25 Wild Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Theories (That Might Actually Be True)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a larger than life game with so many little details around the vast open world. The creators, Rockstar, are well known for their captivating and in-depth storylines in series like Grand Theft Auto, Bully, Max Payne, and L.A. Noire. As in many of their other titles, the developers have snuck several easter eggs into the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2. These easter eggs have spawned many conspiracy theories around different parts of the game, including things that have to do with side characters and even Arthur Morgan himself. Everything from the supernatural to something as a blind man who can see the future.

Some gamers have spent their hours searching for clues to these mysteries and have been coming up empty-handed. Several threads and message boards have quickly filled up with people talking about their findings in the game. Only a game as extensive as a Rockstar game could open up such a community trying to find out more about the secrets lying within the game. Even after you have beaten the game there is much to be explored within the world, and you have likely not seen even half the stuff there is to see within the game. Here are 25 fan theories from Red Dead Redemption 2 that may actually be true. We may not know for a few months if these are actually true but someday we will find the answers.

25 Dr. Frankenstein Is In The Game

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It is possible to discover what could be the remnants of a reincarnated Dr. Frankenstein in Red Dead Redemption 2. While this sounds ridiculous, there is evidence to back up this profound statement.

If you head to Van Horn Trading Post and head west from there you will stumble upon a small house.

At first, you will notice the house is boarded up, but if you head up to the second floor you can enter the house. You will be greeted with a discount Frankenstein and other strange things in the house. If you explore more it will reveal more about the owner of the house which many people believe is Dr. Frankenstein.

24 The Blind Prophet

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A character that players will run into throughout the game is a blind old man that begs for money on the side of the road. If you actually comply and give him the money he will act as a fortune teller and tell you a tidbit about your character. The prophet part comes in when he accurately predicts things that will happen to Arthur Morgan, like predicting the betrayal of Micah and ultimately Arthur's passing. Even later in the game when playing as John Marston the blind prophet accurately tells John things that happened to him in the first Red Dead Redemption.

23 The Game Has Vampires

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Rockstar Games has never been afraid to put in otherworldly things into their games. You will see many examples of this throughout the list, including vampires! The man of the hour is located in Saint-Denis and you will need to complete a mission to find five pieces of graffiti that lead you to the vampire's location.

After finding all of the graffiti, a place on your map will be revealed sending you to an alley where you can witness a vampire feasting on a victim.

Who knows how many other vampires are in the game as they only come out at night...

22 The Game Has Aliens

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As with past Rockstar Games they have included proof that aliens and UFOs exist in the Rockstar Games universe. Red Dead Redemption 2 goes all out as there are several UFOs you can see in the game. For starters, if you head north of Emerald Ranch you will come across a shack in which you can almost get abducted by a UFO. Another UFO you can see is atop Mount Shann. You will have to arrive at 2 AM in order to witness the UFO. While these are the only two that have been recorded perhaps there are other UFOs waiting to be found.

21 Arthur's Visions

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During your play-through, you may notice that Arthur Morgan has many dream sequences. In these dreams, he usually sees either a coyote or a deer. Depending on your honor system you will see one or the other.

Many players see these dream sequences and the animals in them as Arthur's spirit.

These sequences help Arthur throughout the game and the animals both represent different things. If Arthur dreams of the deer he is on the path to redemption, while if he dreams of the coyote he is beyond redemption.

20 The Mystery Of The Strange Man

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To players who have played the first Red Dead Redemption, you may recognize the man in the painting as the 'Strange Man'.

Throughout the first game, he would task John Marston with different quests that would ultimately test John's morals.

He isn't exactly in Red Dead Redemption 2 as a character but a painting of him can be found in a cabin. If you continually visit the cabin throughout your adventure you will find that the painting gets increasingly more close to completion. If you visit the painting again as John Marston you will be face to face with the 'Strange Man' painting and you can even see his reflection in the mirror behind you.

19 Bigfoot Used To Roam The Lands

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Rockstar Games has been no stranger to adding Bigfoot into their games. We already know that Bigfoot exists in the Red Dead Redemption universe thanks to the first game where it featured a talking Bigfoot.

However, now we know that Bigfoot exists or existed in the main timeline of the game and not in the Undead Nightmare universe.

If you head up to Mount Shann you will be able to find the remains of a large creature that resembles a humanoid creature. Many people have pointed out that this is evidence of Bigfoot existing in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

18 The Mount Shann Mystery

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Speaking of Mount Shann, it has a few mysteries of its own. Not only have players connected Mount Shann to Mount Chiliad from Grand Theft Auto 5, but they have also found several strange things around Mount Shann. For starters, there is a strange rock formation that can be found atop the mountain. The rock formation has what appears to be a compass or type of sundial on it. There are many other locations with the same markings making people think that Mount Shann holds more mysteries than it leads on.

