Red Dead Redemption 2: Every Cheat Code Found So Far

By now, users should be well into Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2. The much-anticipated release fell on October 26 and is still likely keeping a lot of people home.

The title is a rather challenging one but is pretty fun an there's plenty to do without even paying attention to missions. Where cheat codes are concerned, they're quite difficult to find. On one hand, they really are worth it as they allow users to spawn various items, not to mention empower the protagonist, Arthur Morgan.

On the other, one isn't able to save single-player progress or unlock any achievements once a cheat code gets activated.


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To use a cheat code, first head to the Red Dead Redemption 2 Settings menu and press Triangle/Y to bring up the Cheats menu. Hit X/A to enter a cheat code which, if entered correctly, will prompt the following warning message:

"By activating a cheat you relinquish the ability to save single player game progress, and collect single player [Achievements/Trophies]. Are you sure you want to activate this cheat?"

So there's a decision to make, but once you've made it, you'd want to have an appropriate entry handy.

As mentioned before, cheat codes aren't easy to find, but they will be written in various places all over the game world.

Also, some of them come as the result of a bit of work, for e.g. you'd have to buy a newspaper from a Newspaper Seller in order to find the "Abundance is the dullest desire" code. Newspaper Sellers can be found in towns and are marked with newspaper icons.

After gaining possession of the paper, hold right on the D-pad to open your Satchel and use the bumpers to find the Documents tab, where newspapers can be found. Select an issue to read it and search for a pull quote. You'd have to flip the paper and look to the bottom right to find the cheat code.

Per Polygon's testing, the same cheat code phrase could be found in multiple issues.

Other codes are simply written in random spots in the game world.

We had already covered a list of the 10 best cheat codes from RDR2, but you could find all the available ones (so far) below with a brief description.

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Create Wagon:  Spawns a wagon - Keep your dreams simple

Set Dead Eye:  Set Dead Eye level to 3 - I shall be better

Set Dead Eye: Set Dead Eye level to 5  - I seek and I find

Drunk: Gets you drunk right away- A fool on command

Infinite ammunition: Gives you infinite ammo - Abundance is the dullest desire

Increase whistle range for horse: Allows your horse to find you regardless of distance - Better than my dog

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Set health, stamina, and Dead Eye bars to full: Pretty self-explanatory - You flourish before you die

Heavy Weapons: Grants access to a loadout of Heavy Weapons - Greed is American Virtue

Create Racehorse: Spawns a racehorse - Run! Run! Run!

Create a Buggy: Spawns a buggy - Keep your dreams light

Own all outfits: Unlocks all outfits Vanity - All is vanity

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High honor: Increase honor - Virtue unearned is not virtue

Infinite stamina: Infinite stamina - The lucky be strong evermore

Learn all recipes: Instantly learn all crafting recipes - Eat of knowledge

See everywhere: Reveal entire map -  You long for sight and see Nothing

So go ahead and try them out if you can. Just remember codes can't be used to get ahead in this game; however, they can be amazing if you're out to have a bit of fun and continuously dodge the law.


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