Red Dead Redemption 2: 25 Tricks From the Game That Casual Fans Have No Idea About

Let us take a magical journey on this dark and cold winter night. Back to a time before the internet. Before gamer guides were so easily available. Before the days of walkthroughs, let’s plays, and step by step guides to help gamers through the trickier scenes in well-known games.

Remember the good old days? When the only way to figure out how to maneuver one's way through a game was through good old fashioned trial and error? When you had to play a game for literal hours without advancing in the plot because you got stuck on some silly level and then when you asked your friends about said difficult part the next school day, you found out that it was actually incredibly easy?

You know what, the “good old days” of gaming actually weren’t that good. I love let’s plays. I love walkthroughs. And there are few things that are better than starting up a game and knowing what you’re doing. In a game as expansive and in-depth as Red Dead Redemption 2, players are going to need all of the help that they can get if they want to crack into the game and figure out the mechanics in record time. I have spent the better part of this week gathering as much information as I can in order to create an entertaining list of twenty-five tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of your next Red Dead gaming session.

25 Better Check The Weather

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One of the many realistic and immersive aspects of the gameplay mechanics created for this game is the effect that world temperature has on your character. Make sure to pack extra clothes when exploring the world for hotter and cooler temperatures will impact your character. Be sure to dress warmly when the temperature slips and pack a set of summer clothes in order to be prepared for the inevitable heat waves. Press down on the D-Pad in order to view the current in-game time and temperature in order to prepare your character for what lies ahead.

24 The Perks Of Using A Bandana

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If you are planning on committing a concerningly large amount of in-game crimes, make sure that you pack a disguise. If your character dons a lovely little bandana while engaging in a crime spree, their reputation will be minorly protected, in a way. Remove the bandana once your character has travelled outside of the search radius and you will notice that your “Wanted Meter” will clear significantly faster. Remember kids, if you’re going to commit a crime, make sure that no one can pin it on you afterwards.

23 The Importance Of Checking The Map

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As much as people want to avoid using the in-game map as much as possible, sometimes it truly does come in handy. Sometimes I like to see if my natural sense of direction works by testing to see if I can get my character to where I need to go without tracking my movements on the in-game map.

But sometimes, you are going to need to check the map.

And there is a very simple shortcut that players can use to bring up the map quickly. Simply hold the start button down in order to quickly bring up the game’s map.

22 Clearing That Bounty

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The entire game must be populated by elephants because the NPCs will never forget a single thing that you do in front of them. Seriously. If your character is consistently finding themselves in hot water, make sure that they clear their bounty in any given area or town. If they fail to do so, the townspeople will remember the trouble that you got up to the last time that you visited their neck of the woods and will make nonstop comments about it upon your arrival.

21 Giving Them Some Love

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I am about to reveal to you why Red Dead Redemption 2 is the absolute greatest game of all time. Not of 2018, not of the decade, but of all time. Are you ready for this? Alright, here it comes. Brace yourselves. In this game, you can pat/pet dogs. Any game that includes beautiful puppers but does not let you make direct contact with the little guys is not worth your time. But any game that allows you to pet and play with those dogs immediately wins my vote for best game ever.

20 The Importance Of Smell

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Smell is truly vital within this game. A strong scent coming off of your character can have bad side effects if left unchecked. If your character goes hunting without masking their scent, their prey might be able to catch a whiff of them which will alert them of your presence and provide them the opportunity to escape.

And if you let your character go a bit too long without bathing, people will take notice. If you walk around covered in dirt, grime, blood, or any other from of filth people will take notice and avoid you.

19 The Proper Way To Hunt

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Hunting, both in the real world and its virtual counterpart, can be incredibly difficult if one does not know any of the tricks of the trade. Prey can so easily slip through even the most adept hunters' fingers if they slip up, even for a single second. In order to guarantee that your prey will not escape you so easily, PlayStation players can lock onto the selected animal. Pressing the ‘square’ button will cause the animal to lift up its head, providing the player with the perfect opportunity to strike.

18 Do The Right Thing

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Though I love games that give players the ability to choose their own path, very few games truly nail the balance between good and bad choices. Sometimes the options are incredibly obvious as to which way they lean and sometimes they lead you in completely unpredictable directions. In Red Dead, the honor system was created in a way that makes it incredibly subjective and driven by immediate situations rather than a standard and universal law of morality. Consider the consequences of each action before making a decision. Sometimes ending someone’s life might actually be the honorable decision.

17 Remember To Unequip

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If you want to make sure that the public stays in your favour, make sure that you unequip all weapons before striking up a conversation with an NPC. If you don’t, you may accidentally pull one out and the people within the game do not take too kindly to finding themselves in such a risky predicament. Citizens will either react in fear or anger and these reactions will remove the ability to continue conversation with them entirely. Heed my words. Unequip your weapons.

16 Protect Your Meat

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Some games let you hoard your spoils in order to create a reserve that can be tapped into at any time throughout gameplay. This is not one of those games.

When hunting for meat, certain precautions need to be taken. First off, make sure to strip the animal entirely. Anything left behind will attract less-friendly animals and the remains will decay as time progresses. Also, be warned. The animals that you take with you will turn if not properly taken care of. This can attract unfriendly animals and alienate you from your peers.

15 Free Reign

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Some people love the in-game map. And some people believe that it simply clogs up the players screen and is best if removed. If you want to remove the map from your screen entirely, there is a simple way that this feature can be easily disabled. In order to remove the map, all one has to do is to hold down the directional pad and the map will disappear before your eyes. Once removed, players can rely on their natural sense of direction for a more immersive experience.

