Resident Evil 2 DLC Lets You Pay $5 To Unlock Everything

Capcom has recently announced a DLC package that will unlock everything in Resident Evil 2 for just $5.

There’s a lot of content in Resident Evil 2, and most of it requires a bit of time and effort to be unlocked. However, many gamers have full-time jobs, children, or other various adult problems that prevent us from playing a game to the fullest. Thankfully, if you’d rather sacrifice your money rather than your precious time, Capcom has a solution for you.

The infamous video game publisher has announced a $5 DLC package called the Resident Evil 2 All In-game Rewards Unlock Bundle. For the price of $5, you can skip all that pesky gameplay and unlock everything in the game instantly. It’s actually fairly similar to a package Capcom released for their other big game, Devil May Cry 5.

The unlockable content available by purchasing this DLC includes The 4th Survivor Game Mode, The Tofu Survivor Game Mode, an Unbreakable Combat Knife, and infinite ammo for the Samurai Edge, LE-5 Submachine Gun, ATM-4 Rocket Launcher, and the Minigun. All costumes, concept art, and models are also unlocked as part of the package.

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Ever since Resident Evil 2 came out, fans of the horror franchise have hailed it as one of the best games in the entire series, as well as one of the best horror games period. Capcom has had an incredible 2019 thus far with Resident Evil 2 and now Devil May Cry 5 both experiencing great sales and critical acclaim.

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However, many have been critical of Capcom for moves such as this $5 DLC. The general feeling is that it may cheapen the experience of playing a game. Being rewarded with new content without having to pay extra money up front is rare these days.

Many developers and publishers tend to treat extra modes and experiences as an excuse to squeeze more money out of consumers. Rather than forcing players to pay for this content, a vocal majority of gamers believe that it should be a bonus for the people loyal enough to purchase the game as it comes out.

On the flip side, as previously mentioned, some people simply aren’t able to go through a game over and over again to unlock everything. This means that most players will never get to experience everything that games like Resident Evil 2 have to offer. And really, if you don’t get to play as Tofu, then you’re just not getting your money’s worth.

It’s also important to note that Capcom isn’t forcing anyone to buy this DLC. It’s optional for those who want it, and the content can still be unlocked through playing the game. However, if you want a way to experience everything in Resident Evil 2 for the price of an expensive cappuccino, you can purchase the game and the DLC on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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