10 Unintentionally Hilarious Things About Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game praised for its dramatic story. However, serious as Arthur Morgan may be, there are a few accidental laughs to be had.

RDR2 Fishing

Red Dead Redemption 2 raised the bar for storytelling in big budget, AAA titles. Arthur Morgan's journey is unlike anything gaming has ever attempted before. The narrative is beautifully somber and emotionally impactful. The game play usually complements this vibe, with the shooting feeling heavy and the long horse rides giving players time to mull over the character's situation. Other times however, the gameplay results in unintentional hilarity. It is an open world game after all, and player freedom always leads to comedy gold. Here are ten ways this masterpiece is unintentionally hilarious, both in gameplay and in the story.

10 Sure!!

This entry isn't meant to make fun of their accents and mannerisms, as that wouldn't be very nice. It's more of an admiration and fascination with the way Arthur Morgan delivers some of his lines.

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Particularly, the character loves shouting out "sure" with his trademark twang. Fans everywhere now impersonate it at every possible moment. Heck, some probably do it without realizing. Now, people can't help but notice it when playing. At least it rarely happens during the game's more dour moments.

9 Glitches

RDR 2 horses bursting into flame

To its credit, Red Dead Redemption 2 launched in a smoother state than most other open world games out there. Compared with the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, it runs like butter. Glitches are still in there though, and happening upon one is always hilarious. One may spontaneously fly off their horse or fall through the geometry. As long as the bug doesn't corrupt a save file or hinder progress, they are always a good time.

8 Bad Business

The dialogue in this game is top notch, even when juxtaposed with prior Rockstar Games projects. The characters feel like real people and less like larger-than-life cartoons from titles like GTA V. With that being said, several phrases are repeated several times too many, to the point where they start sticking out. Arthur and Dutch like saying "bad business" in reference to deals or any meeting they find fishy. It's almost like the catchphrase for the entire game.

7 Jackets Clipping In Red Dead Online

Overweight Arthur

Like Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer component allows players to create their very own outlaw. They can make the character male or female, tall or short, thin or thick. Players who make a plus-sized character will find that the clothes and physics weren't designed to accommodate their figure. Larger characters will find their jackets and loose accessories continually clipping through things, leading to continued laughs or annoyance when trotting through the open world. For a game that prides itself on realism, this sure was interesting oversight.

6 Flying Off The Horse

RDR2 Shooting from a horse

In Grand Theft Auto, one could catapult themselves through a car windshield if they crashed in the right way, serving as a public service announcement on the importance of seat belts. Unsuspecting horse riders in RDR2 found themselves jettisoning off their steeds if they ran into a fence or tree too fast.

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Arthur can really get some impressive hang time if he's going fast enough. It also happens on some relatively small bumps. The less feasible, the better. The outlaw has been through far worse however, and simply dusts himself off from the traumatic head injury and goes on his merry way.

5 Arthur Screaming

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Falling

Arthur can take quite a beating, including falls from what one would think to be fatal heights. Usually though, he is fine. When he falls small distances, he does it silently. But leap from a high enough point and he starts screaming for his life.

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We're not laughing at his fright—anyone would scream if they fell from a similar distance—but it's more the abrupt cutoff between when he lands and his nonchalance towards just taking such a big drop. It may not be super realistic, but it is better than breaking a bone or cutting a leg open and having to crawl to the nearest doctor, and we all know what doctors used to do with injured limbs back in those days.

4 Hair Growth

Arthur Max hair and beard

In the game's bid for realism, Arthur's hair, both on his scalp and face, grows throughout gameplay. As days and nights pass, his head gets progressively hairier, to the point where he looks like he's been living in a cave for years. It certainly adds to the immersion, but it's also pretty funny to see him show up with a beard and long locks after a time jump. Fortunately, barbers are never too far away to make him more presentable, if that's what the player wants.

3 Accidental Deaths

This one is particularly troublesome, or hilarious, in the online portion of the game. The mission is done and the players start making their way back to the mission giver or a drop-off point. They are quietly strolling along when suddenly a player manages to get themselves knocked off the side of a cliff or flung off their equine. Maybe they themselves didn't bite the bullet, but the prisoner or bounty they were holding probably did. Some of these targets are fragile as glass once they are sitting atop the back of a horse with their hands tied.

2 Shooting Hats Off

Red Dead Redemption 2_20181031140725

This one would be impressive if it wasn't done by accident. Not only can players shoot the hats off enemies, exposing their foreheads to the sun or revealing a bald spot, but enemies can return the favor and shoot Arthur's hat to the wind. You can do a lot of things to people, but tampering with their headwear is a whole other level of insult. Fortunately, Arthur has magic hat regenerating powers, but the NPCs he shoots down don't have the same ability.

1 Accidentally Tackling Someone

Red Dead Redemption 2 fist fight

This has probably happened to most players. Arthur opens the door to leave a building and one starts tapping the mount button as soon as their trusty stallion is in view. Instead of running to the horse however, they tackle a stranger who wasn't even visible. Arthur can't simply apologize and explain the misunderstanding—the stranger would think he's crazy with all his talk about a PlayStation or Xbox controller. The player then has to spend the next several minutes evading the law, probably claiming more lives in the process.

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