Remnant: From The Ashes: The 10 Best Builds, Ranked

The class system in Remnant: From The Ashes is incredibly flexible and permits a lot of customization and unique builds. As players begin experimenting with the varying combinations of gear, mods, and abilities to achieve overpowered builds, a few have already come to dominate the fan boards.

Some are fun to play but may have a moment or two where they struggle, others are designed with the end game in mind and limp along in the first part, and others still are broken monstrosities that turn this game into a Diablo­-style slugfest.

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10 Pure Scrapper

This build has taken what makes the Scrapper great and expanded upon it. The Pure Scrapper focuses on strong melee and close-ranged combat to blast and hack apart enemies. Unfortunately, melee is brutal in this game, so expect a long hard battle from beginning to end.

Maxing out the shotgun and falling back on the Petrified Maul when you absolutely have to is key to this build. The Void armor will give you some stopping power when your health drops. The key is to blow the enemy apart before they have the chance to hit you.

9 Pure Ex-Cultist

The Pure Ex-Cultist is a little more durable because they fight at mid-range. The reason they don’t rank higher is because this build focuses on their support abilities as well which is useless if you’re flying solo.

The build has the ex-cultist fight with an Assault Rifle with the SMG on standby. The main damage from this build will come from the occasional critical thanks to the Executioner trait and Hunter’s Mark mod. But, until that critical triggers, you’re doing what you can to stay alive and whittle down opponents.

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8 Pure Hunter

The Pure Hunter is the strongest out of the pure archetypes but still struggles compared to other more unique builds. This build relies upon long-range combat with the sniper rifle or Ruin against bosses with SMG as secondary for groups, which is where it struggles.

The Blind Token mod is great for staying away from enemies and Hunter’s Band increases your weak spot damage. If you’re in a group this is a powerful build, but flying solo is going to be rough.

7 Scrapper Blaster/Slasher

This build gives players a hybrid character that can blast enemies to pieces with the shotgun or carve them up with melee weapons. It’s adaptable based on playstyle, so, if the player is great at dodging, they rely more on melee and wear Akari armor, whereas those not so great at dodging roll with Void and shotgun and just take a few more hits.

The gear is meant to boost damage, and the traits are meant to increase survivability to create a balance. Helpful traits are things like Keeper’s Blessing, Glutton, and Bark Skin. If you have good survivability, go with Corrosive Aura for a weapon mod. If you die a lot, then go with Mantle of Thorns.

6 Just Melts

Just Melts is a build that specializes in group kills and can hold its own against bosses, which means it does alright solo but is meant for teams. The Weapon is the Assault Rifle and SMG with Hot Shot augmentation on the rifle.

Grab traits like Trigger Happy to boost fire rate, Quick Hands to raise reload speed, and Vigor for survivability. Wear Bandit armor to avoid burning through all of your bullets. There’s really not much to this playstyle, just throw as many bullets at the enemy as possible and watch the bodies fall.

5 Boss Melter

The Boss Melter is an entirely opposite concept to the Just Melts build. With this build, you’ll want the Beam Rifle for the awesome DPS against a single target. Use Devouring Loop for those occasional big hits on critical chance, and then something for survivability like Ezlan’s Band.

Radiant Armor will boost your critical hit chance and damage after a critical hit which is great with Devouring Loop. Ditto with Hunter’s Mark weapon mod, Executioner and Kingslayer traits. Just turn your beam on the boss and hope for critical hits to kick in and they’ll drop. Like the Just Melts it’s a one-trick pony, but a Just Melts with a Boss Melter makes for a great duo.

4 Hunter Sniper

This turns the player into a long-range sniper with some crowd clearing ability. The main weapon is the Particle Accelerator for single target DPS with SMG for groups. Rings are Stone of Balance for a boost to damage and Hunter’s Band to boost the weak spot damage.

Any trait to further increase long-range damage and Quick Hands for reload speed with Mother’s Blessing to give you some survivability. The Weapon mod Blink token is good for avoiding the enemy and Flicker Cloak gives a handy shield so pick according to playstyle.

3 Ex-Cultists Critical

This one takes the critical hit chance builds and applies it to the Ex-Cultist for great mid-range lethality. Ruin, Devastator, or the Assault Rifle are weapons of choice. Radiant Armor gives bonuses to criticals. Gunslinger Charm for the amulet or Pocket Watch if you’re terrible at dodging.

The rings give the build versatility, Devouring Loop always for the high critical hit damage and use Stone of Balance for raising damage against bosses or go with Braided Thorns against groups for better critical hit chance after a kill.

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2 Endgame Melee

This one is ludicrously fun and actually viable for the endgame. The Akari Armor is worn for the damage boost when successfully dodging. Beam Rifle with Hot Shot to initiate burn and soften up the enemy. Melee weapons are World Breaker for group clearing and Riven for life-stealing on bosses.

You have to have the rings Razor Stone and Devouring Loop. Devouring Loop for the critical hit boost, and Razorstone to cause enemies to bleed. Also, use the Pocket Watch for stamina sustain. The idea is to hopefully apply burn with the rifle before closing in and slicing it up with criticals. If they survive the melee onslaught, the burn and bleed will wear them down.

1 One-Shot Sniper

This is by far the strongest build in the game so far. The idea is to max out the sniper rifle, so give it a Hot Shot Augment. Your secondary and melee will not matter. Your rings are important, get Heartseeker to give you a 100% chance to get a critical when shooting an enemy unaware, and bring Devouring Loop to raise your damage by 300% when you get a critical. Traits are Executioner and Kingslayer to raise your critical chance and damage and Shadow Walker to avoid detection.

Essentially, you just sneak up on an enemy and kill it in one shot, including bosses. If you are discovered, your critical chance will be high enough for you to shred alerted enemies in one or two hits.

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