Resident Evil: The 10 Worst Things Albert Wesker Has Done

Resident Evil is largely known for the mutant creatures its heroes face, but no villain is as infamous as Albert Wesker and his dastardly deeds.

If the Resident Evil franchise is known for anything, it’s Chris Redfield’s absurd boulder-punching and biceps the size of the Chrysler Building. If it’s known for anything else, though, it’s for the ridiculous array of horrible mutant enemies our heroes have to contend with.

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Of all the villainous creatures in the series, none is quite as dastardly as Albert Wesker. Since the very first game, he’s been plying his evil, traitorous trade, successfully getting himself involved in just about every world domination and/or destruction plot in the franchise (usually from the shadows). He’s the sunglasses-sporting bad guy we all love to hate, so let’s take a look at some of his most evil deeds ever.

10 Betraying The S.T.A.R.S. Team

Where else would we start, but with the act of evil that kicked off the events of the original Resident Evil? Even on your very first playthrough of the game, you surely noticed that Wesker was acting in a decidedly shady manner right from the off. The sunglasses indoors (in a dimly-lit spooky mansion, no less), the mysterious absences, constantly popping up in suspicious rooms… it’s all textbook villainy.

Later, we learn the full extent of Wesker’s machinations: by sabotaging Bravo Team’s helicopter, he led Alpha Team into the mansion, the perfect place to gather combat data on the B.O.Ws' performances against highly-trained opponents.

9 Making Jill Valentine His Puppet

Needless to say, once Alpha Team uncovered the whole story, they weren’t about to invite ex-Captain Wesker over for Thanksgiving dinner afterwards. These events kicked off a pattern of Wesker messing with (or outright battling against) Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and other Resident Evil mainstays over the course of the series.

His most prominent appearance after the 1996 series debut came in Resident Evil 5. In the story DLC Lost In Nightmares, Chris and Jill encounter Wesker in the Spencer Estate. During the raid, Jill throws herself at Wesker to save Chris’s life and is thrown through a window alongside Wesker. Jill is believed dead, but we learn that the villain kept her alive, injected her with a regular cocktail of drugs, and controlled her mind to use her as an agent against her grieving partner.

8 Instrumental In The Creation Of Umbrella’s B.O.W.s

Back to those infamous B.O.W.s of Umbrella’s, though. Not only was Wesker happy to send his team head-first into their furious, hungry, toothy mouths, he had a crucial role to play in their creation in the first place.

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Early in his career with Umbrella, Wesker was assigned to work on the ongoing t-Virus research and the Tyrant Project. A brilliant scientist, his work advanced Umbrella’s knowledge and development of these abominations to an incredible degree. The company would perhaps never have become as notorious as it did without him.

7 The Uroboros Project

So, yes. When you’re as intellectually gifted and ambitious as the young Wesker was, and you start your career working on such matters as the Tyrant Project and t-Virus, there’s no telling just how far you might go. With the benefit of hindsight, though, we know that everything this villain accomplished culminated in Uroburos.

This new project was your standard ‘wipe out all of humanity, to save the planet for those who are worthy to ascend’ sort of deals (think Thanos, only much more selective). Along with Excella Gionne, another brilliant geneticist, Wesker masterminded this deadly initiative and tried to shape the whole world into a form more pleasing to him. “Six billion cries of agony will birth a new balance,” as the man himself put it.

6 Wanting A Piece Of The Las Plagas Pie Too

As fans will remember, Resident Evil 4 was the title that started the new action-oriented trend in the series. To cater to that, its enemies weren’t zombies, but faster, more intelligent foes: human beings (for the most part) infected by the Las Plagas parasite.

This was new territory for the fiendish Wesker, but of course he wanted a piece of that action too. When there’s an evil scheme afoot, he’s not going to miss out. That’s exactly how Ada Wong came to be involved in the mess Leon S. Kennedy found himself in: she’d been dispatched by Wesker to collect a sample of the parasite for Tricell.

5 Inspiring More Villains To Follow In His Footsteps

Throughout the series’ ongoing narrative, Wesker popped up again and again, refusing to stay down like a stubborn horror movie monster. Eventually, though, he met his (hilariously over-dramatic) demise at the end of Resident Evil 5. Because, sometimes, only taking several rockets to the face while drowning in a pool of lava will do.

Even death didn’t stop his villainy, however. His work inspired Alex Wesker, who would become the villain of Resident Evil Revelations 2 with her deadly t-Phobos project.

4 “Complete. Global. Saturation.”

So, yes. Megalomaniacal villains with superpowers and visions for an ‘improved’ world are nothing new, but Wesker took things a stage further with his Uroboros project. The bosses themselves tend to think they’re far too important to do the major work themselves, but this was different. Wesker wanted to distribute the Uroburos virus personally, by means of a stealth plane and Uroburos-missiles in the atmosphere.

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Naturally, this provided ample time for taunting, dramatic fight scenes and fiery theatrics (not to mention boulder-punching).

3 Surrendering His Humanity

When he first entered the Spencer Mansion with the rest of Alpha Team in Resident Evil, Wesker was at his most treacherous and his most human. As his ambition grew and his knowledge improved, he surrendered everything that made him human in order to try and achieve his ends.

The Lord Voldemort of the Resident Evil-verse was seemingly killed by the Tyrant he awoke, only to survive thanks to the t-Virus coursing through his body. From there, his strength only grew. In a last-ditch effort to destroy Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, he infected himself with the Uroboros virus, dying as the true monster he had become.

2 Killing His Most Powerful Allies

You know how it can be with big villains. They have their lackeys, associates and even close allies, all of whom tend to be betrayed or killed when it serves them best. This is an essential part of Villainy 101, and it’s an art that Wesker has perfected over the years.

Even with all of that business with Alpha Team aside, Resident Evil 5’s Lost In Nightmares DLC showed Wesker killing Spencer, after the latter had revealed the truth about Wesker’s origins (Wesker had no use for him at this point). Another of his most heinous acts in this regard was infecting his business partner Excella Gionne with Uroboros, simply to slow our heroes down as they fought her new-and-not-exactly-improved monstrous form.

1 That Unfortunate Incident With The Tyrant

Now, this might be a bit of a sarcastic note to end on, but when it comes to the worst things Wesker ever did, his original death has got to be right up there.

As we know, Captain Sunglasses had lured his team into the ultimate trap in the form of the Spencer Mansion. His goal was to collect combat data before removing loose ends: the S.T.A.R.S. team. To this end, he brought the Tyrant into play, but things backfired a little when the hulking B.O.W. turned on him instead. With the S.T.A.R.S. as witness to his ‘death,’ it was all quite convenient, but we can’t help but think that he’d gotten lucky and made the best of a bad situation.

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