Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Lenny, LENNY!

Despite being one of the lesser-known or appreciated members of the Van Der Linde Gang, Lenny Summers makes a big first impression on players early in the game.

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The mission that had Arthur Morgan yelling for Lenny as the two were both extremely drunk quickly became an internet meme and had people across the globe yelling out for their lost friend Lenny. Lenny was more than a joke and represented an interesting perspective on the outlaw life. Here are 10 facts you probably didn't know about Lenny, LENNY!

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10 Lenny Vs. John Marston

It becomes apparent throughout the game that the relationship between Hosea Matthews and Lenny is meant to mirror that of Arthur and John Marston. Both Lenny and John are the younger members who look up to and admire the older men who have been with Dutch for several years.

They both also get advice about the idea of leaving the gang and starting a better life. John was able to fulfill Arthur's wishes, but sadly Lenny was never able to do the same for Hosea.

9 All Black Everything

Lenny's primary weapon is a custom Cattleman Revolver which seems to proudly display his pride in his heritage and likely is a symbol of his father and mother's ability to overcome adversity as a slave. The custom weapon has both an ebony grip as well as a black steel frame.

Lenny may not have known what a superhero was, but it seems he was becoming the Western equivalent of the Black Panther. Lenny may have been a young newcomer to the Van Der Linde gang, but he knew how to stand out.

8 Child Of Slaves

Lenny was the child of not one, but two slaves. His mother and father wanted the best for him and despite being a slave, Lenny's father was an educated and well-read man who passed along his knowledge to his son.

Not much is known about what happened to his mother, but his father was killed by a group of men. It's unclear whether or not his father's death was a result of a hate crime, but the fallout led a young boy down a path of revenge and anger. A sad turn considering his father wanted him to be a lawyer.

7 The Voice

Harron Atkins provides the voice of Lenny Summers, which is far and away his most prominent work yet as a relatively new voice actor.

He lent his talents to Grand Theft Auto V as audio for the general population, but it seems Rockstar Games felt he was worthy of another audition which landed him the role of Lenny in Red Dead Redemption 2. Likely, he's also auditioned for their next project so don't be surprised if Atkins turns up once again in the next release from the folks over at Rockstar Games.

6 Lost Love

Arguably the strongest love of Lenny's life was a girl named Jenny Kirk. She was a member of the Van Der Linde gang and unfortunately perished in Blackwater. This was likely a result of the crime the gang tried pulling off before the events of the game.

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Other members of the gang understood how much Jenny meant to Lenny and how hard he took her passing. Lenny not only lost what he thought was the love of his life in Blackwater, but he also lost a special gift his father gave him which will pop up later in the list.

5 No Nickname

Lenny happens to be one of the few members of the Van Der Linde gang that doesn't get a nickname of any sort. Many of the other members either have names that they earned through crime or deeds, but Lenny never really obtains one at any point in the game.

Funny enough his name became a meme thanks in large part to the mission where he and Arthur end up getting drunk at a saloon. Arthur calls out to Lenny and yells his name over and over again in hopes of finding his nickname-less buddy.

4 Buried With Friends

Foreshadowing in storytelling can come in many different forms and is often only obvious with a second viewing or experience. During the game, both Hosea and Lenny can be heard stating that when they're buried they wish to be placed near friends.

In hindsight, this was overt foreshadowing for both characters as they both end up being buried next to one another following the tragic events in Saint Denis. Though they died too soon at least they were able to have their wishes fulfilled.

3 The Loss Of A Gift

As stated earlier the town of Blackwater is probably the last place Lenny ever wanted to revisit. It was the place where he not only had a woman he deeply cared for perishing, it also happened to be the place where he lost a cherished pocket watch his father gave him.

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Lenny had a close relationship with his father and was willing to learn any and everything his father was willing to teach him. The watch was the last physical connection he had to his father and it likely broke his heart when he lost it.

2 His Father's Death

It's already been discussed how close Lenny was with his father and what their relationship meant to him, but how exactly did his father pass? Well, it turns out that Lenny's father was beaten to death by a few drunk men.

Considering he was a former slave it's likely that it was due to racism or pro-slavery ideals. This led Lenny down a dark path that had him killing those men for killing his dad. It was purely revenge and caused Lenny to go on the run before finding comfort inside the Van Der Linde gang.

1 How He Joined Dutch

After killing the men who beat his father to death, Lenny went on the run at the age of 15. He continued to live a life of constantly being on the move until he ran into Dutch and the Van Der Linde gang in the Grizzlies in 1898.

This happened around a year before the events of the game take place which helps give the gang an interesting dynamic. Players get to see what it's like to play as a veteran of the group in Arthur and interact with someone who's a recent addition trying to earn trust and loyalty.

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