17 The Vikings Used To Roam New Hanover

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Two ancient items can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2 that used to belong to the Vikings. These items are an old wearable Viking helmet along with a hatchet that one of them used.

The hatchet can also be used as a weapon in the game! God of War reference perhaps?

Nonetheless, these items suggest that Vikings used to roam the area that Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in. Specifically in the area north of Annesburg in New Hanover. There you will find a small hole in the ground which leads to a table where a skeleton can be seen. Was this one of the victims of the Vikings?

16 Francis Sinclair Is The Devil

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A side mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 sees the player interact with a character known as Francis Sinclair. He sends Arthur Morgan on an adventure through the west to find old cave drawings but is very vague as to why he needs this task done.

Right away you may feel odd interacting with Francis but things get weirder when you've completed his task.

When returning to his cabin you will see a giant mural on his cabin wall depicting different things like him stepping through a portal and the Empire State Building. This has led many to believe he is a time traveler and some even believe he is Lucifer himself! This accusation comes from his birthmark connecting him to the Epsilon Program in Grand Theft Auto 5.

15 The Bound Mystery Of The Braithwaites

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While we didn't get a chance to see the Braithwaite gold before Dutch led an all-out assault on the Braithewaite manor, so there is one secret that is still attainable from the story. If you head around the Braithewaite manor you will find an outhouse that has chains around it, locking something inside. If you walk up to it you will find a woman trapped inside the outhouse. You may want to wait before you rescue her as something is a bit sketchy about her. Perhaps this Braithwaite secret is better left uncovered. Many people believe this is the only daughter of the Braithwaite family who was sent to the outhouse and locked in there because Mrs. Braithwaite only wanted boys.

14 The Norwegian Mystery

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There is a strange mystery that occurs in the Tall Trees region of West Elizabeth. Near the Manzanita Post, there is an area that contains several interesting items. There are a note and a photograph both of which contain Norwegian writing.

The photo is of a family and has the word 'unclean' written in Norwegian on the back of the photo.

There are several other things around Tall Trees that leads people to believe the family was harmed there, including a newspaper clipping reporting their passings. This has led many to believe that this is the work of another serial attacker or the same one players have seen throughout their play-through.

13 The Lord Of The Rings Shares The Same Universe

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The map in Red Dead Redemption 2 is sprawling and large. There was a lot of room for Rockstar Games to put in references and they didn't disappoint.

One of these references is very subtle but to anyone who finds it and has seen the Lord of the Rings films may recognize it.

You can find a hobbit house North East of Bacchus Station. The house features a small door and the typical 'build your house in a hill' architecture that we are used to from Hobbits. Does this suggest that the Lord of the Rings and Red Dead Redemption share a similar universe?

12 The Moon Will Shine On In The Darkness

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Going back to the mystery of the 'Strange Man', a phrase that reads "the moon will shine on in the darkness" can be found in the Strange Man's cabin. If you travel to Armadillo you will find a portrait of the Strange Man in Herbert Moon's general store. When asked about the portrait Herbert says he doesn't know why he keeps it around. Later on, in an establishment in Armadillo, a patron is talking about a disease that has broken out and the only person in Armadillo who hasn't caught the disease is the shop owner. Perhaps this phrase references the shop owner as being the moon and the sickness being the darkness.

11 The Lost Colony

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If you have ridden through the Roanoke Valley area of the game you may have heard some strange sounds that sound like voices. Several strange things can be heard and players have made out what one of the voices is saying.

The name Eugene Hunt has appeared to be said in this area.

Many players have speculated that this is a reference to The Lost Colony which occurred on Roanoke Island and was the first English colony in the new world. During this time it was difficult to keep up supplies during times of war and everyone on the island perished. Could players be hearing the ghosts of these people?

10 The Mystery Of The Ghost Train

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As we know in the past, Rockstar Games are no stranger to the paranormal. Several Grand Theft Auto games have featured ghosts in the past and Red Dead Redemption 2 even has its fair share. If you go out for a joyride in the Lemoyne and New Hanover part of the map at night you may spot a ghost train riding by. Many have speculated that this train is there to signify a train crash or to represent Arthur Morgan's regrets of robbing trains in the early parts of the game. This isn't the only specter in the game as there is a rumored ghost who haunts Emerald Ranch.

