no background as to why these statues are needed to be organized the way they are. There is no rhyme or reason as to why this challenge exists. However, it can get you some cash, so check it out.

18 Battle The "Night Folk"

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You knew it had to be coming your way. Again RDR 2 has a dedication to the creepy and macabre. However, this entry may take the cake. If you head to the swamps that located right outside of Saint Denis at nightfall you will run into a disturbing site.

While the next part is awful, what comes after is at the height of creepy.

You will see a man hanging from one of the trees. If this was not bad enough as you approach him, three ghostly zombie-looking men jump out at you and engage you in combat. Where did they come from? Who are they? None of this is revealed as you fight for your life.

17 Want To Tease Your Camp Mates? You Will Be Punished

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It may be tempting to go around annoying the members of the camp, but you may want to think twice. If you decide to take Arthur around the area and allow him to annoy the other individuals, a secret cutscene will appear. On your fourth or fifth insult one of the men on camp punch Arthur in the face and knock him out cold. He could no longer take the trash talk and decided to take these methods into his own hands. So, keep a watchful eye on all that trash talk in camp.

16 Locate A Mutant

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Sometimes people get bored in the west, and when they do they decide to conduct weird experiments. Your job is to find out what happened and why. So, take a journey to the Van Horn Trading Post and head west. Once there you will see a strange small house.

Cue the X-Men cartoon theme song.

The whole place is boarded up on the first floor so head up to the second. Once inside you will see a monstrous mutant that someone decided to create. Luckily, this one has a bit of backstory and context to explore.

15 Get Ready To Fight A Werewolf

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Life is hard in the west, and some people use unusual means to survive. Head to the Roanoke Valley area during nighttime to hear some of the most chilling howls you have ever encountered. There you will find a feral man known to players as the “Werewolf.” He is surrounded by other grey wolves who will attack you. If you eliminate them, he will become docile until you pick up his diary. Then, you will have to fend off his strong attacks. Vampires, ghosts, werewolves…where does it end?

14 Is Undead Nightmare 2 Upon Us?

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The first RDR was a huge hit, and the DLCs that came after were just as popular. One, in particular, Undead Nightmare, followed the main character as he journeyed through an apocalyptic wasteland filled with zombies.

It’s basically The Walking Dead set in the wild west…with a better plot.

RDR 2 seems to hint that a part two may be on its way. If your character goes to the Tall Trees area and enters the bottom of the well there, the character’s face will change into that of a zombie. Is it time for round two?

13 The Strange Man Is Back

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So, if you played the first RDR, you likely encountered the individual known as The Strange Man. This guy was weird, creepy, and an unexplained part of the game. In the first installment, he tests your morality with various quests. Here, he does not make a personal appearance (well not in the way you would think), but his presence is still known. There is a cabin located in the game that houses an unfinished painting. As you go through the game, you will see that the picture is being completed. Once you finish the whole game, if you come back, you will find that it is a portrait of The Strange Man. You will also see his reflection looking back at you in a close-by mirror….creepy.

12 Mingle With A Time Traveler

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We got ghosts, werewolves, and vampires….so, let’s throw a time traveler in the mix, shall we? Through your travels, you may encounter a guy named Francis Sinclair. There is evidence to suggest that he is a time traveler. He tells you that he is lost and he needs you to find rock carvings.

Unless the rock carvings tell us who wins Super Bowl 2030, we aren’t interested.

If you take him up on his mission you will see a woman with her baby. The woman will tell you that her husband, Tom, passed away years ago but that her baby’s name is Francis. Some other telling clues lead to the fact that Sinclair is likely from the future and may have some GTA V connections.

11 Poking Fun At A Hilarious Donkey Lady Glitch

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Hey, even Rockstar messes up from time to time. In the first installment, RDR players encountered a glitch that combined two species of animals known as the Donkey Lady. Mr. Marston was even able to ride the weird creation. Well, if you go just south of Armadillo, you will run into this glitch once again, but this time it is on purpose. You will see a deceased Donkey Lady attached to a Wheel of Pain. You will chuckle at the throwback mention when you look at it.

10 Wait, Haven’t We Seen Big John Before?

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If you have been into the Valentine Saloon at any point during the day, it is likely that you have run into Big John. He is a sasquatch hunter with a lot to talk about. However, this is not the first time you have seen this guy. Big John was first introduced in RDR: Undead Nightmare, and even made an appearance in GTA V after completing the game.

Big John surely gets around. Maybe he is the time traveler.

