Respawn Has Firmly Decided Apex Legends Will Not Get Titans

Respawn has confirmed that the potential addition of Titans to Apex Legends is no longer under consideration.

When the free-to-play Titanfall spinoff launched back in February, there were questions over whether or not Titans would be added, as well as queries into why they weren't included to begin with.

The devs responded with a reasonable explanation, telling players that the giant mechs would likely make the game less fun.

"The problem with that is once you get them balanced and they’re not destroying the integrity of the of game, they’re no fun," Respawn said back then. "You don’t get that power fantasy.

via microsoft.com"You’re driving around in a paper mache Titan. What’s the point of that? That was actually a really big contentious point of development early on. We try not to be beholden to any preconceived notions about what we should be making. We let ourselves find the fun and that’s where a lot of our decisions come from."

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Gameinformer recently checked with Respawn, asking if they've had any luck where the inclusion of Titans in Apex Legends is concerned, and they've confirmed that they have not. In fact, they're doing away with the idea altogether.

"We prototyped it for like nine months during development, and we couldn't get it to work well," executive producer Drew McCoy revealed. "Titans were created back in the day as a power item. As a sense of I am now a badass, don't mess with me. That fantasy fulfillment is destroyed immediately in battle royale once you've balanced them to a point where they don't ruin battle royale.

"We could never pull enough levers - how you get it, how strong it is, how fast it is, how big it is, what kind of weapons it has, when do you have it - all that kind of stuff. So I think, for now, Titans are just not a thing. We're no longer considering it."

So, that's that. Titans won't be making their way to Apex, at least for the foreseeable future. However, you can expect some new content and fresh perks when Season 2 rolls around next month.

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