9 The Animal Spirits

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As mentioned before, the animal spirits feature a great subplot in the Red Dead Redemption 2 story.

However, there are other things that people think these animal spirits are that appear in Arthur Morgan's dreams.

Many think these are the spirits of the animals Arthur Morgan has hurt, whether that be on a hunting trip trying to find extra food for the camp or just riding by and accidentally trampling a deer. However, many people believe in the first theory for these animals as the legendary animals would surely pop up in Arthur's dreams because who can forget those?

8 The Mystery Of The Nite Folk

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We've covered a whole array of supernatural things that are present in Red Dead Redemption 2, but the thing that may be the best is the 'Nite Folk'. The Nite Folk are a group of people that you can run into near Saint-Denis at night. If you are exploring the swamps near Saint-Denis then you may run into someone hanging high from a tree. If you approach the person three wild people will jump out at you. Their skin will be pale and they won't be bearing any weapons. No one knows who they are and the mystery grows and grows as more people start to find these Nite Folk.

7 The Northern Wind

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Near the area of Citadel Rock, you can find a note that doesn't seem to make much sense. However, if you combine the words within it spells out this message: "Waziya comes with winter breath; His trees stand guard whispering all night that we sleep in our grave; Father fought and [perished] so quickly Mother [perished] slow." The note is believed to be connected further as there is a rock on Mount Shann that shows an image of a giant with a pine-shaped head. There is still no answer to what this mystery holds but players are on the hunt.

6 The West Is Being Struck By Meteors

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There are many strange events that happen all over the old west in Red Dead Redemption 2. One of these places is a house that has been struck by a meteor. If you head to Roanoke Valley you can pass by a house that has had a devastating natural disaster strike it. If you enter the cabin you will find a huge hole in the roof and a hole in the floor. Around the hole, you will find a family who was sadly struck by the meteor. There are also areas where you can find meteors out in the world. Perhaps this is what wiped out all of the outlaws just like the dinosaurs?

5 Set Across Multiple Time Periods

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Many people speculate that the Red Dead Redemption series takes place over multiple time periods and alternate universes. There are several things pointing to time travel within the Red Dead Redemption universe, including the aforementioned Francis Sinclair and someone named Nigel who is looking for his friend Gavin who many people point to being part of the time travel scheme within the game. Is the world of Red Dead Redemption a place of time travel and is there an alternate dimension where Arthur Morgan wasn't the one who got TB and it was actually Micah?

4 The Game Is Connected To Mafia III

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Due to the location of the game being connected to the swamps, many people were quick to compare the environment to that of New Orleans. This is also backed up with the fact that Saint-Denis shares many characteristics to New Orleans.

Many people began to speculate that the Red Dead universe takes place in the same universe as Mafia III. 

Mafia III took place in a recreated version of New Orleans. It is worth noting that it doesn't seem like Redemption 2 will be the last game in the series and the series is also published by the same publishers as the Mafia series Take-Two Interactive.

3 The Blackwater Incident

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Throughout the game, there is a lot of mention to the ferry job or the job that took place in Blackwater. The game starts as the gang is on the run from the police who are chasing them from Blackwater.

Small details of the job are revealed throughout the game but we never get the full story.

What really happened in Blackwater? No doubt it was the beginning of Dutch's downfall as many questioned his morals. The gang also never returns to Blackwater to gather the money. There have been many theories as to what actually happened in Blackwater. Prequel DLC outlining the Blackwater event would be amazing to tell what exactly happened that day.

2 Undead Nightmare 2

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One of the most popular parts of the first game was the DLC that followed it. Undead Nightmare was a DLC that introduced zombies into the western formula and it worked out amazingly.

The undead John Marston was a great look and now that we know Arthur Morgan's fate then maybe he could come back and warm our hearts one more time in a quest for brains.

There is even a hint at this coming into fruition in a part of the game where the player can crawl into a cave and look into a mirror and see a zombie looking back at Arthur.

1 Does Nigel Ever Find Gavin?

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Perhaps the biggest unsolved mystery that players have seen several times among there playtime is the NPC known as Nigel. Throughout the game, he will be found shouting his friend's name, Gavin. When confronted he tells the player that he is looking for his friend Gavin. Near the end of the game, Nigel can be found by the player as John Marston and he looks much worse for wear. Many players speculate that Nigel came through the same portal as Francis Sinclair as another person can be seen on Sinclair's mural. Could Nigel be stuck in this universe infinitely looking for his friend Gavin with no avail?

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