This guy knows his stuff about strange creatures, but he is also an insanely skilled fighter. In RDR 2, you can steal his iconic hat, but you have to fight him to the death.

9 Try Some Witches Brew

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The people of RDR 2 should start to question what is happening in their city. This place is a hotbed for some strange and supernatural activity. If you head north of the Grizzlies, you will come across a bubbling cauldron full of an unknown liquid. Yuck! Players brave enough to try the mysterious brew will blackout only to wake up and find that they have been transferred to a new location. Hmmm, maybe the potential witches involved wanted you there.

8 The Serial Villain Has Ties To GTA IV

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Once you solve the quest, you will find some disturbing similarities between this guy and a character in another Rockstar game. When you head to his lair, they will try to overtake you. Once you subdue him and take him to the sheriff’s office, you will find out that his name is Edmund Lowry.

What a non-threatening name. We were thinking more so the lines of Charles, Lee, or Ray.

The name is a play on the name Eddie Low, anothe one that could be found in GTA IV. They both end their victims in specific ways and target particular genders.

7 Meditate With The Monk…

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So, this one is not supernatural or disturbing, but it is still pretty strange. Go to Grizzlies and head to the mountain located below the R. If you are dedicated enough to reach the top you will see a Monk meditating on the edge of the cliff. Why is he there? What purpose does he serve? Is it just an innocent practice or something else entirely? The presence of this individual brings more questions than answers. Maybe he knows something you don’t.

6 Discover The Stories Of Landon Ricketts

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In the first RDR, Landon Ricketts is a famous gunslinger. He played a part in a lot of significant gunfights, and his influence impacted John Marston. This guy also makes an appearance as a zombie in Undead Nightmare.

Even though he was a famous gunslinger, he sure didn’t last long among zombies.

Well, this guy does have a nice cameo in the second installment. However, instead of showing up as a person he is featured as a famous character in children’s books. If you look closely during your travels, you will find some of this literature.

5 Revisit Mr. Aiden O'Malley

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In RDR 2, Dutch is approached by some authorities who ask him his name. Instead of telling the truth Dutch decides to use the fake name “Aiden O’Malley.” This happening is a direct reference to GTA IV’s mission Tunnel of Death where the main character has to rescue an old drinking buddy and then off him. This guy’s name is Aiden O’ Malley. We have to hand it to Rockstar; this is an obscure one. However, it is no less unique and exciting.

4 Experience A Notable Scene From Bully

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In RDR 2, you can engage in a side quest in one of the saloons. The owner will come out to tell you that there is a huge rat problem within the restaurant. Your job is to take out each rat with your trusty weapon.

We will now call Rockstar characters for any extermination needs.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry, you may have encountered this in another Rockstar game. Bully had an identical mission called Rats in the Library, that required you to do the same thing. What a subtle nod to another Rockstar classic.

3 Hang Out With Kaa From The Jungle Book

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Considering the amount of time that has passed between the first and second game, Rockstar had much time to put in some exciting extras and Easter eggs. If you are a Disney fan, you will appreciate this addition. For this one, you will also head to Lemoyne. Find the giant “O” on the map, and make your way to the location. If you take a look in the trees of this area, you will see Kaa the Snake from the Jungle Book enjoying his time among the trees.

2 Rockstar Looks To Have Addressed The "Long Hours" Situation

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It is no secret that Rockstar has come under fire for information that was leaked concerning the work expectations of the studio. Some have said they worked a substantial amount of hours on nights and weekends to deliver this game. While the company has denied the initial harshness of the news, they have seemed to poke some fun at it through this Easter egg.

Only Rockstar can make a joke out of a rather serious labor law issue.

If players look for weapons at gun stores, they will see a real weapons catalog. As they are reading the description for the Cattleman Revolver, they will run into the following verbiage: “It is made by skilled laborers who work tireless hours each week and on the weekends for little pay in order to make the finest revolver in the field today.” Confession?

1 Trevor Philip's Great Great Grandfather Is Here

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RDR 2 has tons of GTA Easter eggs, but this one likely takes the cake. Throughout your travels, you will meet a man with a familiar voice. He is hyper and shares a name and personality with an iconic GTA V character. In RDR 2, you will meet the great great grandfather of the famous Trevor Phillips who is also named Trevor Phillips.

Wait! We get it now! Trevor is the time traveler!

Not only do these guys share personality characteristics and a name, but they also share the same voice actor in Steven Ogg. We wonder if he meets a similar fate.

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