Reddit Finally Discovers PlayStation 4 Hidden Trophies And The Internet Goes Wild

A Redditor has discovered a feature on Playstation 4 that lets players reveal hidden trophies.

A Redditor has discovered a feature on Playstation 4 that lets players reveal hidden trophies. Despite the feature being available for the past 3 years, many gamers had no idea the option existed.

The post, which now boasts almost 30,000 upvotes and a couple thousand comments, have become a hub for little known facts about the 5 year old console. It seems that the best selling console of this generation still have more than a few secrets to be discovered.

Trophies are a feature that has been available in both the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 as added incentives and challenges in games. Trophy hunters are often considered completionists that aren't satisfied by simply completing a game: they seek the highest achievement available in every game: the platinum trophy.

In general, developers assign trophies to games based on progression, skills, and other hidden challenges they've included. The trophy system works independently of any in-game progression system, though there is often considerable overlap and often a trophy will be dedicated to 100%-ing the game.

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Trophies are either bronze, silver, or gold, and typically increase in difficulty in that order, with 1 trophy, platinum, reserved for collecting all of the others in each game. Many of these trophies detail the particular challenge one would need to complete in order to earn the trophy, but not all. These are the hidden trophies: trophies that do not tell you how to earn them but only offer a ? and the challenge of discovering the solution for yourself.

Typically, stumbling upon a trophy is part of the challenge of collecting it. Often times trophies are story related, and revealing how they are collected will spoil the game, so keeping them hidden protects players that like to investigate the trophies before they start a new game from getting spoiled.

If you're prepared to throw caution to the wind, or if you're just stuck on a pesky hidden trophy that you just can't find, Reddit user RockyB95's got your back. The post, titled "Ive a had a PS4 for almost five years. I just now learned if you select a hidden trophy and press square it'll tell you what the trophy is" tells you everything you need to know.

The revelation has made a huge impact on would-be trophy hunters, who are learning for the first time that hidden doesn't actually mean hidden: the answer is only one square-press away. A cursory glance at the thread and you'll see hundreds of comments like this: "Goddamnit! I'm a day one PS4 buyer and now i learn about this! I always looked on internet for the hidden trophy info!"

Other users are sharing their handy tips as well: The top comment explains that the slower the pulse on a plugged in controller is, the closer it is to being fully charge. Another explains that double tapping the PS button will switch between the 2 most recent screens. Redditor JoeyIsMrBuddles leaves us with perhaps the best tip in the entire thread:

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