Reddit Comments Explain Why Mortal Kombat 11's Kollector's Blood Isn't 'Golden'


One Redditor has explained why Mortal Kombat 11’s Kollector shouldn’t have golden blood.

If you’re not familiar with Kollector, he’s a new character introduced in Mortal Kombat 11. Shao Khan’s “tribute collector” (which is a better way of saying tax man), Kollector is obsessed with gold, trinkets, and valuable items. Consumed by greed, he takes his profession as tax collector very seriously, to the point where most conversations with him wind up discussing money in some way or another.

To be honest, he’s kind of a throw-away minion character, but he has his fans. Some of his adherents have even suggested Kollector’s blood be turned to gold to better signify his obsession with wealth.

Taking that suggestion and rolling with it is Redditor ManManBoyBoy2, who showed us all why golden blood in Mortal Kombat would be a very, very bad idea.

"PS: This post was to show how it would look if NRS listened to your pleas of Kollector having golden blood,” wrote ManManBoyBoy2. “Make what you will of the comments and the picture itself."

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The picture showcases a palette swap from red blood to “gold,” although the shade seems a little bit off for the color gold. Instead, it seems kinda yellowish, making it look like a certain fluid that we all excrete.

Gold Kollector
via Reddit

Worse, the way the “blood” comes gushing out of him makes it look like he’s being stabbed by frozen unrinecicles, perhaps as a new finishing move from Sub-Zero.

We’re not the only one to see this color swap as kinda gross. As the top commenter put it on the Reddit thread, “The other comments left on this post are exactly why I assume they didn't do it.”

In slightly less pee-related news, the Terminator and Ash from Evil Dead have been confirmed as the next DLC characters thanks to a pair of leaks from Google last weekend. This seems to put to bed the theory that Doomguy might make an appearance. Also, Shang Tsung has just arrived as a DLC character in the Kombat Pack, and he even comes with his iconic black trench coat from the 1995 movie.

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