Resident Evil: 10 Things You Never Knew About Jill Valentine

Since the first Resident Evil game was released back in 1996, tons of other survival horror games have come out and had video game fans totally fall in love with them. The Resident Evil series has released so many games and has really engaged gamers for years. There have been quite a few characters introduced and players love to learn everything about their favorite characters and learn everything about them.

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One super popular character in the Resident Evil franchise that has definitely become popular in the world of gaming is Jill Valentine. Jill was introduced in the very first Resident Evil game and has appeared in multiple games since then. To see 10 things you never knew about Jill Valentine, keep reading!

10 Survival Horror's First Playable Female

Jill Valentine was introduced as one of the two playable characters in the first Resident Evil game when it was released in 1996. This game was one of the first survival horror games that was released and is definitely a game that inspired other games in the future.

There were definitely other scary games that came out before this, but Resident Evil is typically considered the first game that really personifies what we consider survival horror today that was released worldwide. Because of this, Jill being a playable character is a huge deal. Female main characters are still somewhat uncommon, particularly in survival horror games. So, Jill being one in 1996 was massive for the genre.

9 Her Special Bonuses

Playing as Jill in Resident Evil is actually a pretty unique experience. Jill was designed to be completely different than her BSAA counterpart, Chris. Although Chris can take more damage from the many enemies that the player encounters in the game, Jill isn't without her bonuses.

When you first start the game, Jill has a lockpick in her inventory, meaning that she can access different locked rooms in the mansion long before Chris can. She also has an extra inventory slot, meaning that she can carry more precious ammo and herbs than Chris too.

8 The Reason Claire Took Over The Sequel

The first game in the Resident Evil franchise was completely focused on Chris and Jill as they explored and investigated the huge, spooky mansion together. But when the second game came out, it was completely focused on two brand new characters: Leon and Claire.

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Why change characters so suddenly in a series? According to the developers, they needed the characters in the next installment to be rookies, not investigators with a history of experience in the world of battling zombies. Fitting since Leon was a rookie starting his first day on the force at the start of the game!

7 But She Came Back

Players that had fallen in love with Jill didn't have too long to wait before she was put into another game. Even though there were two different sets of characters in the first two games, the developers brought Jill back in the third game in the Resident Evil series.

Because of the plotline of the series, Leon and Claire just wouldn't make sense as far as appearing in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Because of that, Jill was brought back! Even though she was too experienced with the T-Virus to be in the second game, the developers brought this character back instead of creating another set of characters for the third game. This game was set only two months after the first game, meaning that the events of Jill's first appearance were still fresh.

6 And Became Infected Once!

Even though Jill was considered too advanced and experienced to be used as a character in Resident Evil 2, it didn't mean that she was completely unstoppable. Anyone who has played one of the Resident Evil games will know that avoiding being caught by one of the zombies and bitten by them is just about impossible... Even for Jill Valentine.

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During Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Jill proved that even though she may have had special bonuses and gotten some experience in the world of zombies, she wasn't unstoppable. In the third game in the franchise, Jill is unfortunately attacked by the game's main villain, Nemesis, and becomes infected with T-Virus! Scary, right? Not many fans know that this iconic character was once actually infected with this scary virus.

5 But It Didn't Stop Her

Getting infected with T-Virus and having to be saved by your partner would make a lot of people give up on being a BSAA agent and just go live a normal life, right? Nope! Although Jill was missing from a lot of Resident Evil 5 and the story was focused on Chris trying to find her, she wasn't just hiding somewhere to avoid all the zombies.

In the Lost in Nightmares DLC, it's revealed that the reason Jill was missing was because of the fact that she had sacrificed herself to save Chris. He got into a fight with Wesker and she attacked him in order to save Chris and ended up jumping out the window with him.

4 Her Sudden RE5 Change

Anyone who is familiar with Jill and the Resident Evil franchise likely best knows her as having short, brown hair. She's had this hairstyle throughout the series in all the different games that she's appeared in... Almost.  In the fifth installment in the series, after Chris and Sheva find her, she's shown wearing a skin-tight blue suit, has a red device stuck to her chest, and has longer, platinum blonde hair. What a change!

But there's an explanation for it. She didn't hit up the salon while she was missing - her hair color change was thanks to the biological tests Wesker underwent on her. The device on her chest is a mind-control device and the T-Virus she was once infected with became the source for the virus that takes over the people in South Africa in Resident Evil 5.

3 She's Been In The Series Since The Start

Jill is one of the main characters from the Resident Evil franchise. She's been in the games since the very first game was released and has appeared in multiple games. But that doesn't mean that she's had an appearance or a mention in all the games.

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When Resident Evil 6 was announced, fans wondered whether or not Jill would be a part of it. Unfortunately, she took this game off. Both Chris and Leon were given brand new characters as partners, a decision that has really divided longterm fans of the series. Will she be back for Resident Evil 8? We hope so.

2 And Not Just The Games

The games aren't the only place that Jill has appeared. She's also been a big part of the rest of the Resident Evil franchise and has even appeared in the movies in the series.

She made her first movie appearance in 2004's Resident Evil: Apocalypse as a police officer who leaves Raccoon City with the help of the main character of the film, Alice. Along with the films, she's also appeared in the novelizations of the series and appeared in two Marvel vs. Capcom games. Jill has definitely been busy since she was introduced into the franchise in 1996!

1 She Was Named One Of The Top Video Game Characters

A lot of video games become truly iconic and popular outside of just the game that they appeared in. They become hugely popular among fans and some even become pop culture staples. Jill Valentine is definitely a popular character among fans of the Resident Evil series, but how many fans knew just how much notoriety she's gained since the game was released?

In 2011, the Guiness World Records Gamer's Edition was released and named the top 50 video game characters of all time. On the list were characters like Mario, Cloud Strife, Lara Croft, and even Jill Valentine. Jill isn't just popular in the Resident Evil fandom - she's one of the top video game characters ever created.

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