10 Hilarious Ways Resident Evil's Economy Makes No Sense

A video game's economy varies from game to game. Some games require players to invest time in order to accrue perks and bonuses. Other games reward skill displayed over time invested. It's all a matter of what kind of game you're playing. The Resident Evil series has long had a strange mix of factors when it comes to its in-game economy.

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The oddness of these factors, when examined closely, can leave players with a sense of ridiculousness. Maybe you didn't notice the hilarity while you were busy dealing with a T-virus outbreak. We sure did. Read on if you want to know about all the hilarious ways Resident Evil's economy makes no sense.

10 The Naira To Dollar Rates For Gun Upgrades

Resident Evil 5 set the series in Africa, which gave players an opportunity to play in a new locale while also changing what kind of money was used. Story-wise, Chris Redfield and Sheva purchase guns and upgrades for their weapons using naira, the official currency for Nigeria.

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However, what is somewhat astounding is the price difference between naira and US dollars. In RE5, your upgrades are actually fairly cheap when using real-money math. For example, if your upgrade costs 2000 naira, that is equivalent to around 5 US dollars. If the BSAA wasn't so thrifty, maybe Chris and Sheva could have decked out all their guns more quickly.

9 Bigger Zombies Equal More Cash

Game-wise, it makes sense that larger, and therefore tougher, enemies usually dole out more points, money, or rewards. The more ammunition and items the player expends defeating it are recompensed in full. But it is seriously ridiculous when a zombie drops extra cash just because it happens to be larger than the rest. Slow monstrosities often give players an overlarge wallet, while others might not give as much. It's almost like Resident Evil is teaching us that size matters.

8 Colored Herbs Mean Different Things

Any Resident Evil fan worth their salt knows that herbs are necessary for survival. Green herbs are hungrily sought after, and red herbs are drooled over. However, the mechanics of this prized item are hilarious upon further scrutiny. Just look at what these things are called.

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"Green herb?" "Red herb?" Did Captain Obvious name these plants? Plus, the function of combining more herbs to get more health is hilarious. It works, but that doesn't mean we can't chuckle over it.

7 Skill Point Farming

Resident Evil 6 does not stand out as the best Resident Evil game ever made. However, it definitely should win a prize for being the Resident Evil game most likely to make you laugh. Not only were the story hi-jinks hilarious, the in-game economy was broken. Skill points were acquired throughout the game in order to upgrade weapons and characters. However, skill point farming became a common practice throughout the whole thing. For those of you who don't know, when a player is able to "farm" something, that means they have the ability to reap rewards without necessarily progressing beyond a certain point in the game.

6 Gunpowder Making Bullets

Granted, we're not entirely familiar with the process of making bullets. However, we're fairly certain it involves more than just mashing gunpowder together with fluids. In certain Resident Evil games, aside from just stumbling upon ammo, players can get more ammunition by crafting bullets.

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In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, players can combine gunpowder with chem fluid to make bullets for a handgun. While playing the game, you're thankful for the opportunity to give yourself more of a fighting chance. Upon retrospection, you're amused by the process.

5 Microtransactions, Of Course

Microtransactions are slowly but surely becoming the bane of every gamer's existence. For those of you who have been blessed enough to never come across a microtransaction in your life, a microtransaction is essentially when a perk or function of a game can be unlocked using real-world cash. Recently, Resident Evil 2 unleashed a microtransaction in the form of DLC that allows players to unlock all in-game rewards before they even start playing. Where's the fun in that?

4 Zombies Are Part Of The Economy

This will never get old. Perhaps the most hilarious aspect of Resident Evil's economy is the fact that zombies play a pivotal part in it. Eliminating zombies gives you skill points, money, progression items, etc. They carry so much value, it's a waste to not kill them. In a real zombie apocalypse, you'd probably spend an inordinate amount of time trying to avoid the undead. In a Resident Evil game, you spend an inordinate amount of time seeking these zombies out, hoping for that sweet, sweet loot drop.

3 Who Put Items In Bird Cages?

Not much goes on in the way of an economy in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard except for these special items locked away in bird cages. In order to access these items, players need to keep an eye out for Antique Coins.

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These coins, if slotted into the cages, will open the doors. You might not have thought much of this while playing the game, but who in the world locked all these weapons and health items in bird cages? What was the value in doing that?

2 Stores In The Zombie Apocalypse

In between missions in Resident Evil 5, Chris and Sheva get time to upgrade their weapons. Or, rather, the player gets time to upgrade their weapons. However, what is going on during these "breaks" when the players start spending naira to improve their guns? Based on the plot-jumps between missions, some of these breaks occur when Chris and Sheva are in the middle of a high-stakes operation, whether that's driving a truck to safety or exploring an underground cave. How in the world did they find the time to fix their stuff?

1 Hidden Antique Coins

Remember when we talked about the ludicrousness of bird cages holding precious items? Well, let's go back to that for a moment. What are these Antique Coins, coins that are meant to unlock the bird cages, doing just lying around? Are they really antiques? Plus, why would the Baker family have so many of them? Were they collectors of Antique Coins? The rarity of these coins, and the artful manner in which they are hidden, make RE7's economy one of the funniest, and slowest in terms of progression, in the whole franchise.

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