Resident Evil 2 Remake To Use New, Non-Union Voice Actors

Capcom is electing not to bring back the original voice actors for the Resident Evil 2 remake, using non-union workers instead.

Courtenay Taylor, who voiced Ada Wong in the original Resident Evil 2, has reported via Twitter that Capcom will be using nonunion voice actors for their Resident Evil 2 remake as opposed to the voice actors from the original game.

A continuing trend after hiring nonunion voice actors for the roles of Claire and Leon, the exclusion of Courtenay Taylor as Ada Wong shouldn’t come as any surprise to fans that have been following the Resident Evil 2 remake's development cycle, although details pertaining to the game have been scant.

Taylor’s response came after a fan inquiry on Twitter asked her if she was going to be participating in voice-overs for the remake amidst news that Capcom would not be rehiring the original Leon and Clair voice actors, reprising her role as Ada Wong in the original Resident Evil 2. Being a union member herself, Taylor responded that she would love to reprise her role as Ada but it would need to be a union project before she could consider being involved.

After the remake’s complete absence from E3, the choice to not bring the original voice actors back on board for the Resident Evil 2 remake seems typically Capcom. The main motivation for Capcom not hiring the original voice actors is most likely attributed to the fact that nonunion actors are cheaper to hire than union members.

Hopefully this is a creative choice and not a monetary decision; if Capcom is going to cut corners budget-wise when trying to remake one of the franchise’s, and the industry's, most celebrated entries, they’re going to have a bad time. This shouldn’t surprise any gamers who are familiar with Capcom’s usual skullduggery; they have a solid track record of pissing off loyal fans by discontinuing series, delivering subpar finished products, and generally screwing up whatever they get their hands on. The remake’s absence from E3 may also be cause for alarm, as the game was scheduled to show this year. So help us Capcom, if we get another Raccoon City we may just have to swear off one of our favorite series for good.

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