Red Dead Redemption 2: 28 Hidden Things Casual Fans Still Haven’t Found

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a massive game. And when I say it's large I don't think you understand, it's like, really big. The game has dedicated dialogue and animations for every individual character in your caravan. It has expertly intuitive wildlife (except for those rabbits that love running under your horse). And it even makes you manage your cleanliness and weight.

There's an excruciating amount of detail and depth to every individual aspect of the game.

Of course how Rockstar got all this detail has been the topic of plenty of controversies. But, it's not just about the detail, but also the size. The finished map for RDR2 encompasses three different states. And when you spread that much detail over that large of a landmass, there's plenty for players to miss. You can't blame me for not wanting to explore every hill and forest I come across, can you? Well luckily, the internet exists. And there are entire channels and communities dedicated to finding every last secret, easter egg, and homage in any one game. There have been literally hundreds of secrets found within Rockstars newest magnum opus. And I think it's safe to say, there are probably a lot more that haven't been discovered yet. But, while I'm here, I'd like to do my part. So this is all about Red Dead Redemption 2: 30 Hidden Things Casual Fans Still Haven’t Found

28 The Man In The Tree

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There is a wide range of different "hermit" class NPC's in RDR2. They range from homestead introverts to monks on a mountain.

One of the more odd variations of hermit is the tree man.

This NPC is around the top of New Hanover and seems to have literally hollowed out a tree for himself. Don't ask me how. I have no idea. But, Arthur can converse with him and that's where we find out he's dubbed himself the so-called "King of the Forest". A bit narcissistic if you ask me.

27 You Can Skip Skinning Animations

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I don't know if it's on purpose or a happy accident, but the horse skinning skip is back. In the original Red Dead Redemption with our boy John Marston, there was a simple trick. The animation for skinning an animal was actually shorter back then but people were still impatient.

All you had to do was put your horse in park right on top of the body, once you did, it would completely skip the animation.

Somehow, it's back. Good thing too, because the animation is twice as long and twice as brutal in the sequel.

26 Vampire In The Old West

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Rockstar isn't shy about including supernatural creatures in their games. Past works have included aliens, zombies, Bigfoot, and now even vampires. This secret is a bit later in the game once you've unlocked the Saint-Denis location.

Once there you'll have to locate five different scribblings of a blood-sucking madman.

Once you do, the map will update with your next location. Keep in mind, he'll only show up late at night. Pop in around midnight and you'll come face to face with the "vampire" Rockstar so lovingly included, and a unique weapon as a reward.

25 Sibling Love

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There's a slew of incredibly odd stranger encounters in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are all the different types of hermits, the supernatural encounters, and the more horrific ones. The Aberdeen Farm is part of the third category.

If you ride past this area you'll be invited inside by a sweet "couple".

They seem to really care for each other as they share their home cooked meal with you. Only after passing out and waking up in a mass grave do we find out that they're not actually a couple, but brother and sister. Oh, and they stole all your cash.

24 Those Clothes Are A Little Small

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In the area of Rhodes is where our next chance encounter lies. If you happen to buy from the Gunsmith there, you might've heard some whispers as you walked in. There's a man that calls out to you from the basement hatch outside.

Apparently, he was taken by the gunsmith, forced to stay there and wear children's clothing.

When you confront the gunsmith about the whole ordeal, it turns out he is mentally unstable about the passing of his son. Still, no excuse for that my man. Go to a therapist.

23 The Worlds Best Banjo Player

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There's a certain area of the Bayou that gets a bit more, well, odd. It has some NPCs that seem to only speak nonsense, and overall it's the very definition of a "backwater" town. But, the biggest attraction in this area is one fine banjo player.

I've got to admit, I dig the man's strumming.

But what I don't dig, however, is how horribly unlucky he seems to be. This musician was born with a lot of problems, but seems to be dealing with them on his terms. There are actually a fair amount of what society would consider "social outcasts" spread throughout the game world.

22 The Edgiest Of Cosmetics

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Out of all the hidden masks and hats out there, this example is one of the harder to find. Head out to the Bayou right above where it says Lakay on the map. If you come across a little shack half submerged in the water, you've found the right place.

You'll actually have to crouch through a hole here to get in.

But once you do, strut on up to the mask on the back wall, and pull it down. Arthur'll be sporting a fancy little cat skull now. Granted, it clips through here and thee, but still a great hidden accessory

21 The Tree Face Circle

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If you're hunting all of the points of interest, first of all, are you crazy? Secondly, this next one is difficult to find. They're located in Big Valley, west of the Owanjila Dam standing in a circle. What is, you ask? Well, the trees of course.

Yep, a cluster of trees are laid out in a circle and if you walk into the center you'll notice that each tree has a different face carved into it.

Don't expect any explanation for this, by the way, just mark it on your map and go.

20 The Undead Reoccuring Nightmare

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Like I said in the last entry, Red Dead's got some supernatural flair. None are more in-depth than RDR1's Undead Nightmare. It was a standalone expansion to the original game that added in entire modes, campaigns, and cosmetics. And RDR1 was already packed with content on release.

