MBTI® Of Resident Evil Characters

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is one of many tests designed to determine someone's personality. There are sixteen different personality types determined by the test. The results of the test will tell people if they're an extrovert or introvert, whether they focus their attention on tangible or abstract concepts, whether they make their decisions based on logic or emotions, and finally, how they view the world. It's not uncommon for people to take the MBTI test for their favorite characters to better understand their motivations. With that in mind, here are the MBTI types of your favorite Resident Evil characters. Do you agree with the results?

10 Chris Redfield - ENFJ


Chris scored as an ENFJ, otherwise known as The Provider. This makes him an extrovert who would rather deal with the solid and concrete facts of the world rather than abstract concepts. He also tends to make decisions based on what he's feeling rather than what logic tells him, and he makes lists of what to do next rather than letting life come at him on its own. The Provider is a great personality type for someone like Chris, a tough guy archetype who provides protection for his teammates.

9 Jill Valentine - ISTJ

Almost the opposite of Chris, Jill came in as an ISTJ, The Inspector. So while she would prefer to deal with the world the same way Chris would, she's an introvert who uses her head instead of her heart to make important decisions.

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Her personality contrasts well with Chris' because while she is more controlled by her emotions than her logic, Chris acts as the logic that allows them to make some pretty tough decisions. It should come as no surprise that these two make the perfect duo.

8 Leon Scott Kennedy - ISFP

Leon is an ISFP: an introvert who makes decisions based on what his gut tells him and acts more spontaneously than either Chris or Jill. He says himself he doesn't like to make plans that far ahead! And don't forget about his hasty decision to move to Raccoon City despite not having travel plans or an apartment in the city. Leon is the perfect example of how, despite some spontaneity is good, too much of it can lead to your girlfriend breaking up with you.

7 Claire Redfield - ENFJ

Just like her brother before her, Claire is an ENFJ. It must run in the family or something! Or it might have something to do with growing up without parents and forming a very strong bond as siblings.

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With a personality so similar to her brothers, it surely came as no surprise when Claire dropped out of college to find her brother in Raccoon City. Apparently, when you put two Providers together, there's nothing they won't do to keep each other safe and out of trouble. It's almost poetic.

6 Ada Wong - INTJ

The INTJ is otherwise known as The Mastermind, which is kind of perfect for someone with as mysterious as a background as Ada's. Her personality is only reinforced by her job as a spy, and especially her Arklay Laboratory infiltration, which was made possible by her romantic relationship with John Clemens. Like most spies, Ada uses her intuition to see the bigger picture through all the details and uses plenty of logic to make her decisions rather than giving in to her emotions. There really isn't a better gig for someone like Ada.

5 Sherry Birkin - INFJ

Sherry is an INFJ, The Counselor, which is the rarest MBTI personality type. INFJs only make up about 2% of the population, but it's kind of fitting that someone as unique as Sherry would have such a rare personality type.

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She's a private person, no doubt brought on by her parents' neglect, which could also explain why she listens to her gut feelings and prioritizes her relationships with other people. However, she's also prone to using her brain to make decisions rather than her heart, maybe so she doesn't get her heart broken.

4 Lieutenant Marvin Branagh - ISTJ

The good ol' lieutenant was an ISTJ (The Inspector) before he was turned into a zombie. As an introvert, he spent a lot of time thinking about problems in order to understand them, which is a trait befitting of anyone in his position. Those who use sensing over intuition tend to notice the details, and for a man who spearheaded the resistance against the breakout in Racoon City, this was an important personality trait to possess. Unfortunately, it didn't save him in the end, but it kept him alive for a while.


HUNK, just like Branagh, is an Inspector who spends a lot of his time observing and calculating and not a lot of time actually saying anything. It's hard to pinpoint a personality type for someone like HUNK, who seems as completely devoid as emotion as he is, but it does take a certain type of personality to be involved in the things HUNK is involved in.

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Unlike other Resident Evil characters, HUNK volunteered for a position like this. HUNK is more apt to think ahead before making decisions, and spontaneity isn't exactly on his list of things to do.

2 Albert Wesker - ENTJ

As the first and only ENTJ on this list, Terminator look-a-like Albert Wesker was ambitious thanks to his extroversion and self-serving egoist who wanted nothing more than complete domination over the human race. Ironically, to get this power, he used Umbrella to acquire superhuman abilities. He always stayed one step ahead of his adversaries and allies alike by constantly thinking and judging, but his ultimate plot to turn all humans into superhumans was eventually foiled when he met his demise via RPGs and a volcano.

1 Alex Wesker - INTJ

Another subject of the Wesker Project, Alex the INTJ had similar ambitions to Albert, but the introvert in her dictated the way she went about achieving her goals. Instead of climbing the corporate ladder and expecting people to fall at her feet the way Albert did, Alex was more sneaky and thoughtful in her quest to achieve immortality. There's even a question as to whether or not she's really dead, since Natalia seems to have developed some notably Alex-esque traits since Alex's demise. Talk about sneaky!

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