14 The Eagle Eye Draw-Backs

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Eagle Eye can be one of the most useful modes within a game and some players end up relying on said mode quite heavily during gameplay. However, be warned. There are some negative aspects of the Eagle Eye mode that all players should be aware of before becoming reliant on it. If a player uses this mode while hunting, it can help them find and track down all of the animals in the local area. But be warned, this mode will also draw attention to your character's natural scent; which nearby animals can use to track you instead.

13 Watch Them Gators

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When I was a small child, I refused to enter the Rainforest Cafe from the right/gift shop entrance as, to do so, one would have to pass by the lagoon where animatronic alligators were known to jump out at customers from. A similar sort of thing can happen within the game Red Dead Redemption 2. If players leave remains near alligator infested water, the little creatures will leap out of the water and take a little nibble for themselves.

12 Using The Fences

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Fences can be a good way to make fast money within the game but, be warned. They will not take kindly to known criminals. Be sure to travel to the post and pay off all of your outstanding bounties before travelling to greet them. They will not be so open to accepting your wares if this has not been done beforehand. Also, you can sell gold bars which can be found throughout the game to the fences to bring in a greater sum as these bars will fetch a higher price than one would expect.

11 Wild West Teleportation

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Fast travel is one of the most convenient gameplay mechanic ever created. Though it can pull players out of a state of total immersion, few players have the energy to constantly travel back and forth across an expansive world in order to complete each and every quest task. And sometimes players just do not have the equipment or stamina needed in order to travel to-and-fro across the world. In Red Dead, players can unlock the ability to fast travel from their camp by upgrading Dutch’s & Arthur’s tent in the games ledger.

10 Ride Into The Horizon

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With a game as beautiful and expansive as Red Dead, sometimes people are going to want to simply sit back and enjoy the view without having to worry about directing their character through the world and threatening their sense of immersion. If you want to get from point A to B without the hassle, simply set a waypoint on your map, switch to cinematic camera mode, and hold down the run button. Your horse will get you where you need to go and you’ll be able to enjoy the view along the way.

9 Knock The Hat Off

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This may be my favourite tip/trick of all time. I am serious. There is nothing that I love more than sheer silliness hidden within games. In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can shoot your enemy's hat off and then steal their hat. Keep in mind that they can do the same to you. Imagine an entire duel where no one (except the poor hats) are harmed. The sole goal is to knock of their opponents hat while preserving their own. Now that is something I would pay to see.

8 Channel Your Inner Yosemite Sam

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Sometimes a character needs to get people's attention quickly and effectively. Whether they are attempting to make a point during a big argument or simply attempting to show off their skills in order to impress their friends, sometimes a big show of aggression needs to be made in order for everyone to know who is boss. Players can make their character fire off a couple of rounds (aim skywards before releasing the ‘fire’ button) into the sky in order to make people listen to what they have to say or understand that they mean business.

7 Weapon Care

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This mechanic does wonders for immersion but it truly does test my patience. Make sure that you are taking care of your in-game weapons for they can collect dirt that will affect their later performance. Clean them regularly, protect them from the elements in order to extend the periods between deep cleanings, and do your best to find and equip the best holsters in-game money can buy in order to protect those cherished possessions from every day wear and tear.

6 Perfectly In-Sync

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You know what, I was wrong. This is the most infuriating game mechanic. Stamina is the absolute worst and now you have to pay attention to the stamina of your horse. Seriously. But there are tricks that will extend their stamina, even if only by the slightest bit.

Tapping the X or A buttons along with the horse’s gallops (must be in time), cleaning them regularly through brushing, or guiding them through a small body of water, can all positively impact their stamina.

5 It's The Cowboy Way

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Can you really be a cool, steely, rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ cowboy if you don’t know how to flourish your weapon? Can you really call yourself a real cowboy without knowing at least one incredibly cool weapon trick? Well, I am here to save you from the awful embarrassment that accompanies an utter lack of flourish with these two tips. Mash R2 in order to quick shoot from the hip. Press L1 twice in order to put your weapon away with a beautiful flourish and fancy movement.

4 Watch Your Waistline

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Your game character may need to make a traditional weight loss orientated new years resolution if they are filling up on unhealthy foods throughout the game. The foods which your character consumes will affect their appearance in a very obvious way. Healthy foods will keep them trim while their unhealthy counterparts may cause them to swell up like a balloon. Also, the frequency at which the character eats will also affect their waistline. Pay attention to when and what you are feeding your character in order to create the body of your personal dreams.

3 Take What's (Not) Yours

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One of the best ways to father cash, gold, ammo, and equipment is to loot the NPCs whose lives were ended prematurely. But be warned, your character will not be the only one on the hunt. Other characters, rivals, and gang members that exist within the game will also target their fallen brothers pockets. Make sure to loot effectively and quickly or else you might run the risk of missing out on some choice prizes and treats. Quick reaction time will be the difference between an awesome score and going home with empty pockets.

2 Who's A Good Boy?

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Some games let you interact with your pets on a strictly utilitarian basis. Some games do not even let you interact with these animals outside of cutscenes. Or even at all. But this game emphasizes the importance of letting your horse know just how much it means to you.

When maintaining a two beat trot, pressing the left analog stick will allow players to shower their horses with love, praise, and affection. Doing so will increase your relationship and provide a sweet moment between the character and its horse.

1 Glorious Rewards

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Some games reward you for making certain choices and following certain paths. And Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception. If I were you, I might consider following the critical path at one point or another due to the sheer amount of awesome loot and rewards that can be found throughout this path. New weapons, items, equipment and so much more will be yours if you choose to follow the critical path during your playthrough. Just a thought. Just my opinion.

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