Relive Your Childhood With Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is the latest video game inspired by the collectible cars, and it's actually a pretty aggressive battle racer.

Mattel has just released a new Hot Wheels game for mobile devices called Hot Wheels Infinite Loop. First, the bad news: there is no actual infinite loop in the game. The good news is, while a literal infinite loop does sort of sound like a childhood dream come true, the tracks in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop are quite a bit more dynamic than just one, single loop.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is being billed as an eight player PvP racing game, and judging by its gameplay footage, it does indeed appear to be possible to eliminate other players' cars from the race entirely, hence the PvP element. There are no Mario Kart-style items scattered throughout each non-loop track though; eliminating other cars requires brute force, just like in the olden days of car battle-racing.

Players can amass a collection of classic Hot Wheels cars, of course attained by spending a variety of in-game currencies. These are broken up into a few different categories of car, including "muscle," "experimental" and others. Each car can also be altered with a variety of cosmetic skins, so one player's Rodger Dodger may look a little bit cooler than another's (as long as they've unlocked the one with the flames on it.)

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Tracks are comprised of a mix of Hot Wheels components and natural environments inspired by cities around the world. For example, one level includes breaks from an iconic orange Hot Wheels track where cars drive on a stretch of tropical beach. Winning matches places players onto a leaderboard, ordered by each player's cumulative competitive rating. The game is also set to include special events and worldwide tournaments throughout its lifespan.

Infinite Loop is merely the latest in a surprisingly large pantheon of Hot Wheels games, including Hot Wheels Turbo Racing for the PS1, Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 for the Wii, and Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver for the PC. The game is available on both the App Store and Google Play. As is typical, the initial download is free, but the game includes microtransactions as well as a monthly subscription pass for all the true virtual Hot Wheels heads.

Source: Droid Gamers

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