Red Dead Redemption 2's Soundtrack Is Out And It Left Out The Absolute Best Songs

Rockstar has announced that the original soundtrack for Red Dead Redemption 2 is now out, but Reddit users are not impressed. While the album features 13 different songs from the game, it’s been suggested that the two best songs from the game have been overlooked.

In a Reddit post, u/JThrillington suggests that Rockstar need to “release the GOAT song.” This was followed by a post that included this meme about the House Building song:

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A heated discussion then began about why Rockstar may have left out what many consider to be the two finest songs in the game.

The so-called Goat song is in reference to The Sheep and the Goats music, which plays place during the Valentine Shootout mission.

While the music is amazing, it is somewhat understandable that this was left out of the soundtrack. After all, it is background music that may be more suited to a release of the full game score, rather than the soundtrack. However, the House Building song is another matter.

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The House Building song appears late on in the game when you are, unsurprisingly, tasked with building a house alongside Charles and Uncle. It’s an incredibly catchy song and does have words, which loving fans have quoted to each other as they lament its exclusion. Many have stated that the house building mission is one of their favorites and the music is the highlight.

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The Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack is produced by Daniel Lanois, an 11-time Grammy award winner. It contains 13 songs with vocal performances from a range of artists, including Willie Nelson, Rhiannon Giddens, Josh Homme, and D’Angelo.

Previously, Rockstar released both a compilation of original songs and an original score for Grand Theft Auto V as two separate albums. This means that there’s hope yet for both The Sheep and the Goats and the House Building song to make an appearance in a future official release.

While most fans hoped two albums may be released simultaneously, there currently isn't any official word about whether or when a score for the game will be released. Until that happens, fans will have to get their musical fix by building a house again.

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