Respawn Leaks Potential New Apex Legends Weapon In Reddit Update

Respawn may have leaked a new upcoming Apex Legends weapon in a Reddit update posted this week.

The studio's community manager Jay Frechette highlighted some changes in the game, as well as some of Respawn's plans to make further improvements. And, in the very first image on said post, Mirage is shown holding a weapon that hasn't been seen in the game before.

The weapon appears to be an assault rifle or machine gun but it also doesn't resemble any of the weapons from the Titanfall series, which is where most of Apex's weapons come from.

Whether Respawn intended to show it off as a teaser is unknown; it could be totally accidental but the opposite is also very possible.

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via Reddit

A new weapon, though, totally makes sense for this game as Respawn has promised to keep releasing more content. Only one new gun has found its way to the game so far so a second would be nice, given that new character Octane has become available since the launch of Season 1.

Frechette did not make mention of any new weapons in the thread but it's very likely that one could be on the way as the devs will want to make the game more attractive to players who have not purchased a battle pass as yet.

Some of the changes which were touched on include a minor improvement to the hitbox issue that has been garnering countless complaints. Respawn has confirmed tweaking things slightly on that front but are continuing in their investigations as they are looking to have it completely resolved in due time.

"We have made some small improvements server side but are still investigating other examples players are sharing and doing tests to repro and address," Frechette explained. "Please continue to report and share clips if you can."

They have also reported that daily PC crash rates have gone down by 90 percent since their latest patch went live, while stability issues on the Xbox One have been tackled with a small fix.

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