Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Bringing Back The Classic 'Fourth Survivor' Mini-Game - And Also Tofu

Two other “survivors” from the original Resident Evil 2 – and their respective mini-games – will also be making their triumphant return in the remake.

As players prepare to venture back into Raccoon City as Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield in Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake, it appears that two other former “survivors” from the 1998 game – and their respective mini-games – will also be making their triumphant return in the remake.

Announced via the official Resident Evil Twitter profile, “The 4th Survivor” and “The Tofu Survivor” bonus modes ill be included with the Resident Evil 2 remake when the game launches on January 25th.

“The 4th Survivor” is a bonus minigame that was featured in the original Resident Evil 2, which was unlocked after completing both of the game’s scenarios with an A-ranking. Players take on the role of HUNK (aka the Grim Reaper), the sole Umbrella operative who survives an attack by the mutated William Birkin. HUNK is tasked with escaping zombie-infested Raccoon City before it is destroyed, with only a handful of items at his disposal. The minigame is relatively tough, but not quite as tough as “The Tofu Survivor.”

“The Tofu Survivor” is essentially the same exact mode as “The 4th Survivor,” but instead of HUNK (or a person at all) players take control of a giant piece of tofu. The parody is considerably more difficult than “The 4th Survivor,” considering that while Tofu can sustain more damage than its human counterparts, it is equipped with only a combat knife and a few herbs.

Obtaining the tofu-mode itself is no easy task either. The bonus mode is unlocked after completing any combination of the game’s scenarios in under two and a half hours with A-rankings, and doing so ix times in a row.

Capcom has not given any details on whether or not the modes will be unlocked in the same manner as they were in the original game.

At any rate, it is a breath of fresh air that the modes will be included with the game at launch (just as it was in 1998), rather than being offered as DLC. We also fully expect that Tofu will dominate the cosplay scene in 2019.

Resident Evil 2 will be available on January 25th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned to The Gamer for when we bring you our review of the highly-anticipated remake.

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