Red Dead Online Gets New Battle Royale Mode - 32-Player Gun Rush

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You know how they settled things out in the Wild West, don’t you? That’s right, a huge 32-man free-for-all shootout. It’s battle royale time in the Red Dead Redemption Online saloon.

Ah, battle royales. We just can’t get away from them at the moment, can we? That’s the way it’s always been, though. A hit game brings a genre to mainstream attention, and suddenly everybody else wants a slice of that action too.

In the light of Super Mario Kart’s success, everyone from Crash Bandicoot to the darn Crazy Frog released their own kart racer (only the bandicoot’s effort ever really rivalled Mario’s own, most would tell you). Then along came a little game called Fortnite, and… well, here we are.

As we all know, Fortnite is a phenomenon. Everybody’s playing, or watching others play (Ninja made $10 million streaming in 2018). The concept’s so simple: a large number of players all enter an even-larger map at the same time, scavenge what gear they can find, and fight to be the last man, woman or bizarre chicken-person-mutant avatar standing.

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Red Dead Online Gun Rush
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It’s an incredibly addictive and engrossing formula, which is why we’re seeing just about everyone joining in. Shooter titans like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike are dropping their own takes on a battle royale mode, and now here’s another: Red Dead Online’s Gun Rush mode has launched today.

If Gun Rush sounds like it’ll be complete pandemonium just from the name alone, that’s because it is. As Polygon reports, the main crux of the mode sounds very, very familiar: players are all thrown into the same map at the same time, scavenge what they can, and battle to come out on top. As of right now, it’s a 32-player mode, so things are a little more modest than veteran Fortnite players will be accustomed to. Is that such a bad thing, though?

Gun Rush will be playable in team and free-for-all variations. If it sounds like just the thing your Red Dead Online sessions needed, you can hop in and try it out for yourself right now.

The Gun Rush update also includes more general additions and tweaks, such as changes to the bounty and law systems to try and tackle griefing. The daily challenges are welcome additions, too.

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