Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Character-Defining Arthur Morgan Quotes

Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 tells a personal tale centering around an outlaw named Arthur Morgan. When the character talks, we listen.


Few characters have taken gamers for a ride through chaos, misdirection, and redemption like Arthur Morgan. One of the greatest gaming protagonists of all time, Arthur Morgan plays the lead role in Red Dead Redemption 2. On top of having one of the best voice actors to ever grace a video game, he is an endless source of wisdom and a true sign that anyone can change no matter how late in life it may be.

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The gradual change in how he sees the world is never more evident than the way he talks about it. This list will take a look at his 10 best quotes from Red Dead Redemption 2.

10 “We just got plenty of time Micah, we all need to have a LITTLE chat...”

Right before Abigail puts an end to Agent Milton, he admits who the real rat in the gang was. It turns out to be none other than Micah Bell. With this information, Arthur returns to Beaver Hollow and one of the fiercest confrontations in Red Dead Redemption's history happens.

In the middle of Micah ordering fellow members around and stating the gang is running out of time, Arthur drops this gem of a quote. The situation quickly turns into the final violent end of the Van Der Linde gang.

9 "You enjoy being a rich man's toy do ya?"

Arthur has been loyal for as long as he's been alive to the Van Der Linde gang. When John Marston left the gang, Arthur took it personally. He had every reason too and expressed his feelings as well. Arthur helps Abigail on numerous occasions when it comes to taking care of Jack, Abigail and John's son.

During one particular fishing trip, they are ambushed by Agent Milton of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. After a series of light insults, Milton reveals he killed former Van Der Linde gang member Mac Callander, to which Arthur responds with an icy chill saying this quote. It's enough to stop guns from being drawn, but keep the tension at an all-time high.

8 “We Got sloppier than the town drunk…and they know who we are, and where we are, and what we're doing”

Arthur states the gang has pushed things too far, that maybe there aren’t two rats, and that the gang made it easy for the Pinkertons. He continues by saying they don’t even need a rat because the gang has gotten sloppier than the town drunk.

This is immediately brushed off and laughed at by Micah, and Dutch doesn’t put much stock into it either. To close the conversation, Arthur acknowledges that the West is being conquered and becoming organized and that maybe the time for folks like us is past.

7 "What is going on Dutch, What is happening to us, What's happening to YOU"

With the introduction of Cleet and Joe, no other words can explain Arthur’s feeling. He can’t stand Micah as is and knows he’s whispering poison into Dutch’s ear, and now two of Micah’s allies are in camp too.

The divide is coming faster and faster at this point. With the arrival of these two hired guns, everyone can tell that sides may soon be taken. The Van Der Linde gang was never a group of hired guns and careless murderers yet that is exactly what the camp is now.

6 "Hell, I ain't got much to lose, but you gotta do what's right and cut some loose. John and his family, I’m afraid I have to insist"

Arthur in a heated conversation with Dutch before the final train job, “insists” Dutch let John and his family go among others. Something about the word “insists” has been a trigger word for Dutch. This statement causes him to stare blindly and ask two questions, “John?” “Insist?” This leads to Arthur answering “Yeah, Insist.”

This word has been the route of many of Dutch’s craziest actions, and he somehow correlates Arthur saying this to him becoming disloyal. Dutch’s tone of voice changes to something really friendly and states “Of course pal, whatever you think is best.” This last sentence is exactly where Dutch decides all his original men have left his side, and he convinces himself both Arthur and John are out to get him.

5 "All them years Dutch… For this Snake."

Arthur arrives at camp with information on Agent Milton’s informant. Arthur tells everyone to pick a side because this is over, and outs Micah as the rat. Sides are picked, guns are drawn, and the murder of Mrs. Grimshaw occurs. In the midst of all this chaos, Dutch arrives in the center of the conflict demanding who is with him and who is betraying him.

Arthur responds with this classic quote. Since the time Dutch basically adopted Arthur, to all the years spent with Hosea and John, just to end it all and side with Micah. It is one of Arthur’s most powerful lines because the player can feel the pain in Arthur’s voice.

4 “You gonna strangle me too, Dutch”

A failed bank robbery, a ship gone astray, an island no one wants to be on. These were the circumstances that led to this quote. While in Guarma, Dutch and Arthur are being led by a woman to a pathway. She demands more gold to go further when Dutch snaps and proceeds to kill her by strangulation in cold blood right in front of Arthur.

Dutch claims she was going to betray them despite no evidence to suggest so. After shuffling his excuses around, Arthur takes notice and calls Dutch right out on it with this jaw-dropping line. It was the first time Arthur directly calls Dutch out on his lies and manipulation.

3 “You Speak as if Killing was something I cared about”

When collecting debt money owed from Mr. Downes, it ultimately leads to the father's untimely passing. This is done either by Arthur repeatedly beating the man and killing him on the spot or him succumbing to his injuries later. Arthur then comes back to the family and has quite an interesting conversation with Mrs. Downes.

Arthur states he should have paid on time, Mrs. Downes states he killed him, and Arthur answers with this quote. It’s bone-chilling and speaks to how ruthless and desensitized Arthur can be when the need arises. He follows this up with a couple of death threats to her son as well. A solemn reminder that he is not a nice guy, and he could make this situation worse.

2 “You know, all that ever mattered to me was loyalty? It was all I knew. It was all I ever believed in”

When telling John to leave when the time comes, Arthur and John go back and forth over whether its right or not to leave. Arthur promptly tells him that loyalty is all he ever knew, but follows this up by saying “but not anymore John.”

John doesn’t respond with the most definitive answer and Arthur continues to tell him how broken their system has become. That the gang no longer works, and that he’s seeing things more clearly. They didn’t change but Dutch did.

1 “I Gave you all I had. I did.”

In the midst of Arthur’s final moments, he holds off the Pinkertons and former gang members to allow John’s escape. This leads to a truly brutal fight with Micah Bell, that ends in both men suffering severe wounds. In the end, Arthur’s tuberculosis cripples him too much and Micah gets the upper hand. Depending on the player’s honor level, a series of different dialogues will happen, but one that will always happen is Arthur’s last words to Dutch.

Laying flat on his back staring up at Dutch struggling for air Arthur speaks these words, and as numb as Dutch has become, it seems to break through to him. He has nothing to say, and can only walk away. A heart wrenching and emotional scene that saw the end of one of the greatest gaming protagonists of all time.

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