Resident Evil 2 Mod Sees Shaggy Take On 10 Mr. Xs

A new Resident Evil 2 mod replaces Leon S. Kennedy with an energy-blasting Shaggy, and also multiplies Mr. X to give Shaggy a more fair fight.

The PC version of Resident Evil 2 has proven to be a popular game for modification by the fans, with recent mods turning all of the zombies into versions of Tofu and removing all of Mr. X's clothes save for a speedo.

The latest crazy mod for Resident Evil 2 plucks Leon S. Kennedy from his predicament in Raccoon City and replaces him with an individual who is far more suited for dealing with the horrors that stalk the streets - Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. 

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Shaggy has been the subject of a meme that portrays him as the most powerful character in all of fiction, with the term "Ultra Instinct Shaggy" being used to describe this anime-inspired version of the famed Scooby-Doo detective. The Shaggy meme grew so popular that it led to a petition to add him as a DLC character for Mortal Kombat 11, but that seems unlikely to happen at this point.

The version of Shaggy that appears in the Resident Evil 2 mod can fire bolts of energy from his hands which strike with the power of an explosive weapon and which has limitless ammo, as Shaggy is only using a small percentage of his power to conjure them.

The mod also ramps up the stakes by making it possible for ten Mr. X enemies to appear at once. You might think that is a little unfair, but that's only because most PCs couldn't handle running a hundred Mr. Xs at once, which might require Shaggy to use 2% of his power.

The Shaggy + 10 Mr. Xs mod video was uploaded by BeastGamingHD, which shows the world what it looks like when the power of the beatnik sleuth is matched against ten of the strongest Umbrella beasts.

The mod scene for Resident Evil 2 has only been getting more popular and the addition of a creepy-looking Shaggy into the game is only the start. It's possible that we may see the rest of Mystery Inc. added into the game, with Daphne or Velma taking the place of Ada Wong or Scooby-Doo taking the place of Sherry. How long until Mr. X himself has been replaced by Scrappy-Doo?

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