New Resident Evil Is A Team-Based Survival Experience

Ready your herbs and shotguns, Resident Evil fans, for we just received news of the newest title. After months of speculation about what kind of game we will be receiving, be it a remake, sequel, or something else in the zombified universe, the veil has lifted on Project Resistance and we have discovered that it will be a team-based survival game.

Capcom has done an excellent job preventing most leaks about the game, and we only had a few screenshots that were found via YouTube thumbnails to guess what was coming. These images revealed four individuals, none of which appeared to have any connection to the characters from the many games in the series.

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Many had hoped that we would be seeing a successor to Left 4 Dead, given that the characters appeared to be four survivors who lived through an initial outbreak of the T-Virus.

Instead, the images were far more reminiscent of the Resident Evil: Outbreak games, which also place a number of strangers together who happened to survive the initial outbreak in Raccoon City and must then work together in a number of non-canonical campaigns to survive. Selectable characters were from all walks of life and had different skills that helped specific situations in the game.

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The new trailer shows a group of four young people taking out zombies with all manner of weapons, from baseball bats to shotguns. It doesn't show us much about how the gameplay will work exactly, but some fans are hoping that it'll involve players taking on waves of enemies, similar to the Left 4 Dead series. However, other fans are comparing it to Resident Evil: Outbreak.

While both Resident Evil: Outbreak and its expansion Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 are fan-favorites for their dynamic and interesting take on the survival-horror genre, the game was initially a commercial failure at the time of its release in 2004. On the PlayStation 2, consumers were all but forced to purchase an external hard-drive or deal with excessively long load times. Online play was not standard at the time either, and even if one managed to get online, the only method of communication was through a series of generic commands and responses you could make through your character.

For years now, players have been asking for another crack at an Outbreak-style game, and now that technology has caught up with the mechanics envisioned in this multi-player survival horror game, it may be the perfect time to try again.

We also see a character who looks strikingly similar to Resident Evil 2's Mr. X. He seems to be gearing up for a fight against the humans, so hopefully it's only a matter of time before we find out more.

Project Resistance does not yet have a release date.

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