All The Locations In Remnant From The Ashes & How To Prepare

In the horror action game Remnant From The Ashes, players are tasked with freeing Earth from the grip of a terrifying threat called the Root. To do this the player must explore various dimensions that have encountered the Root to identify where it came from and how to beat it.

These other worlds pose a significant threat to survival and the player will encounter varying forms of the Root and others hazards. Here is a brief overview of each of these terrifying dimensions and how to overcome their challenges.

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12 Ward 13

Ward 13 serves as the main hub for the survivors of mankind. It’s a secret facility located in an unknown location on Earth. Even the inhabitants aren’t sure if it was created to shelter mankind from the Root or if was meant to serve another purpose before the calamity and was re-purposed.

There are secrets hidden in the walls of this mysterious facility and it represents the last hope mankind has to recovering from the apocalypse and returning to some kind of normalcy.

11 Ward 13: Preparation

Ward 13 is the only safe location in the entire game and such very little preparation is needed to survive here. It’s advised the player does some exploring to uncover useful items, scrap and hidden details about the events prior to the game.

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This is the place to stock up on consumables, buy better gear from merchants, experiment with load outs, craft new items, and determine your next steps.

10 The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is an infinite dimension meant to serve as a way point between other dimensions. This endless abyss hovers in a void surrounded by countless islands, some of which can be traveled to.

There are no NPCs or enemies here just stone walkways leading to different portals to access different worlds. It’s unclear when this place was built or why it’s here, but it enables mankind to travel to other dimensions affected by the Root.

9 The Labyrinth: Preparation

Like Ward 13 this area is safe from threats and void of any dangers to the player. There are four portals to be found here leading to different dimensions and is the primary method for traveling to those areas.

Access to this area is obtained after finding the Keeper Of The Labyrinth and speaking to him. This happens very early on in the game and you will never encounter this mysterious entity again but will retain access to The Labyrinth.

8 Earth

This familiar area was once home to mankind, but now serves as the hunting grounds for the Root. The streets and building that were once full of people are now either desolate or crawling with unfathomable horrors.

There are pockets of resistance, like Ward 13, but it’s safe to say the invasion was largely a success and mankind is now fighting to survive from the few safe places on the planet.

7 Earth: Preparation

This is the first hostile realm you’ll encounter and as such will be the easiest to traverse, though don’t assume because it’s the easiest that this will be easy. There are over two dozen different types of enemies with their own abilities and attack patterns.

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To better your odds of survival it’s highly recommended you seek out the Root Mother and free her as she’ll travel to Ward 13 and allow you to upgrade the number of charges a Dragon Heart can hold. Mud Tooth can hook you up with healing consumables and the powerful Twisted Mask is obtained from the Twisted Mask Merchant.

6 Yaesha

Yaesha is a jungle world inhabited by a race of beings known as the Pan. These goat-like humanoids are primitive and very savage posing a significant threat to the player and the fate of mankind.

It’s unclear what mysteries hide in the thick greenery of this strange world or how it relates to the Root. But it’s important for the player to fight the various clans and discover the secrets that lie within the ancient temples.

5 Yesha: Preparation

The majority of the Pan are light and fast so be prepared for ambushes and swift opponents. The Stuck Merchant can hook you up with Radiant armor that is awesome for critical hit builds and consumables. The Flautist is the key to a bell puzzle that can reward you with the ring Heart Of The Wolf that makes you fast like the Pan and the Swiftness trait.

The key to this area is staying fast, keeping an eye on the tree lines and be prepared to spray bullets into the shadows when you’re ambushed.

4 Corsus

Corsus is a planet of forest and swamps, fortunately it has not been discovered by the Root, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

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This world is inhabited by the Iskal insectoid/mammal hybrids that are relatively primitive in spite of their success with geothermal based technologies.

3 Corsus: Preparation

Corsus has its fast enemies, but it also has a number of large heavy hitters who can cause problems for you and your team. Making sure you have at least one heavy hitting weapon or a durable tank can go a long way on this planet.

There is only one NPC on this planet, the Iskal Queen who sells consumables like Bloodwort and Divine Nectar. She can also reward the player with the Slayer armor set that improves attack damage after reloading and the Crossbow.

2 Rhom

Rhom was beset by the Root for a very, very long time. It’s also the only known world to successfully beat back the Root, although at unimaginable cost. Now this irradiated desert planet is home to the survivors, the Buri Tribesman who seek to kill their leaders for the horrific lengths they went to in order to repel the Root.

1 Rhom: Preparation

The Buri Tribesman are tough foes with incredible strength and durable bodies. It will take a lot of bullets to bring them down so bring your big guns and your toughest armor because they hit hard. The Wud sells the Osseous armor set which is very helpful for raising DPS and taking down the Buri brutes.

But by far what you focus on is solving the floor puzzle in the Monolith because it yields the Void armor set. This is considered by many to be the most powerful armor in the game thanks to it’s high stats and Vengeance perk that increases your attack damage whenever you take damage.

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