How A Remake Could Fix Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine was critically acclaimed when it was first released, but it has faced scrutiny in recent years when compared to the Super Mario games that followed it. Super Mario Sunshine is a fun game, but it's flawed on a technical level in ways that you don't see in most first-party Nintendo titles.

A recent Instagram post by Nintendo of America has hinted that a Super Mario Sunshine remake or remaster is in the works, which has led to speculation that it will be released on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. If Super Mario Sunshine does make a return, then it will give Nintendo a chance to fix some of the lingering issues with the game.

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A Remake Needs To Fix The Camera

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The most glaring flaw with Super Mario Sunshine is with its camera controls. Nintendo had seemingly mastered 3D camera controls in Super Mario 64, but the busier landscape of Super Mario Sunshine caused new problems that weren't present on the Nintendo 64. There were no areas filled with small buildings like Delfino Plaza in Super Mario 64, which might be why the camera keeps sticking on them while Mario is trying to run around. The camera issues become far more apparent when time is of the essence, such as when chasing Shadow Mario through the streets of Delfino Plaza. The player doesn't have time to waste adjusting the camera, but still find themselves fighting to see where they are going.

A Remake Needs To Fix The Controls

The Super Mario series is known for its responsive controls, which are imperative when creating a platform game. But Super Mario Sunshine somehow managed to drop the ball in this regard. Super Mario Sunshine felt like one giant ice level due to how slippery and loose Mario felt while trying to move him through each level, as the controls were too sensitive in regards to how Mario responded to the joystick.

If Super Mario Sunshine was remade in the same engine as Super Mario Odyssey, then most of these issues would be resolved - Odyssey had amazingly responsive controls and a camera that never felt like an obstacle.

An Obvious Crossover Could Address The Lack Of A Multiplayer Mode

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A remake of Super Mario Sunshine would also give Nintendo a chance to include some new content in order to pique interest in the fans who are already familiar with the game. Obviously, there is amazing crossover potential with another first-party Nintendo title that has been released in recent years.

Super Mario Sunshine was all about using the FLUDD to clean up gunk, while the premise of Splatoon is covering stages in ink. The two franchises seem destined to come together in a Super Mario Sunshine remake. It would give a built-in reason to add a multiplayer mode, with one team taking on the role of Inklings as they cover Isle Delfino with ink and the other team taking on the role of Mushroom Kingdom characters who are equipped with FLUDDs and have to clean up the mess.

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