5 Reasons Resident Evil Is The Best Horror Franchise (& 5 Why It's Silent Hill)

The debate between whether Resident Evil or Silent Hill is the superior franchise has been raging since Silent Hill first appeared in 1999 as a contender to the now three-year-old franchise Resident Evil. Over the years the two franchises and their fanbases have grown and changed with the times and it seems the debate still hasn’t been settled.

Ultimately which camp you fall in is based on your preferences as a gamer. Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas as to which game series is better for you and why.

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10 Resident Evil: Adventure Horror

The Resident Evil series is about blending horror with action-adventure. You’re facing horrific and monstrous nightmares, but with the right tools and equipment you can become something of a monster yourself.

The horror often comes from jumpscares and other surprises when you least expect it. There are moments of dread and apprehension, but this is mitigated somewhat by having a good gun and plenty of ammo. If you like horror that’s presented as a challenge rather than a nightmare you have no hope of overcoming then Resident Evil is your franchise.

9 Silent Hill: Psychological Horror

Silent Hill delivers its scares in subtle and crafty ways. There are the occasional jumpscares, but it prefers to get under your skin and leave you paranoid. There are few moments as terrifying as when your radio starts crackling and you can’t see what’s causing it.

It’s a slow burn that will have you on edge even if there aren’t any immediate threats. It’s the kind of horror that has you anxious while playing and uneasy long after you’ve shut down the game. If you like a game that leaves you feeling like no amount of ammo will make you safer then Silent Hill is your game.

8 Resident Evil: Straight Forward Story

Some see this as a criticism, but it can honestly be refreshing in a world of convoluted and complicated stories. You are the hero, the unethical scientist, corrupt military leader, or greedy politician is typically the villain. Your job is to stop them and to do so you need to find the right tools, serums, and individuals necessary to stop them.

These stories aren’t the kind that require dozens of playthroughs to understand. You can find further information about the backstory and the characters through collectibles and the environment, but it’s not critical for understanding anything. If you like simple stories that only need one playthrough then go with these games.

7 Silent Hill: Complex Story

If you’re frustrated by predictable plots and lazy storytelling then you’ll enjoy the complicated thought pieces that make up Silent Hill. These are stories that are slowly unraveled and often take multiple playthroughs to fully understand.

The in-depth storytelling and unique ideas feel like you’re making your way through a good novel and require you to take your time to fully enjoy them. While playing you may not understand fully what’s going on, but after you finish your third playthrough you’ll be amazed by the clues that were hidden in plain sight. If you want a rich and complicated story, go with Silent Hill.

6 Resident Evil: Action

More so in the latter entries, Resident Evil embraces the concept of heroes shooting zombies and runs with it. There are multiple weapons to obtain, ammo to hoard, and knives to use. These weapons can be simple standard police issue handguns or brutal rocket launchers.

This game wants you to go toe to toe with most of it’s enemies and gives you the resources to do it. There are moments where you’ll be fleeing invincible enemies and you wont have enough bullets to put the horde of zombies down, but most often it's all about getting head shots. If you want action, go Resident Evil.

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5 Silent Hill: Stealth

There are boss fights and the games do give you weapons to take down a few enemies, but often times you are alone, creeping in the shadows with nothing more than a flashlight. The gun is meant to be used when you have no other options and often causes more problems then it solves.

This is a game that encourages you to study enemy movements, cause distractions and wait for opportunities to get by without a scuffle. If you want a game that throws you into the lion’s den with little more than a pocket knife, this is your game.

4 Resident Evil: Great Gameplay

Over time the gameplay in the Resident Evil series has grown to implement many modern concepts and has become really polished as a result. Instead of focusing on fixed camera angles and intentionally clunky controls it’s utilized third-person perspectives and smooth movements.

The gunplay is solid and few bugs are present in later games. The stealth moments are bearable, and the puzzles are straightforward. If you want a series that sticks with whatever the modern trends in gaming are then Resident Evil is the way to go.

3 Silent Hill: Great Atmosphere

The setting are eerie and the sounds are horrific. These games may not have great combat, but you were never intended to gun down most of the enemies anyway. The controls may be an issue for some as they can be cumbersome at times, but in a world of hulking pyramid heads and twitching nurses it seems only fitting your character may have some issues getting around.

The gameplay is subtle with the lack of control permeating everything, including your ability to keep your character alive at times, which can be a huge payoff for the right gamer. If stressful situations and struggling to avoid monster attacks is what gets your blood pumping than Silent Hill is your game.

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2 Resident Evil: Heroes

You’re a hero, a knight in shining armor come to save the day from the obviously big bad. You are often a cop, a soldier, or a secret agent and with those job titles come lots of skills and incredible acrobatic abilities that make for a great hero.

These individuals are capable of handling any situation and wielding any weapon in their fight to take down the hoards of zombies and mutated monstrosities. If you want a rookie cop turned special agent who can dodge a randomized array of lasers through backflips and cartwheels then the Resident Evil series is the best for you.

1 Silent Hill: Characters

The Silent Hill series is rife with individuals from all walks of life, these aren’t expertly trained warriors with the mental fortitude to cope with what they’re experiencing, they’re ordinary people trying to escape the hell they find themselves in.

They aren’t heroes, sometimes they can be considered the villains of the story with their dark thoughts manifesting as the monsters. These are individuals who walk the grey line of morality and are not equipped to survive what’s happening. If you want a game series populated with real people with real flaws then Silent Hill is your series.

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