10 Games To Play While Waiting For Resident Evil 8

The Resident Evil games have been a staple game franchise in the world of survival horror since their release. Fans anxiously await each new release in the franchise and speculate about what's going to happen in the next game. What characters from past games will show up? Where will it be set? Will it be like the last game in the series?

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It's always hard to wait for a highly anticipated game but luckily, there are a few ways to deal with the wait. One of them is by playing other similar games to really get you in the mood for the game that you're waiting for while also entertaining yourself.

To see ten games to play while you wait for Resident Evil 8, keep reading!

10 The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a game that was released in 2014 on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. This game is a third-person style game that is divided up into different chapters that the player completes.

The game follows Sebastian Castellanos, a detective from the Krimson City Police Department. Along with his partners, Sebastian is tasked with investigating a heinous crime that took place at Beacon Mental Hospital. During their investigation, they're tossed into a surreal nightmare world and forced to try to survive.

9 Dying Light

Dying Light was released in 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This first-person game is set in the city of Harran after the zombie apocalypse. It follows an undercover agent named Kyle Crane who was sent to Harran to find a political figure in Harran who stole a sensitive file from the agency Crane works for.

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This game has an open-world setting, a day and night cycle that changes the zombies that appear at different times, and a unique experience system that allows the player to unlock various different upgrades. The game also has a ton of climbable structures, adding a unique parkour element to this zombie game.

8 Until Dawn

Just like the Resident Evil franchise is about way more than the zombies, Until Dawn is a game that's about way more than the monster that is following this group of friends during their weekend getaway. Until Dawn was released on the PlayStation 4 in 2015 and follows a group of friends who go to a cabin in the mountains exactly one year after the disappearance of two of their friends.

This game forces players to make choices that will impact the way the characters feel about each other and the things that happen to the characters in the future. Whether or not these characters survive their mountain escape is completely up to you.

7 Silent Hill

The Resident Evil franchise is undeniably a staple in the world of survival horror games, but it's not the only one. The Silent Hill series released its first game in 1999, only three years after the first Resident Evil game was released. These two games have inspired countless survival horror games over the years.

It's always fun to replay old favorite games, but going back to the very start of a series can especially be fun. While we're waiting for the next game in another iconic survival horror series, why not travel back to 1999 and play the original Silent Hill game? This game has so many secrets and following Harry Mason through this mysterious town never gets old.

6 State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is the sequel to the 2013 video game State of Decay. This game was released in 2018 for PC and Xbox One. State of Decay 2 is a post-apocalyptic world with a heavy focus on rebuilding society and trying to survive by building up your home base, scavenging items, and helping others.

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This game allows players to explore the open world setting and scavenge through houses, cars, and buildings to find supplies that will help them to build up their community and keep it going. Fighting against zombies, clearing infestations, and curing infected survivors is also a key part of the game.

5 Outlast

Outlast is a first-person survival horror game that was released in 2013 on PC and has since been ported to other platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The game is the first game published by Red Barrels and the first game in the Outlast series which includes two games and DLC for the first game.

Outlast follows an investigative journalist named Miles Upshur who received a tip in his email about cruel experiments that are being conducted at Mount Massive Asylum. Armed with his video camera, Miles goes to investigate. The game follows as the player controls Miles who is tasked with trying to uncover the truth of what happened at Mount Massive.

4 Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground is a game that was developed by Capcom and released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005. This survival horror game has a lot of similarities to Capcom's Clock Tower series and as such, many video game fans consider it a successor to that series.

The player controls Fiona, an 18-year-old who is in a car accident while on her way to visit her parents. She wakes up in the dungeon of a castle and, along with the help of a dog named Hewie who becomes her companion, she's forced to try to survive and find her way out.

3 Alan Wake

Alan Wake is an action-adventure game that was first released on the Xbox 360 in 2010. The game is broken up into "episodes" and follows a structure similar to a TV show with plot twists and cliffhangers. That makes this spooky and suspenseful game pretty different from others.

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The game follows an author name Alan Wake who has been struggling with writer's block following the successes of his previous novels. He and his wife go on a vacation into the mountains in order to try to solve his writer's block but after they get there, things go horribly wrong for the couple.

2 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is a unique horror game that was released exclusively on the GameCube in 2002. This game features similar gameplay to the early games in the Resident Evil franchise with some really unique features, meaning this game has become a cult classic among survival horror fans even though it was only released on the GameCube.

This game takes place in four different locations and time periods. The game goes back and forth between these time periods in order to really keep the player on their toes and unsure of what's going to happen next. Players solve puzzles and fight monsters as they uncover the dark secrets of an entity that has been trying to take over humanity for centuries.

1 Resident Evil 4

What better way to prepare for the release of a new Resident Evil game than to go back and play an old favorite? There are a ton of really great games in the Resident Evil franchise, but Resident Evil 4 has definitely become a favorite for many gamers. This game was originally released on the GameCube in 2005 but has since been released on just about every console, including the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

The game is set six years after the events of Resident Evil 2, meaning it's perfect for people that just finished playing the remake, and follows Leon S. Kennedy as he travels to a remote village in Europe in order to try to rescue a politician's daughter who was taken by a mysterious cult.

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