The story of Undead Nightmare followed the events of a zombie plague that started with a Jade Mask.

And you can actually find that same mask on a shelf in Red Dead Redemption 2. Unfortunately, you can't purchase it. It would be hilarious if somehow Arthur started the whole thing retroactively.

19 Take Some Swimming Lessons, Marston

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There was an odd period of games back around the late 2000s where the open world genre really flourished, but there was no swimming allowed. What I mean is these games would showcase these huge sprawling landmasses, but your character would melt as soon as it touched the water.

John Marston in RDR1 was a casualty of this, and Rockstar tried to justify it by saying he never learned to swim.

Fortunately, Arthur can. But, all throughout the story, if you keep your ears open characters are constantly making fun of John for his nautical inability.

18 Being A Blind Prophet Makes For Some Massive, Profit

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It's a bit odd that the story of RDR2 takes place before the events of RDR1. Dutch's gang is heading towards their steady defeat, and Marston is still an outlaw. And as such, Rockstar is taking every chance to allude to "future" events with little easter eggs.

One example is the blind prophet, a character you encounter a number of times.

Pay him a bit of cash and you get a cryptic line about your future. But, when you take control of John and ask the man, he'll actually allude to the end events of Red Dead Redemption 1. Neat.

17 Donkey Woman Is Gone Guys, I'm So Sorry

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Open world games are really hard to test guys. Like, really hard. There's an impossible amount of variables and situations to test and most come out with a good number of bugs. Rockstar is known for their more hilarious ones, and none were as great as the Donkey Woman.

This was a situation in RDR1 where the model for a donkey got replaced with a female NPC.

Players could ride on her shoulders and she carried you across the desert. RDR2 actually has an homage to said glitch. The poor skeleton of the donkey woman. May she rest in peace.

16 The Strange Man's House

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The Strange Man is from a line of quests in the first Red Dead Redemption, called "I Know You". This top hat wearing Strange Man seems to know everything about John. And at one point, John attempts to shoot him, yet he seems unaffected.

Now, he's back in RDR2. And, you can actually find his house!

As you complete more of the game, the house will become more complete. At 100% completion, the canvas actually becomes a full portrait of the Strange Man. Oh, also he's standing behind you in the mirror. Heads up.

15 The Outhouse Woman

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This is another of the "outcast" NPCs in the game. Along with the treehouse man, the king of the forest, and the banjo player, we've got the awfully named outhouse girl. Yes, behind the Braithwaithe estate you can actually find an outhouse completely locked with chains wrapped around it.

If you then go into the first-person mode and look inside. You'll see a woman mumbling to herself.

Most of what she says is nonsensical and her counting is way off. I'm not really sure of the story here, maybe she's a Braithwaithe child who they're embarrassed about? Who knows for sure.

14 These Animal Skins Are Legendary

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So this is probably the least "secretive" of the things on the list, but I really love the legendary animal gear. And not enough people are sporting it, at least from what I've seen. Sure you can hunt the legendary beasts and craft passive upgrades with them at any Fence.

But, you can also turn them into sweet duds at any Trapper spread throughout the map.

And I'm talking bear hats, raccoon beanies, even full fur jackets. Truly the peak of fashion. Honestly, it's just incredibly comical and I love roaming around with a bear on my skull causing trouble.

13 Pinhead And Magnifico

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So the story of Magnifico and Pinhead goes way back to Red Dead Redemption. Apparently, due to some cut dialogue, people found in the PC versions files that alluded to a cut sidequest. Magnifico and Pinhead were supposed to appear back then. Now, finally, they've hit the main stage.

The Smell of the Grease Paint is a stranger mission you undertake in RDR2 to help the Miss Marjorie's Trio.

What's even better, is that after you reunite the trio for the quest, you can actually see them perform at the Theatre Rateur. What attention to detail!

12 102 Year Old Religious Skeleton

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Now throughout Arthur's travels, he stumbles across a lot of poor and lost souls. The frozen remains of an entire family, A woman who met the end of her days fighting a bear, and finally a 102-year-old Jesuit Missionary.

This, like other notable locations, actually gets a little sketch on your map after you find it.

These are the remains of one Cardinal Blanco, who apparently was writing to Brother Rodolfo. It serves absolutely no purpose of course. But, Arthur's solemn note after finding the remains adds just that much more to his overall character.

11 Convientently Timed House Demolition

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Normally when our protagonist stumbles across every manner of awful and fantastical situation, it's after the fact. We walk in after a meteor landed in a home, or after the inventor crashed his flying machine. But this easter egg was specifically built to occur right in front of our eyes.

To the northeast of Tumbleweed, as you ride across the railroad tracks, you'll notice a house casually exploding in front of you.

We're not quite sure what this home is, but after investigating it could be a failed Moonshine still, the home of an inventor, or an Alchemists hut. No matter which it is, apparently, things did not end well.

10 Two Skeleton Heads Are Better Than One

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Now if you've made it a fair bit into RDR2 you'll have done the circus animal stranger mission. That's where you hunt down a couple of escaped "lions" and "tigers" to return them back home.

