Ranked: All The RDR Online Games Available Right Now

Players might have finished Red Dead Redemption 2's long story campaign already, especially given how it was released back in October, but that does not mean the Red Dead experience has to be over. Rockstar Games has slowly and steadily released content for its online experience, Red Dead Online.

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Some of the available game modes let players work together cooperatively; others are geared toward more competitive souls. For those who do not want to let go of the amazing world of Red Dead Redemption 2, these online games give players something on which to rely. Read on if you want to know which of these games you should give a try.

11 Gun Rush

The gaming world is already full of battle royales, and while Gun Rush is one of Red Dead Online's promising new modes, there is nothing particularly special about it. Up to 32 players have to duke it out in a rapidly shrinking space, and the last one standing wins. However, an important aspect of any battle royale is fun gameplay, and the combat of Red Dead Redemption 2 has always been a little clunky. Gun Rush is a good mode to check out once, but not one many will want to linger on.

10 Shootout

Shootout is Red Dead Online's version of deathmatch, and players can play a free-for-all or team mode of it. It's a classic take on a game mode that has been around since the dawn of first-person and third-person shooters. Like Gun Rush, it is a fun mode, but the gameplay, or should we say "gunplay," of Red Dead Redemption 2 is not its strong suit. It's all fun and games to play as cowboys for a little bit, but without the precision usually required for a competitive shooter, Shootout falls short.

9 Hostile Territory

Hostile Territory is a multiplayer mode found in Red Dead Online's Showdown Series. Its strength lies in its ability to focus on defense instead of offense. Where other modes have players running around trying to eliminate other players, Hostile Territory is all about map control.

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Teams have to take over portions of the map and then defend them. This particular game mode allows players to use Red Dead's cover mechanics. While they do not work well, when used in tandem with others, they prove fairly adequate.

8 Make It Count

Make It Count differs from Gun Rush in that players are limited regarding what weapons they have at their disposal. Instead of the rifles and pistols that make up the bread and butter of Red Dead Redemption 2, Make It Count forces players to use either bows and arrows or throwing knives. This might sound restrictive, but it makes the game mode better. No longer can battle royale players rely on the sound of gunshots to alert them to someone else's presence. The experience becomes ten times more tense as a result.

7 Target Races

Most wouldn't think a game about racing horses around while shooting targets could be so thrilling, but, surprisingly enough, it is. Players mount up for this game mode and have to race around a track while avoiding other players and shooting raised targets. The appeal for Target Races lies in its ability to make players multitask as they will have to focus on shooting targets, eliminating players, and keeping their eyes on the road. Target Races is a delightful cluster of madness.

6 Spoils Of War

As part of Red Dead Online's Showdown Series, Spoils of War functions like a drawn-out capture-the-flag type mode. Each team of players has a loot stash that they must protect. At the same time, they have to travel to the opposing team's stash and take what spoils they can. Like with any capture-the-flag game, Spoils of War is engaging because of how much an individual player can do to help their team. Those who remain behind to guard the stash can still contribute. If you constantly pepper opponents with bullets out in the middle of the map, you are helping your team. You can't go wrong.

5 Most Wanted

Most Wanted is a different take on Shootout that spices up the experience. Instead of players just running around shooting each other, an extra dynamic has been added. Every kill earns points, and the more kills a player has under their belt, the more points they will give to the player who kills them. In essence, the better a player is at the game, the more likely it is that they will become the "most wanted" player on the map. It evens the playing field because the most skilled players end up being ganged up on by everyone else.

4 Up In Smoke

What's better than regular Shootout? How about Shootout with explosives! Up in Smoke is another game mode in the Showdown series. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team's camp by delivering explosive packages over to their camp and blowing them up. It's a straightforward mode that delivers explosive good fun—pardon the pun.

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It's as if Red Dead Redemption 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive met in the middle and tried creating a child. It fails at times thanks to awkward controls, but it promises a great time regardless.

3 Plunder

Despite still being in beta, Red Dead Online is being kept updated with new modes at regular intervals. Rockstar Games' latest update brought with it the game mode Plunder. Players have to make the riskiest of supply runs to a location stacked with goods to outfit their team's base. However, particularly bold players can raid the opposing team's base for supplies instead of going to this location, lending an erratic air to the proceedings. Plunder excels when players have a coordinated team going for supply runs to both locations at the same time.

2 Name Your Weapon

The one thing that makes the Name Your Weapon mode stand out is the ability to choose whether or not a player enters it by themselves or with a team. It's a game format similar to Shootout in which everyone is trying to get rid of each other, but points have been attached to the various weapons in the game. The more "difficult" it is to eliminate a player with a certain weapon, the more points that weapon is worth. So, players who try meleeing their opponents are treated to a whopping amount of points if they succeed.

1 Free Roam

Honestly, the best aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the freedom players have to explore the world. Nothing in Red Dead Online beats the freedom of Free Roam. Fans can explore the world by themselves or with a group of friends. Either way, once in the mode, they can participate in a variety of activities and challenges in the world at their leisure. It may not be a competitive multiplayer mode, but nothing beats a quiet day of fishing in a video game with friends.

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