Red Dead Redemption: The 10 Worst Things Micah Has Ever Done

In a game all about outlaws who rob and kill everyone in their sights, you'd think it would be hard to stand out as a true villain, yet Red Dead Redemption 2's main antagonist Micah Bell manages to do just that.

Micah might not be as deep as some Rockstar antagonists, but he evokes a level of hatred that very few villains in gaming history can match. Finding a redeemable quality in the man is difficult, as he is shown to be constantly cruel and selfish throughout the game.

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For people who might not remember exactly how terrible of a person he is, this list features his ten worst deeds.

10 Attempted To Terrorize Sadie When They First Met

At the start of Red Dead Redemption 2, Sadie has just lost her husband and is trapped in her house with his killers for a few days, likely leaving her in an emotionally vulnerable state. Unfortunately for her, one of her rescuers is Micah Bell, who immediately starts chasing her around the room, terrifying the poor women as she desperately tries to throw things at him and defend herself.

Thankfully Dutch and Arthur are there to stop him otherwise who knows what Bell would've done to her, although with the skills Sadie shows later in the game, maybe the gang could've been rid of Micah early on.

9 Made Racist Remarks

Micah's racism is one of the earliest indications of how horrible he is. Before even finishing the prologue, he's outed as a bigot when he uses a racist term to describe the people he's bunking with.

Later on, he can be heard making racist comments towards Javier, Charles, and Lenny around camp. Fortunately, they don't always stand for it, as in one instance Javier punches him in the face, and there's another moment when Charles throws him to the ground. If only Lenny had broken Micah's leg or something, then it would've been perfect.

8 Wiped Out Half Of Strawberry

When Micah is locked up in the small town of Strawberry, Arthur is told to go and retrieve him. He springs Bell from jail, but instead of running straight out of town, Micah needs to pick something up.

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This leads to them both shooting up the whole of Strawberry and killing everyone in their way. As they get to their destination, Morgan finds out that all that killing was just so that Bell could get his guns back. The maniac turned Arthur's rescue mission into a massacre, risked both their lives, and put a bounty on their heads.

7 Was A Mole For The Pinkertons

The game's biggest reveal is that Micah is actually working with the government. Helping to put away a group that kills as many people as the Van der Linde gang doesn't seem like such a bad thing.

However, Micah is by far the worst and most violent member of the crew, so he clearly wasn't snitching on the gang to do what was right. The only reason Bell works with the law is to save himself. His information helps the Pinkertons ambush the gang multiple times, putting people who are more innocent than Micah in danger.

6 Shot Susan Grimshaw

Mrs. Grimshaw is one of the most useful members of the gang as she regularly organizes the group, particularly when they're setting up a new camp. Yet, that doesn't stop Micah from shooting and killing her.

Now she is pointing a gun at him at the time after she chooses to join Arthur's side, but Micah doesn't best her in a duel or fight, the snake waits until she is distracted by the news of the Pinkertons coming to shoot her. Bell kills her without any hesitation or remorse, for somebody who looked after them all (Micah included), she deserved better than that.

5 Corrupted Dutch

Dutch Van Der Linde might have never been a complete angel, but he descends further into madness during the second half of Red Dead Redemption 2, which ultimately leads to the gang's downfall. Unsurprisingly, it's during that same section of the game when Micah starts getting really close to the leader and becomes his unofficial second in command.

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Bell uses his tight relationship with Dutch to manipulate him into leaving Abigail in the hands of the Pinkertons as well as persuading him to turn his back on his long-time friend Arthur, even after he exposes Micah as the rat.

4 Started An Even Worse Gang

After the Van Der Linde gang implodes, Micah goes on to form a new gang under his control.

Bell's old buddy Cleet describes the group as "bad men...doing bad things," and as he isn't known to be a good person himself, if even he thinks they're bad, they must be. Also, a newspaper article about Micah, released after his death, claims that while leading the gang, people feared his reputation as he was known to have killed "nearly two dozen men."

Based on the information given by Cleet and the newspaper, it seems Micah's new crew was at least as evil and maybe even worse than the Van Der Linde gang.

3 Attempted To Murder A Little Girl

In the game's epilogue, John, Sadie, and Charles track down Cleet to find information about where Micah is. Cleet then explains that Bell tried to kill a little girl, and his attempts to stop it led to the two falling out.

It's never fully revealed if Cleet was successful in stopping Micah's heinous act, but whether its the murder or attempted murder of a young girl, it is still one of the cruelest things that Bell has ever done. Luckily Cleet's information leads to John finding Micah and putting him down for good.

2 Killed Jack's Dog

At one point during the game, little Jack Marston and Dutch encounter a dog that has gotten into the camp, they decide to keep him and name him Cain. Afterward, the dog can be found wandering around the camp.

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Later though Jack isn't able to find Cain as he calls out his name hoping he'll come back, Bell will then inform the boy that the dog is gone. If Arthur questions Micah about it, he'll say that the dog must've run away, but by Bell's tone of voice, it is heavily implied that he killed the dog.

1 Killed Arthur Morgan

Even before outing Micah as a snitch, Arthur was one of Bell's greatest adversaries. As Morgan notices early on what a terrible human being Micah is. Also, it doesn't matter how close Bell gets to Dutch, or how much power he gains in the group, Arthur is never afraid to stand up to him.

That is why it is no surprise that out of the four ways Morgan's story can end, two of them include him getting killed by Micah. One involves Bell shooting Arthur in the head, whereas for the other, Micah stabs him in the chest then the back (the player has to have low honor to achieve those deaths). In both scenarios, Micah is killing a heavily ill unarmed man, further proving what an awful person he is.

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