Well, this is a bit different, yet it's still in the vein of a circus attraction.

While riding around Arthur can stumble across an abandoned circus wagon. And inside this caravan, is a whole bunch of stuff. There's a fortune-telling booth, circus tools, but the most notable is the cage in the back with what seems to be a two-headed skeleton inside. How mysterious.

9 Frozen Conquistador, Hurry Take His Hat

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It's sad to say, but RDR2 has a whole bunch of frozen bodies. Up in the mountains (you know, where the 5-hour tutorial took place) it's just too cold. Apparently, people are having a hard time keeping from completely freezing.

And while we're trekking our way through the bright white powder, we can stumble upon a Spanish Conquistador.

Now the game actually only calls it a "Frozen Settler" but it's pretty obvious that's not the case. It's a very cool find, especially with all the snow around. Plus, you can, of course, nab the helmet.

8 Prequel Summary From A Babbling Bloke

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It is no exaggeration to say that the original Red Dead Redemption was a worldwide hit. The game is widely beloved. But, most of those fans don't know that it's actually a sequel to a game called Red Dead Revolver.

That's right, the Red Dead series is a trilogy, and there's an easter egg to the first game in RDR2.

In the epilogue, you can come across a camper who, frankly, babbles on about one Red Harlow. Red is the protag of Revolver and this stranger tells us all about his backstory. A neat little nod to the granddaddy of them all.

7 More Like Moby Don't

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Boy howdy, there are a lot of bones to discover in the RDR2 world map. There's the dinosaur bone sidequest, wooly mammoth skeleton, bigfoot body, old human remains, and even whale bones. Whale bones, in particular, are seen the most. Well, aside from dinosaur bones of course.

They're everywhere and they serve little purpose. Well, other than being a neat little bit of immersion into the old west atmosphere.

Still, keep your eye out for bones while roaming around. Although like I said, they're everywhere, so you'll probably trip on some even if you're not looking.

6 Just South Of The Park, Is A Surprise

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If you head just a bit west from the Van Horn Trading Post, you'll come across a dilapidated house. It's a nice house mind you, just a bit rundown. If you happen to venture here at night, you'll see a candle burning in the upstairs window. The front door is locked, so this is your clue to investigate further.

If you climb on the balcony you can hop through the window to something genuinely horrifying.

Seems like Rockstar are fans of South Park because hanging on the wall is someones real world interpretation of the infamous ManBearPig. Both hilarious and deeply unsettling.

5 Morgan Freeman Is In RDR2 (Kinda)

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I've got to be honest, I truly didn't expect a Shawshank Redemption homage in a present-day release.

Don't get me wrong it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Considering how much my boy Morgan Freeman is in it.

But it's a little dated. In any case, there's a rock wall and tree strikingly similar to the same scene at the end of Shawshank. Unfortunately, there's no hidden money beneath a rock, which is a ball dropped if you ask me. Maybe Rockstar chose to include it because both the game and film share the Redemption moniker? Who knows.

4 Big Old Snake Just Hanging Out

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Here's another tree-based easter egg, and a bit more of a comical one. In the swampy, dense area of the map, Arthur can come across a tree. That tree, strikingly, has a giant glaringly orange snake hanging from the branches.

Now, this could just be a reference to ginormous snakes in media in general. But, most seem to think it's meant to represent the snake from the Jungle Book.

And I'm inclined to agree. Though I do think it looks a bit more like the adorable snake from Snake Pass. But everyone is entitled to their own snake-based opinion.

3 The Time Traveller Quest

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By far one of the most upbeat and supernatural easter eggs in the game, this one is about a man from the future. During your travels, you may have come across this smooth yet fast talking bloke.

This man, Francis Sinclair, is heavily tied to the "Geology for Beginners" mission.

You'll locate a series of rock-carvings for the birthmarked gentleman and at the end of it all, you come back to an empty cabin. Sinclair is gone and is his place is a woman with a newborn babe. Apparently, she's always lived there and her husband is gone, only her and one strikingly birthmarked baby named...Francis, remain.

2 Where Are They Now?

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SPOILERS IN THIS ENTRY BE CAREFUL READING FORWARD. Granted if you're reading about hidden items in the game, you've got to be ready to step into spoiler territory. Well, to keep it brief, after some certain events in the game, the gang splits up. Everyone goes their separate ways and you enter the epilogue section, which is still incredibly long.

But, as Marston in the epilogue, you can travel around and see where everyone (that survived) ended up.

It's nice to see the people you've spent about a hundred hours within camp actually finding a place in the world.

1 Devils Cave Glitch, Satan Stares At Wall

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You've probably seen the Devil's Cave area in every list out there.

But, what you don't know about this cave, is you can actually get on up there with the so-called "devil".

It involves some precious foot placement and a bit of luck, but you can pretty easily grab onto the ledge to the right of Satan. Once up there you can walk around an oddly large amount of connected tunnels and inspect the devil cosplayer up close and personal.

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