Respawn Just Clapped Back At KFC Over Apex Legends Updates

In yet another example of how bizarre our daily lives have become, a fried chicken restaurant and a video game developer have engaged in a Twitter feud.

Fast food Twitter accounts have become popular as of late, mostly thanks to whoever’s behind the Wendys Twitter account. Thanks to that social media guru, every other purveyor of fried food has opened their own accounts, and filled them up with goofs and memes aimed at all of us cool, trendy millennials. It’s all totally lit fam.

KFC is the latest to jump on the social media bandwagon, and even have an entire account devoted to gaming. That’s right, KFC Gaming is a thing, even though the idea of handling a controller after eating their greasy chicken sounds like a nightmare. While their chicken may be finger licking good, they should probably keep those grease drenched fingers from writing any tweets aimed at developers. Especially the developers of Apex Legends.

It all started when KFC’s account tweeted the picture above. It’s a variation of the “C’Mon Do Something” meme, with the white ninja poking Apex Legends with a stick. Using a four year old meme isn’t exactly the best way to appear current and trendy on social media, but the sentiment is one shared by most Apex fans.

This is of course a reference to the fact that Respawn has been slow to update the game, and most fans are thirsty for new content. Respawn has basically said they’re going to take their time with the game’s new content, rather than push their employees into having to work crunch time hours to satisfy gamers. Despite that being a sensible reason for Apex’s lack of new content, that isn’t enough for most players, including whoever is running the KFC Gaming account.

However, Respawn wasn’t going to take this insult by way of outdated meme lying down, and issued a response that took the fast food chain to task.

Needless to say, Respawn looks to have easily won this particular Twitter beef. The statement comes from Rayme Vinson, a developer who works for Respawn. He simply shuts down the Colonel by stating that games take time to make, and that they can’t “hyper-fry or flash-flambé or crunch-inject or whatever it is you do to your tasty bird flesh.” It's a delightfully scathing clapback, and as a result, most Twitter users have responded to the original tweet with a simple and succinct "silence, brand."

It’s probably safe to say that whoever’s running the social media account for a company that sells the Double Down probably shouldn’t be trying to give developers flack for not working fast enough. Especially considering that developers having to work crunch time is still a major topic of discussion in the game industry, and is hopefully about to become a thing of the past.

In the meantime, Apex fans and crispy chicken chains will just have to be patient until the next big update. As for KFC, maybe just leave the cheeky tweeting to the master.

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