Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Micah Bell

Red Dead Redemption 2 released in 2018 to great critical reception and saw tremendous sales success. The game told a Western tale that ended up being one of the best video game narratives of all time as players journeyed along the way with Arthur Morgan. The Van Der Linde was comprised of many members, some making it and others falling along the way. Some of the characters were likable, but Micah Bell sure wasn't one of them. Let's look at ten things you might not have known about Micah Bell from Red Dead Redemption 2.

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10 Double Trouble Revolvers

In the game, Micah Bell is most often seen using his pair of double-action revolvers. For a man who isn't dedicated or loyal to anything or anyone, he's especially concerned with his guns. After Arthur Morgan breaks him out of the cell in Strawberry, Micah pleads to go back and get his guns. He specifically tells Arthur that there isn't anything in the world he cares about except for his guns. Despite carrying twin revolvers, players can only loot a single one-off of his body when he's killed. It's just another reason to despise his very existence.

9 Nicknames

Most of the time when people think of nicknames they automatically assume they're used as a term of endearment. That's not always the case as many times nicknames can also be used to tease or ridicule people based on their previous actions or mistakes.

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With Micah Bell, it's hard to feel sorry for a guy who did earn a set of authentic and completely earned nicknames. Arthur Morgan came up with them and can be heard calling the Van Der Linde gang plague Micah Bell a rat, sickness, and snake. All of which are so perfectly fitting.

8 Betraying Dutch?

Imagine a scenario in which Micah Bell betrays Dutch Van Der Linde and turns him in to authorities for a hefty reward. Not that tough to do considering the type of person Micah is, right? Well, it seems that it may have been an idea Micah had early on in the story. Players who visit his temporary camp in Strawberry can come across a wanted poster for Dutch among newspaper clippings mentioning the murders by Micah and his father. It's never expressed that he was planning on capturing Dutch and turning him in, but it's hard to believe he didn't at least consider it.

7 His Horse

Micah Bell's horse is named Baylock and is a male Missouri Fox Trotter. Its darker body and light face make the horse look an awful lot like the Dark Horse from the first Red Dead Redemption. The Dark Horse would only spawn in the first game if the player had a low honor level. When putting that into account it seems that the horse picked for Micah Bell was intentional and meant as another piece of foreshadowing teasing the type of person he would reveal himself to be by journey's end.

6 The Voice

Peter Blomquist is the voice actor responsible for bringing the vile and despicable Micah Bell to life. In entertainment actors who can make audiences truly hate their characters who were written to intentionally invoke disgust don't get enough credit.

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Like Jack Gleeson who portrayed Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones, Blomquist does an incredible job at making players which nothing but disdain upon their character. Fans may never forgive Micah Bell, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't appreciate Blomquist's performance.

5 The Name Tells All

The Van Der Linde gang often refer to one another as a family and many of the male members call each other brother. In the Old Testament, there's a character named Micah who warns people that threats can come from familial relationships. If a player is well-versed in the Old Testament this would be a clear cut hint that someone in the Van Der Linde gang was going to betray their self-proclaimed family members. It turns out that sometimes the person warning you are warning you about themselves.

4 Picky Eater

Would you believe that out of the entire Van Der Linde gang, Micah Bell is the only member Arthur Morgan could never see eating at any point in the game? Well, that's entirely true and makes sense for someone who wants to hide things from people. Not allowing people to see him eat also allows Micah Bell to have more creative freedom in his lies and opens up the door for made-up stories to cover his tracks. Another logical conclusion is that he's a demon who feeds people believing the lies he comes up with.

3 He's A Third

Micah Bell is never really addressed as such throughout the game, but he's the third in his family to be named Micah Bell. His grandfather is Micah Bell Sr., his father is Micah Bell Jr., and the rat himself is Micah Bell III.

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It's unclear if the name was the only thing that was passed down, or if being the worst type of human was a genetic trait passed down through generations in his families bloodline. He had a one night stand with a woman in Blackwater, so there's a chance a Micah Bell IIII exists.

2 The Hat

Westerns have been a staple of entertainment for decades and when a genre like that is explored for that many years it begins to birth tropes that permeate through multiple films. One of these tropes is the story marking the good guys with white cowboy hats and the outlaws with black ones. In Red Dead Redemption 2, Micah Bell who's a primary antagonist sport a white hat throughout, and Arthur Morgan who's the main character and protagonist of the story wears a black one. This is meant to play with player's preconceived notions of Westerns and foreshadows the events of the game oppositely.

1 Defection

Micah Bell defecting to the Pinkertons is a subject of much contention among the game's community. It's unclear whether he was captured and forced to spy on the Van Der Linde gang in exchange for his life, or if he went to them in free will in hopes of creating the best situation for himself. Given his selfish personality and willingness to turn friends on one another the latter option is the one that makes the most sense canonically. Rockstar Games will likely never explain why he defected, but that doesn't mean a lingering mystery needs to be solved.

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