REm4de: Every Version Of Resident Evil 4, Ranked

Resident Evil 4 has been ported numerous times since its original release in January 2005. Not all the editions flourished, but since it's widely considered the best game of all time, a plethora of platforms have been made compatible. Resident Evil 4 is a gripping survival horror game played in an over-the-shoulder style, credited with inspiring TPS titans like Gears of War. It's no wonder the game's been as popular as it has.

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Since there have been so many Resident Evil 4 ports, we decided to make a list ranking the top ways to play this beloved title. Not all versions were created equal, sure, but it is hard to go wrong with Resident Evil 4.

11 Zeebo

One of the most unlikely places people would expect to see Resident Evil 4 is on the Zeebo console. It's a 3G compatible educational device, which is sometimes used for games. Of course, Resident Evil 4 isn't nearly as graphically impressive on a Zeebo machine.

For owners of a Zeebo, it is worth downloading  Resident Evil 4 anyway. The game was officially released for Zeebo on November 11, 2009. Regardless of its flaws, Resident Evil 4 is playable and beatable on the Zeebo system, which is a feat in and of itself.

10 Mobile Edition

Both iPhone and Android players can download a copy of Resident Evil 4 too. With the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, it is only natural that Capcom would bring this wildy popular game to mobile. There have been heavy compromises, of course, but this is still quite the technical achievement.

Named Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition, this version of the game has abysmal graphics but provided the benefit of being able to play it on the go. The controls are tricky at times, but players who persevere will get the hang of it.

9 PlayStation 2

One of the first systems to play Resident Evil 4 was the PlayStation 2. Although the game was initially going to be an exclusive for the GameCube (and it was for a while), the PlayStation 2 version was announced before the Nintendo GameCube version released.

Many of the games on PlayStation 2 look fantastic when running on an emulator, but undoubtedly, PlayStation 2's visuals cannot touch those that consoles of today can output. The Nintendo GameCube had a slight edge on Sony's system in that regard.

8 Nintendo GameCube

Before the mighty Wii there was the GameCube, the first console to play Resident Evil 4. Even though it didn't run DVDs because of its smaller disc tray and lack of compatibility, GameCube had decent graphics for its time. Later remakes of Resident Evil 4 bested the the original in the visuals department, of course, which makes other ports of Resident Evil 4 superior.

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The GameCube utilizes 24 MB of RAM, uses a Dolphin OS operating system, and has an IBM PowerPC Gekko with 486 MHz. By today's standards, the GameCube's specs are inferior, but it's worth playing Resident Evil 4 on GameCube for a chance to play the original version.

7 Xbox 360

Lighting was said to be better on the Xbox 360, but the textures are superior on the PlayStation 3. Still, the console that is considered by many to be the least reliable console of all time might not be most people's first choice to play Resident Evil 4.

There were, however, later Xbox 360 editions that fixed the RROD (Red Ring of Death) problem. When the console is working, Resident Evil 4 plays well. The problem was widespread, but it didn't affect everyone.

6 PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3's DualShock 3 wasn't as great as other controllers of the time. Sony did little to improve its controller since the PlayStation 2. If it wasn't for the Xbox 360's lower-quality textures and unreliability, it would be ranked higher than the PlayStation 3.

Many would agree that the improved textures of the PlayStation 3 edition are much more of a plus than the Xbox 360's better lighting. Overall, the PlayStation 3 is the sixth best way to play Resident Evil 4.

5 Nintendo Switch

The most recent console to re-release Resident Evil 4 is the Nintendo Switch. Finally, a Nintendo console can output the game in 1080p. To the disappointment of many Nintendo fans, though, the new Resident Evil 4 port does not have motion control akin to the Wii's.

Had the Nintendo Switch added intuitive gyro controls to Resident Evil 4, it would probably be considered the best version of Resident Evil 4 to date. In the meantime, we can pray that Nintendo adds sophisticated motion controls in a later patch.

4 PC

Technically, two versions released on the PC. There was the original, which had poor graphics, and the Ultimate HD Edition, which is the game players should have gotten in the first place.

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PC has the most potential when it comes to customizing your experience. Graphics settings can be lowered and raised, and people from the gaming community can create a whole range of mods that can enhance gameplay. Playing Resident Evil 4 on PC is one of the best ways to experience Resident Evil 4 in all its grim glory. The game works well with gamepads or a mouse and keyboard.

3 PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro features an eight-core AMD CPU processor with 8GN of GDDDR5 Ram and supports 4K gameplay. Resident Evil 4 is not capable of running in 4K (yet), but it does have faster speeds and a frame rate that is almost unwavering.

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Getting a chance to play Resident Evil 4 on the PlayStation 4 Pro is a rare treat. Using the PlayStation 4 Pro is the best way to experience Resident Evil 4 on a PlayStation 4. Without a doubt, purchasing Resident Evil 4 to see its updated graphics is worth it.

2 Xbox One X

With a GPU that clocks in at an astounding 6 teraflops, Xbox One X has the edge against the PS4 Pro, which clocks in at 4.2 teraflops. The Xbox One X is a fantastic platform, and it could be a while before another console trumps it.

Resident Evil 4 has never looked so good on a console. Playing the remastered version for Xbox One, which can be played on the Xbox One X, is a thrill. Also, with Xbox One's award-winning peripherals, Resident Evil 4 is an incomparable experience.

1 Nintendo Wii

Resident Evil 4 has been made for most of the leading consoles of the past two decades. Even though the Nintendo Wii doesn't output the best graphics, it is considered the best Resident Evil 4 port because of its phenomenal usage of motion control. Using the Wiimote in combination with a Wii Nunchuck offers a near-flawless experience.

The game is more immersive when using the Wii's motion control. Shaking your Wii Remote will allow you to intuitively swing Leon's knife, for instance. Hopefully, Resident Evil 4 is ported for future consoles and Wii's motion control makes a return.

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