10 Coolest Looking Armor Sets In Remnant From The Ashes (& Where To Find Them)

When hunting horrific monstrosities that have invaded earth from a different dimension, it pays to make a great first impression. In Remnant From The Ashes the player can discover a number of armor sets to wear that can give them an intimidating look and some powerful abilities to help them survive in combat.

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This article will focus on the meanest, scariest, most intimidating armor sets you can find in this great game. Fortunately, the developers had some foresight and made the best looking armor some of the strongest armor you can use in battle.

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10 Bandit

The Bandit set looks like the kind of armor you’d find on a typical survivor of a nuclear fallout. The character wears a Mad Max style leather outfit with a gas mask which isn’t terribly original but is definitely an improvement from the default armor.

To get this set you need to find the Pocket Watch from Mud Tooth’s hideout and carry it with you into battle against the boss Brabus in The Depot. After kicking his can you can give him the Pocket Watch in exchange for the Bandit gear. Its special perk is a chance to regain any bullets that hit the enemy.

9 Drifter

This armor set is almost identical to the one Brabus wears. It’s a leather outfit with a metal cuirass and a welder’s mask. This is the kind of armor you would expect survivors to quickly put together to survive melee combat in the modern age.

Part of the set can be found in Founder’s Hideout next to a corpse on the wall on the shelf. To get the welder’s mask you’ll need to grind monsters in Earth where it’ll be a random drop. It has a great perk that causes you to expend less stamina.

8 Akari

The Akari outfit is what you would expect on a post-apocalyptic ninja and just the thought of that earns it a higher ranking than usual on this list. It’s not terribly unique or intimidating, but who doesn’t want to be a ninja?

It’s found in the Vault of The Herald in Rhom behind a locked door that can only be opened with a Glowing Rod which is conveniently also located on the ground in the Vault of the Herald or The Ardent Temple. This armor’s special ability gives the character a boost to melee damage and an improved critical hit chance after performing a successful dodge, like a ninja.

7 Slayer

The Slayer set is absolutely bizarre-looking, but earns bonus points for originality which is why it doesn’t rank lower. It has a mask similar to a plague doctor’s with a hood, padded cuirass, and metal plating.

You can obtain this strange-looking armor by giving the Guardian’s Heart, which is acquired by killing Ixillis in Corsus, to the Iskal Queen. Just bear in mind you won't be able to give the Heart to the Undying King who can give you the Riven if you did, but honestly, the armor is better. This armor raises the damage of your first shot after reloading.

6 Elder

This armor set was fashioned by Red Widows which are essentially shamans. While it’s largely minimalist the headdress is very tribal with horns, black feathers, and a mask painted white.

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To get the Elder set you must stumble upon an event called Survive the Attack that sometimes occurs in Yaesha – Martyr’s Sanctuary. Basically you have to survive the waves of enemies for a door to open and this armor will be behind that door. The armor perk is actually very helpful when it works as it gives you a chance not to consume a Dragonheart after using one.

5 Scrapper

The Scrapper set looks like something a gladiator would wear when fighting the Root, which is a great concept. It has a wide-brimmed version of the Adrian Helmet with a metal faceguard.

This armor set is actually the only default armor set on this list and is obtained from Rigs when you choose the Scrapper class. It's genuinely cool looking and befitting for a tank class. The stats are awful but the perk gives you increased damage to any enemy within 2.5 meters of your character so that’s nice.

4 Ossesus

This set of armor was designed to intimidate with bones of various monster decorating the metal armor. The helmet looks great with a jawbone set around the edges and only a survivor with guts would go into battle against the Root wearing a kilt.

This armor set is one of the few you can buy, but you’ll need quite a bit of scrap. The merchant Wud found in the Scouring Wastes in Rhom will let you buy it if you buy all of his secrets for 500 scrap, the armor itself costs another 3,500. It grants a short boost to damage after you kill an enemy so it’s great for aggressive barbarian types.

3 Radiant

This is the closest thing to knightly or paladin-type armor in the game. With the platemail cuirass and swooping full helmet you’ll be a tank going into any battle.

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Two parts of the armor are bought from the Stuck Merchant in Yaesha for a total of 3,600 scrap. It’s important you buy these pieces first as the helmet is in a locked dungeon, the key is the Strange Curio in the merchant’s cart, where a Root boss is waiting that will kill the merchant after killing you. This armor lets you stack critical hit damage when you successfully perform critical hits in a short period of time.

2 Twisted

This wicked looking set of armor embraces the concept of getting into the mind of what you hunt. The armor was fashioned out of the corpses of the Root and grants some hefty stats and a startling appearance.

It’s found on Earth after you encounter the random event that has you defend The Root Shrine. If you manage to keep the tree alive you can use it to craft the set in it’s entirety and wear an armor that’s a hybrid of man and Root. This armor can be worn with the hood or the mask.

1 Void

This is by far the most sinister-looking armor in the entire game and is coincidentally the best armor you can wear. This skeletal armor is tied to the lore surrounding the realm Rhom a place said to have beaten the Root, at great cost.

The Void set is rewarded at the Monolith in Rhom after solving a floor tile puzzle. This armor crafted from the dust of the Black Sun grants the player a bonus to damage for a few seconds after taking damage. It’s the kind of armor a civilization bitterly seeking vengeance against the Root would create.

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