Red Dead Redemption: 10 Quotes From The Games That Will Stick With Us Forever

The Red Dead Redemption Games are beloved for their immersive worlds and their brilliant writing. These are the best quotes from the franchise.

Rockstar will forever be known for the Grand Theft Auto series, yet in the past decade, their Red Dead Redemption games have rivaled GTA in terms of quality, both in the minds of fans and critics. The Wild West games are beloved due to their immersive stories, compelling characters, and perhaps most of all, brilliant writing. From thought-provoking speeches to heartwrenching comments, both Red Dead Redemption games have some of the best dialogue seen in gaming.

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Included in this list are 10 great quotes from the games. Some are wise, others heartbreaking, but they will all stick with players forever.

10 "I See Clearly That Your World Is Not A World From Which One Can Escape"

During Red Dead Redemption 2, it becomes clear that running off and being with Mary Linton is the only way that Arthur would get a chance at living a good life. That what makes Mary's final goodbye letter so heartbreaking, as its a realization that Arthur has missed his chance to leave.

Arthur uses the excuse of not having money as to why he couldn't leave with Mary earlier, but the above quote found in Mary's letter is clearly the real reason. The whole letter and this line in particular is a big moment in the game as it shows that the likelihood of Arthur getting a happy ending is slim and that he's going to go down with the gang.

9 "Ain't Nothing Fair"

"Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain't nothing fair."

This quote has both Red Dead and real-life significance. In the game, the rich government members are shown to be just as cruel as anyone else (maybe more so), yet they don't get their loved ones taken away, nor are they forced into killing/capturing their old friends, and they certainly don't get gunned down by a group of people in on their own property for no reason.

In real life, people realize that life isn't fair early in their lives. The line about people being born rich enough to enjoy their life, in particular, resonates with many.

8 "You Pick Your Side Now Because This Is Over"

You spend the majority of Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Van Der Linde Gang, and the whole story is revolved around them, with almost every major mission involving the group in some way or another. That's what makes this quote important as it signifies the end of the gang.

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The crew had been reaching a breaking point throughout the second half of the game, but it is this moment after Arthur outs Micah as the rat and then asks everyone to pick sides when they reach the point of no return.

7 "They Turned Me Into A Monster"

One of the coolest parts of the second game is Sadie Adler's development from a frightened widow to a badass outlaw.

In the later stages of the game, Sadie asks Arthur to go with her to wipe out the remaining O'Driscolls (the gang that killed her husband). When she gets done burying her knife into the chest of the last one, she utters the quote in question, and it's a sudden reminder (or realization for some) that Sadie's seemingly cool transition into an outlaw is actually a tragic story. Her arc isn't about a capable woman working her way up the ranks of a gang, it's about a woman who was so scarred from what happened to her and her husband, that she became a ruthless killer to survive, this quote pointed that out.

6 "People Don't Forget, Nothing Gets Forgiven"

This is another instance where the quote is memorable partly because of its real-life significance. How much you believe this quote is truthful depends on how cynical you are, but some certainly see a little truth to it.

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In Red Dead Redemption, it's sad when John says it, as this is a guy who is trying to redeem himself and become a new man, which is very difficult if people don't forget or forgive what you've done. It does prove truthful a few times in the game though, especially in the ending where Jack Marston who has neither forgotten nor forgiven Edgar Ross for taking his father's life, guns down the former government official.

5 "I ain't Got Too Much To Say No More"

Throughout most of Red Dead Redemption 2, Dutch has an answer for every situation. Which is why when he admits he hasn't got much left to say, it sticks with players.

At the end of the game, both Dutch and Micah have their guns pointed at John. Marston pleads with his former leader, reminding him that it wasn't everyone else's fault the gang fell apart, and that killing him wouldn't solve anything. In this moment, Dutch finally doesn't know what to say. For once he is neither a charismatic leader guiding his crew nor is he a madman manipulating the people close to him, but instead, he is a broken man.

4 "Our Time Has Passed, John"

In the first Red Dead Redemption (which takes place after the second one), Dutch and John find themselves on a snowy mountain once again. Dutch isn't quite speechless this time, as he gives a great speech about fighting nature, but it is this final line that is the most memorable. These words are the last spoken by Dutch Van Der Linde as he plummets off the cliff seconds later.

There could be two meanings given to the quote, the first being that outlaws like Dutch and John are becoming obsolete, due to the west becoming more civilized. Dutch could also be referring to the gang specifically, as most of the former gang's main members have died (or are in jail) by this point.

3 "I Gave You All I Had"

Arthur's final moments are spent in a battle with Micah. During the brawl, Arthur crawls to his gun to put an end to the traitor, but Dutch stops him. Arthur then looks up to his former mentor and says he gave him all he had.

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The quote is true, as Arthur might have argued with Dutch at times, yet he did stick by him despite being ill, and despite Dutch's descent into madness. Dutch still chose Micah's side over Arthur's though, making this one of the most heartbreaking lines in the series.

2 "Now Go!! Get!!"

These words might not seem as deep as others on this list, but they're some of the most emotional ones in the series history.

As John's property is being invaded by Edgar Ross and a bunch of his cronies, the Marstons manage to fight their way to the barn. While there John gets his wife Abigail and son Jack to get on a horse and escape, these three words are the last he says to them as he's gunned down moments later. By the look on his face after he says it, it's clear he knew he wasn't going to see them again, which makes the scene even more emotional.

1 "I Guess I... I'm Afraid"

Deep into the second game, a terminally ill Arthur talks with Sister Calderon (if the player has high honor). This entire conversation will stick with players forever, but it is Arthur's admittance of fear that really stands out.

Rarely in a video game do you see the protagonist show this level of vulnerability. Some characters may be physically vulnerable, but you won't find many who openly admit to being afraid, especially not badass outlaws like Arthur Morgan. It's a tear-jerking line that's amplified by his delivery of it, as well as the look on his face. It is a moment fans of the character will never forget.

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