8 Red Dead Redemption Sequels/Prequels We Would Like To See

Now that the second Red Dead Redemption game has come out, we have had a lot of questions answered, a lot of questions posed, and a lot of characters put in front of us that we would like to see in more video games if we're being totally honest! What we've done is put together some ideas for prequels and sequels that could take place in the Red Dead Redemption, the sort of thing that we want Rockstar to create when they settle down to create something new in the series! We wouldn't be surprised if they do end up using some of these ideas in the future...

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8 What Happened To Jack?

We're not saying that the end of Red Dead Redemption wasn't great on its own, putting the player in control of the main character's son as they take revenge for the death of their father. However, we want to know what happens after this, how Jack Marston manages to live in a US that no longer wants the likes of this sort of cowboy in the world. We think it would be interesting to see what would become of this character, how he would change as he became an adult and what being alone in a cruel world does to him. Definitely a sequel worth looking into!

7 Where Did Dutch Go Between RDR2 and RDR1?

In the ten years that takes place between the prequel and the sequel, we want to see what sort of life the charismatic gang leader was living. Giving us a game where we get to finally play as this man would be interesting, perhaps forcing us to try and survive on our own before creating our own gang, working against a country that no longer wants us there.

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Despite what he says, we know that this is a man with very few morals, that will save himself if it means betraying others, and that would be an interesting character to see at his absolute lowest.

6 We Want To See The Golden Years Of The Gang

We're constantly hearing about how some of the main characters in the gang having been together for a long time now, various moments and robberies being referenced that sound like they were a lot of fun. Throw in the fact that they describe a time when the US was a lot friendlier to the sorts of people that would solace in the arms of a gang, and we think there is a huge chance for a fun game there. Give us a chance to take part in some of Hosea's fun little scheme, watch how the gang slowly came together to be the gang that we came to know in Red Dead Redemption 2.

5 Was Uncle Always Like That?

In a lot of ways, Uncle is a rather mysterious character. We know for a fact that the guy is very lazy, as well as annoying, but he must be good to have around if he's allowed to follow the gang around. Is there a chance that he once was a great man, an outlaw that has turned old and quiet? Does he really have lumbago?! We know that we left Red Dead Redemption 2 wondering why Rockstar have decided that this is the character they want to follow throughout the entire franchise, but if they wanted to make a prequel about who this guy is and where he came from, we wouldn't say no to giving it a go!

4 Let's Play As The "Good Guys" For Once

There's something romantic about playing as the cowboys, the outlaws, the runaways that just want to live their life free of any sorts of rules, but if we're being honest that's just not what most people are like in the real world. It would be interesting to play as a Pinkerton agent, somebody attempting to track down the outlaws that continue to make the West wild.

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To a certain extent, Rockstar could use some of the mechanics they've come up with in the past, such as the ones that were showcased in LA Noire, to set up a game that sees us go up against the exact sort of people we played as in the first two games in the franchise.

3 Sadie Adler Deserves Her Own Game

Is there anyone out there that has played Red Dead Redemption 2 but would choose to argue against the concept that Adler deserves her own game, that she is one of the greatest characters that Rockstar has ever created and therefore should get to star in a game of her own. We get to see her grow into something brilliant throughout the game, so it would be great to then see what becomes of her once the prequel game is over, especially as we don't see anything of her during the first game in the series. What is it that this woman ends up doing?!

2 Where Did Micah Come From?

Any of the players out there that spent a lot of time trying to find every piece of information they could around the camp will know that Micah has a brother, one that he attempted to get in touch with by letter.

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However, the letter that he gets back from his brother is less than conciliatory, hinting at a dark past with Micah that he would rather forget, before warning him not to come anywhere near him or his family. We hated Micah, but we would be interested in a game that showed us exactly what he and his brother used to do.

1 What Did Bill Get Up To In The Army?

While we don't particularly like the character of Williamson, we do think that the past that he constantly references sounds interesting. Perhaps the Rockstar bunch could do a game that sees us take up arms and become part of the infantry, making a push against the Native Americans that are attempting to protect their own land. Maybe we wouldn't actually play as Bill Williamson, but more as a character that regularly does dealings with him. We want to see whether or not he actually did do a lot within the army or whether it's all talk.

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